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a e jill doty f la carolyn guernsey le q glenda nachtrieb r z ell brett cain gt ib niki weitzel n.
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A-E Jill Doty F-La Carolyn Guernsey Le-Q Glenda Nachtrieb R-Z/ELL Brett Cain PowerPoint Presentation
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A-E Jill Doty F-La Carolyn Guernsey Le-Q Glenda Nachtrieb R-Z/ELL Brett Cain

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A-E Jill Doty F-La Carolyn Guernsey Le-Q Glenda Nachtrieb R-Z/ELL Brett Cain
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A-E Jill Doty F-La Carolyn Guernsey Le-Q Glenda Nachtrieb R-Z/ELL Brett Cain

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  1. Loveland High Counselors A-E Jill Doty F-La Carolyn Guernsey Le-Q Glenda Nachtrieb R-Z/ELL Brett Cain GT/IB Niki Weitzel

  2. What Do My Scores Mean?Your scores are between 1 (the lowest score you can receive) and 32 the highest score you can receive). PLAN takes the number of questions you got right on each test and translates it into a number between 1 and 32.Just like grades, your scores tell you how well you did on each test. Your Composite score is simply the average of your test scores in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science (rounded to a whole number). The two scores directly under English and Math only range from 1 to 16. They tell you how well you did in two specific areas of each subject. These scores added together do NOT necessarily equal your English or Math Test scores.

  3. How Do My Scores Compare with Those of Other Students Who Took PLAN?Next to your scores, you'll find the percent of students scoring at or below your score. This shows you how your scores compare to those of students across the country who took PLAN. The example above shows 83% next to the student's English score. This means she scored as high as or higher than 83% of students in the comparison group who took PLAN.The other percents show how you scored relative to other students who took PLAN in your school, your school district, and your state.

  4. Am I on Track?PLAN is designed for 10th graders and the ACT is designed for 11th and 12th graders. Over time, PLAN and the ACT measure your college readiness skills as you progress through high school.Your PLAN scores can be used to predict how you are likely to do if you take the ACT as an 11th or 12th grader and keep working hard. The estimated ACT Composite score range is a prediction about how you are likely to score on the ACT if you take the right courses and work hard in those courses.You can use these predicted or estimated scores to see if you are on track to achieve the scores you want when you take the ACT later in high school. (See EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT.)Keep in mind that these scores are only estimates, not guarantees. Improving your study habits and taking more challenging courses are likely to improve your ACT scores.

  5. Your Future!When you took PLAN, you answered questions about your future educational plans.This information can help you clarify your goals and plan for your future—including, perhaps a college education…

  6. Thinking about College?Your PLAN results give you an early clue as to whether you will be ready for college-level work if you keep doing the same things in school.ACT has also developed College Readiness Benchmark Scores. If you meet these benchmark scores, you are on your way to having the skills you will need by the time you finish high school. The checkmarks show whether you scored above, at, or below the benchmark scores.

  7. Your Career PossibilitiesIt's not too soon to begin exploring possible careers!Your PLAN Score Report helps you start by focusing on a few career areas.   Exploring careers is easier if you have a good map. Occupations that might be right for you.

  8. How Can I Improve?The back of your Score Report describes the skills and knowledge you already probably have.You'll also see some ideas for improving even more in the different subject areas. The suggestions are based on your scores and can help you do better and make sure that you are college ready.

  9. 9 • 10 • 9 • 10 Algebra I Geometry

  10. 1040 English 11 S1 1041 English 11 S2 AP US History S1 4048 4049 AP US History S2 Algebra II S1 2040 Algebra II S2 2041 Environmental Science S1 3048 Environmental Science S2 3049 French III S1 7008 French III S2 7009

  11. LHS vs. 4-Year College Entrance Requirements LHS 4-Year __________ English - 3.5 English - 4.0 Math - 3.0 Math - 4.0 Science – 3.0 Science - 3.0 Social Studies – 3.0 Social Studies – 3.0 World Language – 1.0 World Language-1-3 Academic Electives 2.0 Health - .5 Fitness - .5 Applied Art - .5 Fine Art - .5 Speech - .5 Electives – 8.0 Total = 24 credits

  12. 4.0 credits required for LHS GraduationSame requirement for colleges (HEAR) Language Arts 9th English 9 1.0 Pre AP English 9 1.0 Speech (can be taken any year) 0.5 10th English 10 1.0 Pre-AP English 10 1.0 11th English 11 1.0 AP English Language 1.0 12th English 12 0.5 AP English Literature 1.0 College Composition 0.5 MYP COURSES: 9th MYP English 9 1.0 10th MYP English 10 1.0 11th IB Language A 11 (two year course) 1.0 12th IB Language A 12 (two year course) 1.0 Some examples of Language Arts electives include: Argumentation and Debate Creative Writing Mythology and Science Fiction Journalism I/II Truth and Fiction Advanced Speech (College Credit)

  13. Mathematics Options 2014-15 3 years required for LHS graduation 4 years required by most four-year colleges Standard/AP Path MYP/IB Path Algebra I Algebra I IB MYP AMPED AMPED (Algebra I in Materials, Products, Energy, & Design) ********************************************************* Geometry Geometry IB MYP Geometry in Construction Geometry in Construction ************************************************ Algebra II Algebra II IB MYP Pre AP Algebra II S1 and Algebra II MYP S1 and Pre AP Trigonometry/Functions S2 Trigonometry/Functions S2 IB MYP ************************************************ Trigonometry/Functions IB Math Studies Pre AP Trigonometry Trigonometry IB MYP Math HL (Calculus BC Jr) Math SL (Calculus AB Jr) ************************************************* Calculus IB Mathematics HL AP Calculus AB or BC (senior year) IB Mathematics SL *Calculus BC is a full year course Additional math course work: (check for prerequisites) Advanced Algebra w/Financial Apps IB Math Studies AP Statistics Engineering Your World Note: If you are currently taking Alg. II/Trig, your teacher will advise you regarding your Calculus Class. If you are in Calculus AB now, your teacher will recommend your next math class.

  14. Science 3.0 credits needed for LHS graduation 3.0 credits required for most colleges (2Labs)(HEAR) Geophysical Lab Science-required 1.0 Biology-required 1.0 11th or 12th grade – student chooses class for 3rd year of science credit Chemistry 1.0 Pre AP Chemistry (required for AP Chemistry)* 1.0 Environmental Science 1.0 Physics 1.0 Micro Computer Projects 1.0 Semester Science Class: Human Anatomy and Physiology I 0.5 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 0.5 Genetics 0.5 Astronomy/Meteorology 0.5 Advanced Placement Science Classes: AP Environmental Science 1.0 AP Biology 1.0 AP Chemistry * 1.0 AP Physics C (Mechanics) 1.0 MYP/IB Classes: MYP Geophysical Lab Science 1.0 MYP Biology 1.0 IB Biology 11/12 (Must take 2 years) 1.0 IB Chemistry 11/12 (Must take 2 years) 1.0

  15. Social Studies 3.0 credits needed for LHS graduation 3.0 required for most colleges (HEAR) 9th Civics 0.5 Pre AP Civics 1.0 10th World Geog. 1.0 World History 1.0 Pre AP World History 1.0 11th Modern America 1.0 AP U.S. History 1.0 12th Principles of Economics 0.5 AP Microeconomics (semester 1) 0.5 Macro economics (semester 2) 0.5 MYP/IB Courses: MYP Civics/Geography 1.0 MYP World History 1.0 IB History of the Americas 11 (two year course) 1.0 IB History of the Americas 12 (two year course) 1.0 Electives: Psychology 0.5 AP Psychology 1.0 Sociology 0.5 AP U.S. Gov./Politics 0.5 AP Human Geography 1.0

  16. World Languages 1.0 Credit required for graduation Check colleges for their requirements. French I & Pre AP 1.0 French II & Pre AP 1.0 French III & Pre AP 1.0 French IV & Pre AP 1.0 French V & AP French v 1.0 German I & Pre AP 1.0 German II & Pre AP 1.0 German III & Pre AP 1.0 German IV & AP German IV 1.0 Spanish I & Pre AP 1.0 Spanish II & Pre AP 1.0 Spanish III & Pre AP 1.0 Spanish IV & Pre AP 1.0 Spanish V & AP Spanish V 1.0

  17. Requirements for Graduation 1.0 physical education credit needed for LHS graduation • Fitness is required to graduate 0.5 • Health is required to graduate 0.5 • Some P.E. electives include: Weights Team Sports Lifetime Sports Aerobics Lifeguarding Aquatics

  18. Applied Arts 0.5 credit needed for LHS graduation BUSINESS Word processing 0.5 Computer Applications 0.5 Computer Graphics Business 0.5 Accounting I 1.0 Intro to Business 0.5 Social Media and Advertising 0.5 Web Design 0.5 BWE (work experience) 0.5 CONSUMER & FAMILY STUDIES Relationships 0.5 Early Childhood Education 0.5 Food Science I 0.5 Housing and Interior Design 0.5 INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Invention and Design 0.5 Construction I 0.5 Manufacturing I 0.5 Transportation I 0.5

  19. Fine Arts 0.5 credit needed for LHS graduation ART Drawing I 0.5 Sculpture/Ceramics 0.5 Photo 0.5 Computer Graphics 0.5 MUSIC Choir 1.0 Orchestra 1.0 Concert/Symphonic Band 1.0 Marching Band 0.5 Jazz Band 1.0

  20. Electives Art Acting Techniques Business Work Experience Front Range H.S. Programs Industrial Technology JROTC Music Journalism I & II Physical Education Advanced Speech Student Council Yearbook

  21. Advanced Placement Classes Studio Art Biology Calculus AB & BC Chemistry English Language English Literature Environmental Science Government and Politics U.S. History Human Geography Physics C-Mechanics Psychology Macro/Micro Economics Statistics Music Theory Weighted grade: A = 5 points B = 4 points C = 3 points D = 1 points F = 0 points

  22. Opportunities to earn college credits! • Grades are weighted • Concurrent Enrollment Options • FRCC Pathway Programs • Animal Technology and Research • Architecture and Landscape Design • Automotive Technology and Service • Culinary Arts – Chef Program @ Fossil Ridge HS • Law Enforcement Exploration • Medical Careers Exploration (Certified Nursing • Assistant certification) @TSD Admin Offices • Welding and Metal Fabrication • Wildlife, Forestry, and Natural Resources • High School Select • classes at the high schools • Campus Select • *classes on college campus (FRCC, AIMS) • *sign up early in the semester with your counselor • for college classes the following semester • ASCENT Program • Earn 12 college credits with a grade of C or better by the end of your • Senior year and become a 5th year seniors to be considered for this program • Which pays the first year of college tuition at FRCC.

  23. Log onto parent portal. • Click on Registration LHS 14-15

  24. You can enter the course name or course number. It is easier to enter the number.

  25. The course description will appear. Be sure to check the registration form for the ”P” which means the course has a prerequisite class and “ IA” which means you must have instructor approval. If this is the class you want, click Request this course. Remember to add both semesters as each has a different number Continue adding until you have 16 classes.

  26. If you add a course by mistake, highlight the course in your requests or alternate list and then click on the drop this request.

  27. Enter 4 alternate courses in priority order. Click on the Request as an Alternate to add courses to your Alternate List.

  28. A completed registration sheet, with a full schedule, is 16 classes and at Please click on “PRINT REQUEST SUMMARY” to verify entries. This should be turned in with your registration form.

  29. Why you shouldn’t fail classes…*NCAA will not accept any class that has to be repeated! * It is never easy or fun to make up credits! Moral of the story: Do all you can to pass the first time around! Take the rest of the period to …… *Work on your registration worksheet. *Raise your hand if you need help. *Complete your ICAP Worksheet.

  30. DUE to your science teacher next • Mon, Feb. 10th or Tues, Feb. 11th : • Registration worksheet with parent signature • 2. Course request print-out with parent signature • 3. Completed ICAP worksheet