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Bridget Hogan

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Bridget Hogan. Director, Publications and Marketing The Nautical Institute. What does it mean to be professional?.

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Bridget Hogan

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Bridget Hogan Director, Publications and Marketing The Nautical Institute

    2. What does it mean to be professional? Being professional means being competent and skilful and behaving in an ethical way. It means putting your client or patient first, and acting in the best interests of the public or society Being professional means being dedicated to professional development both of yourself and for those people who are affected by your work. It is about being trustworthy, reliable and committed Source:

    3. What is a professional body? Professional bodies are organisations whose members are individual professionals. These organisations seek to further a particular profession, the interests of the individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest Source:

    4. How does a professional body serve the profession? • Professional bodies provide codes of conduct for their members to guide their professional behaviour so the public can be assured of being treated properly • They may: • Set and assess professional examinations • Provide support for CPD – continuing professional development through learning opportunities and tools for recording and planning • Publish professional journals or magazines • Provide networks for professionals to meet and discuss their field of expertise • Source:

    5. The Nautical Institute • International professional bodyfor the maritime industry • Established to recognise, enhance and promote professional standards and standing of maritime professionals worldwide • Champion and supporter of our members’ lifelong learning and career development (CPD) • Seminars, conferences, networking events, journal, books and study schemes • Leading publisher of best practice maritime books written by the practitioner for the practitioner

    6. The Nautical Institute • Certification body for DPoperators worldwide • NGO with consultative status at IMO • Promotes excellence in maritime study

    7. We are not • A trade union • A trade association • An employment advice bureau • A regulatory body

    8. How we are governed Executive Board Members Council Specialist Committees Branch Committees Secretariat Correspondence Groups Member Forums Member Feedback

    9. The secretariat Chief Executive* Director of Projects* Director of Publishing Finance Director Head of Delegation @ IMO* Director of Accreditation Training Manager* Technical Manager* Editor Seaways Assistant Manager IMO* Accreditation Manager Comms & Marketing Manager Assistant Finance Managers Assistant Services Manager Services Staff * Seagoing experience

    10. Where are we based? • In over 40 countries • Provide local professional focus • Technical and social meetings • National representation • Enhances communication • Networking forum • Galvanising local marine community

    11. Where is headquarters? IMO

    12. Who are our members?

    13. What our members read

    14. What our members value • Branch seminars and technical meetings – networking • Exchanging views with likeminded professionals – forums, CGs, feedback • Keeping up – staying in touch with industry developments • Support with career development in the maritime industry • Our constitutional aims and objectives

    15. Some of our projects • Alert! International Maritime Human Element Bulletin • The Navigator – to boost the self esteem of junior deck officers • Both free publications

    16. Some of our projects • The Navigator – to boost the self esteem of junior deck officers • Seeking sponsorship to put free on all 80,000 SOLAS vessels

    17. Some of our projects • Mariners Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS) • Continuing professional development (CPD) • eNavigation • including S-Mode and ePelorus)

    18. Our forums • ECDIS • AIS • Lifeboat Safety • Fatigue

    19. Our forums • Bulk Carrier Operations • Simulation for Training and Assessment • DPAs

    20. Our participation • IMO – NGO Status • Issues concerning lifeboat safety; manning and fatigue; navigation safety; eNavigation; waste management; piracy, training and competency • IALA – sister organisation • Issues concerning eNavigation; ship/shore relationships; vessel traffic management and more... • MOUs with IMarEST; RINA; IALA; GlobalMET; IHMA; and others...

    21. Our self study schemes • The Work of The Harbour Master • Square Rig Sailing • Command Diploma

    22. Our publications • Support career progression • Support working practices

    23. Our publications • Written, peer reviewed and supported by authors, referees and committee members from all over the world

    24. Our publications • Support best practice • Cover areas where regulation is not necessary

    25. Keeping in touch...

    26. What we do • Recognise the professionalism and the professional contribution of our members • Support and promote professional development (CPD) and career progression of our members • Listen to and represent our members at the highest level • Publish and promote best practice guides • Support an international branch network • Facilitate networking/learning opportunities for our members • Engage in research and development for the good of the industry

    27. Find us on...