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How to Delete Invisible WordPress Admin Users PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Delete Invisible WordPress Admin Users

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How to Delete Invisible WordPress Admin Users - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Delete Invisible WordPress Admin Users

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  1. How to Delete Admin Users

  2. Invisible WordPress admin users are the sometimes left behind artifacts of a sloppy hacker or following the cleanup of a hacked website By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  3. There is no automated way to remove these invisible WordPress users By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  4. “phpMyAdmin may seem a bit intimidating at first. Think of it like a text editor for databases and you’ll be fine.” By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  5. The steps to removing INVISIBLE USERS in WORDPRESS By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  6. 1 Be sure to use a backup plugin, like Updraft Plus or Backup Buddy, to make a database backup Website will not be wiped clean by editing a couple database tables These backup plugins will not only help you generate a backup in seconds They’ll likewise allow you to recover your prior database with just a few clicks of your mouse By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  7. 2 Add a new Administrator (user) Maybe you are still using Admin as your username? • If that’s the case, this would be a great opportunity to change that to something less guessable. By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  8. 3 Log into phpMyAdmin. Scary, huh? I have to agree, phpMyAdmin is probably the most intimidating login screen you’ll encounter in your WordPress career You’ll find the username and password for your phpMyAdmin by viewing the text within your wp-config.php file By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  9. 4 Once logged in, find your database in the left column and click it once.That will reveal a list of tables. We only care about two tables: wp_usermetaandwp_users Let’s start with wpusers. Click that table link and you’ll see something like this What’s important here are the numbers in the User ID column. Note how one is 2 and the other is101011. These are good users in our installation. Hint: “Remember this. By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  10. 5 Ok, the truly scary part. Sorry, you’ll have to trust me on this. We are going to do a database query to identify the invisible users. Click the SQL tab. Next, copy/paste the text below into the box and click the “Go” button bottom right This will do a quick search for all currently set administrator users By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  11. 6 And now to the callback. After our search in #5 above, notice the extra users Mr/Mrs. Sherlock? “Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.” – Arthur Conan Doyle By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  12. 7 Now kill the other users. Clicky-clicky on the big red X next to each bad users until your enemy has been defeated If you are victorious in your quest, you’ll see something like this when you refresh your WordPress dashboard Users list AFTER BEFORE By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair

  13. Read More Call for help (619) 479-6637 REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS about service By Jim Walker, / @hackrepair