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Irish Mammals

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Irish Mammals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Irish Mammals. The Wild Goat (Gabhar Fia ) The  wild or feral goat is closely related to the sheep. There are not many goats around Tramore. The goat’s coat is usually  black and white and sometimes brown and black.

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Irish Mammals

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    1. Irish Mammals

    2. The Wild Goat (Gabhar Fia)The  wild or feral goat is closely related to the sheep. There are not many goats around Tramore. The goat’s coat is usually  black and white and sometimes brown and black.

    3. Irish Stoat ( Éasóg )  The stoat is the smallest of our flesh eating mammals and is wrongly called a weasel. There are no weasels in Ireland. It was not until the eighteenth century that it was discovered that what was thought to be a weasel was really a stoat, but most Irish people still call our stoat a weasel. 

    4. Pine Marten (Cat Crainn) The pine marten is Ireland’s rarest wild animal. It is usually found in the west and south of Ireland. It is a shy animal and is also very hard to find

    5. The Fox (Sionnach/ MadraRua)The fox is one of the most common mammals in Ireland.The fox is found in most types of country, from farmland to woodland, from sand dunes and sea cliffs to mountaintops

    6. The Hedgehog (Gráinneog)The hedgehog is about ten inches long and is known to most of us ,by the strong sharp spines, which cover its back

    7. The Otter ( Dobharchú) The otter lives along river banks and beside lakes all around Ireland. It is very good at swimming and diving.

    8. Bat (Ialtóg)Bats are mammals, this means they have a covering of fur or hair on their body and give birth to live babies which they suckle until they are old enough to look fter themselves.

    9. The Rabbit (Coinín) Up to forty years ago, the rabbit was on of the most common animals in Ireland. You can often see them playing in the fields when you are out for a walk in the country, late in the evening. 

    10. The Red Deer (FiaRua)The red deer is the largest of three type of deer in Ireland. The deer is reddish brown in summertime, but in the wintertime it has a darker and has a longer coat.

    11. The Field Mouse (An LuchFhéir)The field mouse is one of our prettiest little animals. Field mice are very active animals, running, hopping or climbing always on the lookout for something nice to eat. 

    12. Red Squirrel(Iora Rua) is a small, reddish, tree- living animal with a long bushy tail. It is smaller than the grey squirrel, also found in Ireland. 

    13. The Pygmy Shrew (DallógFhraoighis Ireland's smallest mammal and it is the only shrew found here.  It is only half the length of a mouse and weighs less than a 50 cent coin.

    14. The Badger (Broc) The badger is a beautiful animal native to Ireland. The badger can be found in almost every county. The badger is a member of the same family as the otter, stoat and pine marten.