hair transplants turkey excellent quality n.
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Prijslijst - Prijzen voor FUE Haartransplantatie in Turkije. PowerPoint Presentation
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Prijslijst - Prijzen voor FUE Haartransplantatie in Turkije.

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Prijslijst - Prijzen voor FUE Haartransplantatie in Turkije. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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De prijzen haartransplantatie voor de verschillende haar behandelingen van Excellent Medical Travel in Istanbul Turkije. Hoogste kwaliteit FUE tegen betaalbare prijzen. Maak een weloverwogen beslissing d.m.v. de verschillende pakket opties die wij bieden. Voor ieder budget een passende oplossing. Kijk snel.\n

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hair transplants turkey excellent quality

Hair transplants Turkey - Excellent quality and

competitive prices

Since 2005, the number of tourists coming to Turkey for hair transplants from all over the world has

increased by the day. Most patients opt for a procedure called FUE, because this method offers

more advantages compared to the FUT method. Turkey, and in particular Istanbul, today welcomes

many foreign tourists for medical tourism. One of the main reasons is that a surgeon of good quality

in Turkey and Istanbul is much cheaper than in other countries. Patients who opt for treatment in

Turkey can receive many extras such as free airline tickets, airport transfers and free hotel


As a result, people who undergo a hair transplant in Turkey get their own procedure and a fun

trip. Hair transplantation costs in Turkey about 1/3 of those in Europe are. Turkey is not only a

cheaper price, but also the treatment method, the bloodless, painless, non-surgical and seamless

FUE method, to replace the bloody FUT method that ever took place. This allows an operation to be

performed faster because it is not necessary to remove the skin. Instead, a self-closing process of

transplanting is done by opening small holes, making the procedure less painful and

seamless. When this change occurred in the procedure, the number of patients coming from

abroad rose from 10 thousand to 72 thousand and the number of clinics rose to 200. The market

reached 200 million in the annual volume.

the health tourism scene has great potential

The Health Tourism scene has great potential in Turkey. The first hair transplant hospital in the

world was established in Turkey and now around 100 thousand health tourists come to Turkey

every year. The number of tourists visiting Turkey in 2008 was about 74 thousand, while the

number of tourists in health tourism visited in 2010 rose to 110 thousand, and this number

continues to rise. Haartransplantatie kosten turkije

Transplant costs in Turkey are based on the price per graft and the average price is about 1 euro per

graft. The costs of hair transplants in Turkey can partially affect your clinic, but you also need to

choose a hair transplant center with an experienced team and a fully equipped hair transplant


Some clinics in Turkey periodically offer a few discounts. In general, due to the limited number of

people who come to an operation in May and June, you can get 10 and 20% discount for

operations. During this period, a visit to Turkey for hair transplant can save you money by getting a

discount treatment.

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