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TWNIC Update

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TWNIC Update. Geng-Da Tsai 25 th APNIC NIR [email protected], Taiwan. Outline. Major Activities TWNIC Activities 9th TWNIC OPM TWNIC IPv6 Meteorological Measurement News Conference for beginning of ISP IPv6 Tunnel Broker Services(NICE Project) News Conference for beginning of IPv6 Pavilion

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twnic update

TWNIC Update

Geng-Da Tsai

25th APNIC NIR [email protected], Taiwan

  • Major Activities
    • TWNIC Activities
    • 9th TWNIC OPM
  • TWNIC IPv6 Meteorological Measurement
  • News Conference for beginning of ISP IPv6 Tunnel Broker Services(NICE Project)
  • News Conference for beginning of IPv6 Pavilion
  • IPv6 exhibition
    • TWNIC IPv6 Showroom
    • TWNIC IPv6 Pavilion
twnic a ctivities
TWNIC Activities
  • Meeting
    • 1 TWNIC member meeting
    • 2 Open Policy Meeting on December
  • Training
    • 12 IPv6 tutorials
9th twnic ip open policy meeting
9th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting
  • Time: December 5, 2007
  • More than 60 attendees
    • Including ISP, ICP, Vendor, Academic Institutes …etc.
  • Working Group
    • Policy SIG WG, TWNOG(Taiwan Network Operators Group)
  • Website
sig focus on discussion
SIG -- Focus on discussion
  • Keynote speech
    • New trend of merging telecommunication and network, Cliff Lai (賴弦五) chief Business officer of Taiwan Mobile
  • Panel
    • Taiwan internet connectivity bandwidth survey
  • Policy SIG
    • IPv4 address exhaustion and the latest international policy report
    • 3.5G and VPN application
    • P2P application detection and management
    • Future WiMax-based service and address planning
    • IPv6 tunnel broker service
    • Botnets & DDoS introduction
    • Analysis of current conditions of VoIP
    • Sharing experiences of IPv6-based VoIP development
7 isps provide ipv6 access service by ipv6 tunnel broker
7 ISPs provide IPv6 access Service by IPv6 Tunnel Broker

Next-generation Internet Connectivity Environment (NICE)

  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service
    • TWNIC + 7 major ISPs join project
    • They provide their users to use free IPv6 tunnel broker service since 9 November, 2007.

news conference for beginning of isp ipv6 tunnel broker services nice project
News Conference for beginning of ISP IPv6 Tunnel Broker Services(NICE Project)

November 9, 2007 in

Taipei, Taiwan

real time weather observation in si tou




Real time Weather Observation –in Si-Tou
  • Joint Project with Japan’s Live E! project
  • Objects:
    • Research on small scale real time Weather Vibration
    • Educational for Earth preservation
twnic ipv6 meteorological measurement system
TWNIC IPv6 Meteorological Measurement System
twnic ipv6 showroom
TWNIC IPv6 Showroom
twnic ipv6 showroom website
TWNIC IPv6 Showroom Website
  • TWNIC-Showroom IPv6 Real-Time Video
  • IPv6 Introduction Video
  • Remote Illumination & Air Conditioning Control
  • IPv6 Meteorological Measurement System
  • IPv6 News-Ctinews Voicetel VoIPv6
  • Remote Illumination & Air Conditioning Control
  • IPv6 MoD Hinet IPv6
  • IPv6 Real-Time Video-NMMBA Penguin
  • IPv6 Real-Time Video-NMMBA Coral
  • (National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium)
twnic ipv6 pavilion exhibition of ipv6 applications in future life
TWNIC IPv6 PavilionExhibition of IPv6 Applications in Future Life
  • To promote IPv6 applications, TWNIC held the “Exhibition of IPv6 Applications in Future Life” on the third-floor exhibition hall of National Taiwan Science Education Museum in Taipei in 2008. The exhibition covers IPv6 use in every aspect of daily life such as food supply, medical care, residence, transportation, education and entertainment.
twnic ipv6 pavilion

Intelligent Refrigerator

Passport to the Food Kingdom

eBus Station

Mobile Vehicle Information Service

Study Room

Digital Desk

Note Taking Cell Phone

Living Room

Future Television

Video Phone

Future Eye

Tomorrow Network World


Magic Mirror of Health

In-House Doctor

RFID Emergency First Aid Flowchart

TWNIC IPv6 Pavilion
  • Opened on 17th, January 2008.
news conference for beginning of ipv6 pavilion
News Conference for beginning of IPv6 Pavilion
  • The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on Jan 17th, 2008, in the first-floor hall of the Museum, presided over by Peipei Lai, TWNIC Chairman.
  • It was a great honor that Tony Deng, Post and Telecommunication Director General of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, and Chuang-laung Liu, a research fellow of Academia Sinica, also attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.
invited aboriginal children to experience ipv6 life
Invited Aboriginal Children to Experience IPv6 Life
  • Before the official opening of the exhibition, TWNIC had invited aboriginal children living in the remote areas of Yilan County to come to the exhibition and experience the convenience and wonder of future life with IPv6.
  • The future world where, thanks to IPv6, each one can have Intern access everywhere to everything is expected to come soon.
  • It is hoped that, through the interactive games and extracurricular learning activities of the exhibition, viewers from elementary and high schools in Taiwan can know more about IPv6 applications and develop interests in related research in the future.