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Performance Management Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Management Strategy

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Performance Management Strategy
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Performance Management Strategy

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  1. Performance Management Strategy

  2. Evolving Performance Management user profilesProduct integration aligned to match convergence timeline Today Separate Networks Stage 1 Merging networks Stage 2 Merged networks WIRELESS Domain Specialists : RF & wireless core Wireless Network Engineering & Planning Network Management : Mobile Network KPIs Common PM needs Network Management Reporting (Exec, SLA) Merged network domains Domain PM needs Technology Specialists RF or IP engineering Common PM needs Network Management Executive Reporting Domain PM needs Technology Specialists (RF/IP) Domain Engineering WIRELINE Domain Specialists : IP quality & transport Fixed Network Engineering & Planning Network Management : Fixed Network KPIs

  3. TNPM Benefits • Faster time to market • Converged management makes deploying new services of any type faster • Investment protection • Leverages customer investment in current IBM PM product lines • Seamless transition path for all customers, fixed and mobile • Deployment and extension at any point on product convergence path • Unmatched Performance Management • Industry leading wireline and wireless analytic capabilities • End to end network reporting across all network assets • Tivoli Portfolio integration : complete service management solution • Backed by IBM global services and support

  4. TNPM Solution Roadmap

  5. Common Reporting & DashboardsTivoli integrated service management Tivoli Integration Portal - Common web portal for all Tivoli portfolio Service Management products - In-context navigation across dashboard panes • Enables cross product, task based views Common Reporting Convergent reporting across wireline and wireless PM; leverage business intelligence tools Dashboard Updated user defined view with key network activity and metrics. User Management Single sign-on, single profile

  6. TNPM Gateway/MDE PM Solution Target Architecture TNPM Console Network PM Operational Console Network PM Adhoc Reporting & OLAP Network PM Admin UI Common Pack Tooling Data Access & Analytics PACKS Device / Protocol Support (MPLS, GPRS, VoIP) TNPM Reporting Warehouse PM Datastore Data Admin Server Loader Data Analytics Data Mediation SNMP Data Mediation Netflow Data Mediation CDR Data Mediation Bulk uba Data Mediation Bulk

  7. Features by Role NOC Operator Radio Access Optimization Engineer Core Network Optimization Engineer Wan Manager (external) Account Managers (internal) Network OSS Administrator Sys Admin REPORTING OPERATIONS Console SYS-ADMIN Clear separation Tasks • Network Perf. Reporting • Customer Reporting • Problem investigation • Troubleshooting • Monitoring • System management and Configuration • Report creation Current Benefit • On-Demand (fast, timely reports) • Multi-audience • Re-branding • Real-Time data visualization • UI and CLI (Automation) Future Benefits • Ad-Hoc Reporting • BI/OLAP/Data-mining • Correlation with non PM data • Portfolio integration (TIP) • Context switching navigation • Topology aware • “Agile” visualization • Portfolio integration (TIP) • Web-based • Multi-tenancy sys administration • Portfolio integration (TIP)

  8. TNPM Core High Level Roadmap (Subject to change) Troubleshooting Service Level Verification Real-time Network PM End-to-End Network & Capacity Planning (BI Reporting) TNPM 1.3 Deliver TIP Console Deliver BI Reporting Backward compatibility for packs TNPM 1.4 Single TIP Console End-to-End BI Reporting (TCR) Backward compatibility for packs Single Install Experience TNPM 2.1 Single Backend End-to-End Real-time Monitoring End-to-End Dynamic Baselining GIS Mapping Improved Administration Improved Mediation TNPM 1.5 Integrated Operational Views Integrated FM/PM Views ITNM Integration End-to-end troubleshooting Service Level Verification H2 2009 H1 2010 2011 H2 2010 TNPM 2.x TNPM 1.3 TNPM 1.4 TNPM 1.5 TNPMW 9.2.1 TNPMW TNPMW PackTooling Proviso 5.x Proviso Proviso

  9. DataChannel CME CME TNPM 1.4 – End-to-End BI Reporting TNPM Console Wireline Views End-toEnd BI Reporting Wireless Views • Single PM Console • Tivoli’s Integrated Portal • Leverages WebSphere’s Proven Technology • Common Security Model • End-to-End BI Reporting (TCR) • Single Install Experience TIP DataView Cognos Web Client eWAS Wireless Datastore Wireline Datastore Loader Loader Loader Interface Format Gateway DataLoad Fixed / Mobile Networks

  10. TNPM 1.5 – Improved Operations Views • Integrated Operational Views • Task-based Navigation • End-to-End Troubleshooting • Integrated FM/PM Views • Contextual Navigation • Topology-Based Navigation • Service Level Verification

  11. Technology Packs

  12. Wireless tech packs Directions • Currently 50+ TNPMW Tech Packs • Continued focus on main wireless vendors and support of latest releases • Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, ALU, NokiaSiemens, Nortel • Latest High Speed data support • Support of main wireless boxes further upgraded • BSS, MSC, SGSN, GGSN, UTRAN, MGW • Further expansion of portfolio in the CDMA/EVDO market to encourage legacy PM migration • Introduction of new Tech Packs areas to support new business • IMS, Wimax for wireless operators, LTE

  13. Wireline tech pack directions • Today there are over 80 Proviso tech packs • Packs focus on strategic services, technologies and vendors • Future pack development will expand upon coverage for these key areas • Prioritization based on revenue potential, customer requests, vendor roadmaps • Services include • VoIP / IP Telephony • IPTV • Metro / Carrier Ethernet • Cable • Broadband Access • Key Technologies • Carrier VoIP (MGW, MGC, etc. ) • IP Telephony (Call managers) • Service aware probes (VoIP, IPTV) • IPTV (probes, PEVQ, IP Mcast, Video servers) • IMS (CSCF / BGCF, MGW, AS, MGC, MGW) • QOS network traffic management • Latency / jitter • Flow monitoring (IPFIX, apps) • Access (DSL, GPON,, CMTS, MSAN) • MPLS • Transmission (e.g. SDH, SONET, DWDM)

  14. TNPM references

  15. TNPM customers TMN Portugal Excelcomindo Indonesia KPN Netherlands Omnitel Lithuania Swisscom T-Mobile Germany Indosat, Indonesia Centennial Puerto Rico Aircell USA NPR/MPM selected customers (>200 total) T-Mobile Mobiltel Bulgaria Mobistar Optimus Portugal Orange UK Orange Netherland MTS Russia MTC Kuwait ATM Algeria UMC Ukraine OTA Algeria Telecom Italia Avea Turkey Mobilink Pakistan Banglalink Bangladesh Vodafone Australia Qtel Qatar … TNPM References