the opera n.
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The Opera!!!

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The Opera!!!.

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The Opera!!!

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the opera
The Opera!!!

In 5th grade, you go to an opera at Seaholm led by the Michigan Opera Company. We saw The Pied Piper of Hamelin! Almost every school in the district comes to see. I hope you see one as exciting as this one! At the opera, they will pick one kid from each school to perform. Will you get picked?

student vs teacher game
Student vs. Teacher Game

In 5th grade you get to compete against the teachers in either a volleyball or kickball game. It gets you all psyched up to be able to show your teachers your talent!!!

spelling bee
Spelling Bee

One thing in 5th grade that you get to be in a spelling bee. In the spelling bee, your teachers will give you words to spell, if you spell them all right, you get to move on to the finals against the other classes. You’ll compete against 14 other students, not including yourself. Some will be in your class! 

school store
School Store

In 5th grade you get to work at the school store. You get to for two days in one week. You’ll sell pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, and much, much more. You have probably bought from the school store before, but have you ran it? You can learn a lot more about money managing. Plus, you’ll get to be with friends!

leadership team
Leadership Team!!!


Have you ever wanted to help make the school become a better place? Well now you can. The best part is, if you love to be part of a team, leadership allows you to be with other kids so you can all work together. You and another person are in charge of one grade. You can think of different new spirit days to put on at school. You can be a leader and a role model. Do you want to be a leader, then leadership is right for you.

service w another school
Service w/ Another School

In 5th grade, you get to do service with another school. This year, we did service the Law Academy in Detroit. We helped the kindergarteners with reading. We then had Subway with them and played with them on the playground. It was fun and we hope you guys get to do something as helpful and fun as we did.

secret valentine
Secret Valentine

In the month of February, you get to do something called Secret Valentine. You have someone to give gifts to for 4 days. You also have to give hints for the person you have to guess. The maximum to spend on your valentine is $5.  On actual Valentine’s Day, you get to guess your Secret Valentine.

murder mystery party
Murder Mystery Party

For our Halloween party, we did something called the “Murder Mystery Party” We all played a role and had a line. We had a investigator, who asked many questions for the “so called” victim. Some of the characters are: The dog walker, the cowgirl, the hairstylist, the soap opera star, and many more! In the end, we use all of our knowledge. Are you the greatest spy.

3 branch constitution project
3 Branch Constitution Project

For one of our exciting 5th grade projects, we think of 3 things that go together and substitute them for the 3 branches of government, then we put information on a poster board, here is an example:

Example Pictures

Poster Board

Legislative Executive Judicial



Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla


3 14 day
3.14 Day

If your wondering what 3.14 day is its pi day and pi is not a typo. Its not pie, like the pie you eat, its pi, like the number pi. For pi day people in your math class bring in pies and you read a story about pi/pie and sit on the carpet EATING PIE, IN SCHOOL!!! It is personally on of my favorite days of the school year.

3.141592653589793238462643382374 and many more numbers I don’t have the time to type

Graduation!! !

5th grade, you are the leaders of the school, the little kids look up to you and once the year is up you have to graduate. After 5th grade you are done with elementary school and to celebrate that we have a ceremony and a party. for the ceremony we all go up in front of the school and our parents and show them that we are GRADUATING!

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