recession proof your wallet
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Recession-Proof Your Wallet

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Recession-Proof Your Wallet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recession-Proof Your Wallet. Understanding Finances In An Economic Depression. TEMPLATE Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Financial. Financial Crisis Components. Failure of key businesses. Declines in consumer wealth. Substantial financial commitments incurred by governments.

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recession proof your wallet

Recession-Proof Your Wallet

Understanding Finances In An Economic Depression


Source: PowerTEMPLATES

Category: Financial

financial crisis components
Financial Crisis Components

Failure of key businesses

Declines in consumer wealth

Substantial financial commitments incurred by governments

Significant decline in economic activity

Business Failure

Economic Activity

Consumer Wealth

Government Commitments

Source: PowerGRAPHICS

Category: Shapes

growth of the us housing bubble
Growth of the US Housing Bubble

Between 1997 and 2006, the price of the typical American house increased by 124%

Source: PowerICONS

Category: Real Estate


Source: PowerGRAPHICS

Category: Geography

Housing Prices:

peaked in early 2005

started to decline in 2006

may not yet have hit bottom

credit cardholders bill of rights
Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights

Limits how credit card companies can charge consumers, but does not include price controls, rate caps, or fee setting

Cardholders deserve protections against arbitrary interest rate increases

Cardholders who pay on time should not be penalized

Cardholders should be protected from due date gimmicks and misleading terms

Source: PowerGRAPHICS

Category: Financial

Vulnerable consumers should be protected from fee-heavy subprime credit cards

Congress should provide better oversight of the credit card industry

financial perspective
Financial Perspective

Source: PowerGRAPHICS

Category: Arrows

How Did I Get Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Am I Now?




Determine Spending Habits Over Last 2 Years

Access Current Financial Status and Wealth

Create Realistic Long Term Financial Goals

sustainability success
Sustainability Success

Source: PowerICONS

Category: Symbols




Source: PowerGRAPHICS

Category: Financial

Wade Gordon – Financial Consultant

Direct: 800-123-4567 x8989

[email protected]



get started


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Category: Shapes

Source: PowerICONS

Category: Symbols

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