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INSPIRE. MAKING THE MOST OF SEASONAL FOOD. Eat the season!. What does seasonal mean?. Defra’s starting point for the definition of locally in season food is:

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what does seasonal mean
What does seasonal mean?

Defra’s starting point for the definition of locally in season food is:

“Food that is outdoor grown or produced during the natural growing/production period for the country or region where it is produced. It need not necessarily be consumed locally to where it is grown. This applies to seasonal foods produced both in the UK and overseas.”

Defra, March 2009

what are the benefits
What are the benefits?

Cost: food grown in season is less labour intensive and time consuming keep costs lower.

Flavour: the food grows and ripens naturally allowing flavours to develop.

Local: reduce the energy needed to grow and transport the food we eat.

Did you know?

Vegetables picked and frozen when in season are actually higher in nutrients than those flown in out of season from abroad.

what about food that does not grow in the uk
What about food that does notgrow in the UK?

Eat food like oranges, peaches and kiwi fruit flown over from Spain or Italy rather than those that have travelled much further from other continents.

Some food grown outside Europe such as bananas can be enjoyed when UK and European fruit is relatively sparse.

is seasonal food always climate friendly what do you think
Is seasonal food always climate friendly? What do you think?

Food grown abroad andflown to your plate can have a lower climate impact than food grown in the UK. Why?

Because Britain relies heavily on greenhouses that require lots of energy to heat them to grow food.

Local and seasonal is a good combination.