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mindfulness and the therapeutic alliance n.
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Mindfulness and The Therapeutic Alliance PowerPoint Presentation
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Mindfulness and The Therapeutic Alliance

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Mindfulness and The Therapeutic Alliance
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Mindfulness and The Therapeutic Alliance

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  1. Experience = Intellect + Emotions + Spirit Mindfulness andThe Therapeutic Alliance SPACE The Alliance is The Experience of The Journey BIPT 11 & 13 June 2009 Dr Frank CT Voon Awareness Place & PhorKark See, Singapore

  2. Tangible Doing Being Having Thinking Intangible Body Mind

  3. Sanctuary A safe setting Structure Physical comfort – seating, view, place for bags restful, quiet conversation, peaceful ease of access and exit Time and boundaries agreed and adhered to flexibility to extend process the end in mind – self work

  4. Peace Pedagogy and psychology Education of the therapist on the self Education of the person on the self Education of the person by the self When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.

  5. The centrality of the Therapeutic Alliance Attention Authenticity Trust Respect Integrity Mindfulness

  6. Being Unknown to self Known to self Known to others Unknown to others

  7. Compassion The importance of communication skills Collaborative Dialogue, not a debate Understanding each other Understanding others Transfer of communication skills

  8. Experience Engaging the self Enlightenment Eureka moment – Aha! The Self The Force The Shadow and the Dark Side.

  9. The Therapeutic Journey 1st step Mountain 2nd step No mountain 3rd step Mountain

  10. Being Human Physical Doing Spiritual Emotional Being Intellectual Feeling Thinking

  11. Feeling Doing Doing Feeling Being Being Thinking Thinking

  12. A safe SPACE Sanctuary – the Middle Ages Sanctum – an open clearing of light and possiblity in a dense jungle of overgrowth Open mindedness Acceptance Confidentiality Safe exploration of issues The warrior mind – no fear of nominal errors

  13. The Practice Setting Techniques Organisation Reflection Mastery

  14. The Storm Stages Therapy Order Resilience Mindfulness

  15. Practice Perfection The slight edge, 80/20 Pareto The difference that makes a difference Warrior – Chef – Therapist Marbles, draft presentations, quick starts Golf – Tiger & #50 Clinical & administrative practice Olympics – 4 years in under 10 secs

  16. Food Sweet Sour Salty Bitter Plain Arts Clay Paint Stone Words Sounds Life Change Pain Hope Fairness Love The 5 Things

  17. ChangeBegin with the end in mind PainThere is pain in happiness HopeNothing ever goes according to plan FairnessAll’s fair in love and war LoveIn love all the time? Embracing the reality of the 5

  18. Mindfulness On YouTube, there are a number of Google Tech Talks that you might find useful. Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Healing Alan Wallace Towards the First Revolution in Mind Sciences The Conscious Universe: Where Buddhism and Physics Converge Bob Stahl An Introduction to Meditation for Healing and Stress Reduction Matthieu Ricard Change Your Mind Change Your Brain Philippe Goldin Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation Thanks to Mr Wee Sin Tho