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Higher Education Budget Request. 10/28/2010. ADHE Overview . The Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) is responsible for: Carrying out the policy directives of the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB );

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Adhe overview
ADHE Overview

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) is responsible for:

  • Carrying out the policy directives of the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB);

  • Approving and reviewing academic programs at the state’s public community colleges and universities;

  • Developing funding recommendations for the state’s 11 public universities and 22 public two-year colleges as well as 18 other post-secondary entities;

  • Distributing financial aid of approximately $170 million annually from state revenues and lottery funds intended to ease the financial burden of students seeking an education beyond high school.

Adhe agency budget request highlights
ADHE AgencyBudget Request Highlights:

  • Personnel

    • No raises

    • Surrender 4 current positions in exchange for 2 higher grade positions:

      • Net savings of $65k funding

  • Operating

    • Requesting an increase:

      • Lease on 114 E. Capitol Ave expires June 30, 2011

      • Current facility will not be available

      • Worked with state building services to obtain an estimate of costs based on current market rates.

      • Increase of $517,025 for the first year ($175k for move and related office equipment expenses; Reduce to $316k for year 2)

Specific program budget highlights
Specific Program Budget Highlights:

  • Research Development Program Grants

    • All funds are currently going to AREON

    • Increase appropriation from $1m to $5m per year

    • appropriation only, funds are dependent on oil/mineral lease on federal lands, etc.

  • State Scholarship – Federal

    • Leveraging Education Assistance Partnership (LEAP)

      • Increase appropriation from $500k to $750k:

        • All federal funds

        • Anticipate more federal funds

Specific program budget highlights1
Specific Program Budget Highlights:

  • Student Assistance, grants and scholarships


Financial aid funding trend
Financial Aid Funding Trend

GR peaked at 48m in 2008

Expense (Student Awards) has increased since 2005

Fund Balance peaked in 2009 at 53m


Governor s distinguished
Governor’s Distinguished

Evidence that Smart Core is working

Evidence that we will need to begin thinking about our scholarship priorities

Arkansas department of higher education financial aid 2011 2013 biennial forecast
Arkansas Department of Higher EducationFinancial Aid2011-2013 Biennial Forecast

Specific program budget highlights2
Specific Program Budget Highlights:

Student Assistance, grants and scholarship

  • Response to Trends:

    • Will continue to spend all general revenue received on scholarships

    • Prioritized scholarship programs that serve the largest number of students

    • Delete and reduce scholarships for smaller/niche initiatives and those that overlap with other grants

  • Deleting

    • Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP) - 600 students

    • Second effort scholarship -18 students

    • Washington Center -20 students

    • Arkansas Geographical Needs - 98 students

  • Reducing

    • State Teacher Education Program (STEP)

    • Workforce Improvement Grant (WIG)

    • Higher Education Opportunity Grant (Go!)

    • State Teacher Resource Program, Minority Masters Fellows, and Minority Teachers Scholars (eliminated 2 years ago, students still in pipeline will be covered)

    • Dependents Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

    • Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Specific program budget highlights3
Specific Program Budget Highlights:

Improving Teacher Quality Grant (NCLB funds)

  • Same as last year. Last 2 years of grant

    TANF - Career Pathways Initiative (federal funds)

  • Increase appropriation by $2,493,207 for each year of the Biennium

    College Access Challenge Grant (Federal)

  • Increase appropriation to $1.5 m annually due to increase in federal funding

    ADHE Scholarship administration

  • Requesting increase of $280k

    • Add 6 extra help positions at $30k

    • $400k for professional fees (Mostly goes to INA for technical support for financial aid management program).

      Technical Education Federal Programs (Federal)

  • Request increase of $65k each year for Perkins to sponsor training seminars and capital outlay

Specific program budget highlights4
Specific Program Budget Highlights:

DHE Cash

  • $425k annual increase in appropriation only.

    Arkansas Health Education Grants and Loans

  • Eliminate optometry aid loans (keeping optometry grants)

  • Reduce remaining programs to their 2011 actual. (page 324)

58.5 percent increase is SSCH

Enrollment up:

6% up last year

5% up this fall

Not included in the data that generates the formula

84.9 percent increase in Credentials Awarded

282.5 percent increase in Certificates of Proficiency

242.7 percent increase in Technical Certificates

135.3 percent increase in Associate Degrees

34.7 percent increase in Baccalaureate Degrees

67.7 percent increase in Master Degrees

86.6 percent increase in Doctoral Degrees