Derryl woodward hopkins ii
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Derryl Woodward Hopkins II. An Autobiography . Religion.

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Derryl woodward hopkins ii

Derryl Woodward Hopkins II

An Autobiography


  • I am an Atheist. I think God does not exist. I have a large amount of proof, which is; If the Ark did exist, where is it or it’s remnants? In the lion den, he wouldn’t of been killed with or without “God,” because lions would only consume a man, unless starved to near death. Also, lions are extremely easy to tame, with only a few strokes and a tickle under the chin. How would every single animal, from everywhere on the planet, go to one structure, let only male and female of all of them.? If the Flood did come, where are the remnants of the dead animals? How could one living thing create an infinite amount of matter, time, and space; it can’t.

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  • My entire family speaks English, but my dad can speak French and I can speak some Irish.


  • I wear anything, except for girl’s clothing. I am a male, not a female. Get that in your thick skull mom. (Sorry about that.)

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