The model 505 ct pt analyzer
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Radian Research, Inc. Radian Research, Inc. an employee owned company. Power and Energy Measurement Specialists. The Model 505 CT/PT Analyzer. 3852 Fortune Drive Lafayette, Indiana USA Welcome & Thank You!. Model 505 – What is it?

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The model 505 ct pt analyzer

Radian Research, Inc.

Radian Research, Inc.

an employee owned company

Power and Energy Measurement Specialists

The Model 505 CT/PT Analyzer

3852 Fortune Drive

Lafayette, Indiana USA

Welcome thank you
Welcome & Thank You!

  • Model 505 – What is it?

  • Testing Capabilities

  • CT/PT – Why Test?

  • Value in Purchase

What is it
What is it?

  • The Model 505 is a Current Transformer and Potential Transformer Analyzer

  • It’s a small portable tester for testing CT’s and PT’s in- or out of-service

  • It provides test data to determine if the CT’s or PT’s are bad

  • It helps diagnose installation issues

The model 505 ct 1321373

What is a CT?

  • A Current Transformer that reduces high primary current to 5 amps for measurement by a revenue meter.

  • A CT is designed to make this reduction accurately when driving the secondary current into a known burden.

  • If the secondary burden is exceeded, the CT’s accuracy will be compromised.

The model 505 ct 1321373

CT Accuracies

What is meant by +/- 0.3 % Between the Burdens of 0.1 and 0.5 ohms? – 2.0 RF



200% or Rating Factor






  • Below 10% and Above Rating Factor Current – Accuracy is not Guaranteed

  • Above 0.5 ohms of Total Circuit Burden – Accuracy is not Guaranteed

The model 505 ct 1321373

What is BURDEN?

The total amount of resistance in Ohms and inductance in Milli-Henries which may be connected to the secondary without causing a measurable error greater than specified by the CT’s accuracy classification.

The model 505 ct 1321373

What Makes Up The Burden?

  • Electricity Meter Current Coils

  • Meter Socket

  • Test Switch Components

  • Wire Gage

  • All compression connections

The model 505 ct 1321373

Installation Issues?

  • Mis-Wired Installation

  • Wrong Nameplate Information

  • Wrong system Multipliers

  • Lightning strike causes shorted windings or magnetizes the core.

  • Open Secondary causes failed insulation in CT windings or magnetizes the core

  • CT age causes Insulation Failure

  • Installation age/location causes excessive Circuit Burden

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505 CT/PT Testing Capabilities

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505Admittance Test

  • Tests CT’s in Circuit or out of Circuit (with & without Load)

  • Easily checks for Open Circuits, Shorted CT’s, Bad CT Windings – all from the Test Switch – Does not Magnetize the CT

    • Because of sensitivity of the Admittance Testing, large changes in results will be seen on circuits with minor problems.

  • Results are very repeatable and independent of load.

  • Results are evaluated by comparing the results to the other CT readings and also comparing the previous results

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505CT Burden Test

  • A Meter Circuit Burden Test is accomplished by inserting a know load (resistance) and comparing the Before and After secondary current measurement. A burden tests helps determine the capability (VA) of the CT.

  • Acceptable Burden Tests require a reasonable load to be present (50% of rating).

  • Burden Test Results significantly vary based on the load and require a knowledgeable person to interpret.

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505Demag

  • Utilizes the Burden Resistance to take the CT into saturation and then bring it out of saturation

  • To ensure the CT is properly Demagged, the CT should be loaded to 50% or more of rating (typically 2.5 amps)

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505CT Ratio Test

  • A Ratio Test determines the Current Ratio and Phase Angle between the Primary and Secondary Currents on the CT

  • A Primary Current Probe is utilized for direct primary current measurement

  • Accurately Measures Actual Ratio and Phase angle between the Primary / Secondary Service

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505PT Burden Test

  • A PT Burden test is used to determine whether a PT has enough VA capability to drive the attached load and provide an accurate voltage to the measurement circuit

  • To perform the test, varying Burdens (Resistance) are applied to the PT. The Before and After Burden Application is compared. If a change is realized, either the PT is rated too small, significant Burden is in the measuring circuit or too much load (relays, etc..) is ‘hung’ on the PT.

The model 505 ct 1321373

Model 505Service Wiring Test

  • The 505 includes an Accurate Single Phase Digital Volt / Amp / Phase Angle Meter

  • By Taking a few Measurements – A Tester can accurately determined if the Service is properly Wired

  • All measurements taken from test switches

Why test ct s and pt s
Why Test CT’s and PT’s?

  • CT’s and PT’s ratio down the real power for easy measurement and isolation

    • Directly involved with billing of consumer

      • High error tolerances allow for large revenue loss

        • Transformers installations are gaining attention due to high loss capabilities

    • CT’s and PT’s are utilized on large consumers

      • Typically 80% , or more, revenue comes from large Consumers

The model 505 ct 1321373

  • Utilities

    • Common Trends

      • Down Sizing Personnel

      • Limited Resources

      • Tight on Budget

Why the 505
Why the 505?

  • The 505 is Ideal!

    • Less People doing more work

      • 505 is Quick and Simple

        • Limited test time, no problem – short and simple or complex investigation

        • Focus on top 10 power consumers for immediate payback

      • 505 is Unique and Powerful

        • Admittance testing, Ratio Testing, Burden Testing all in one test kit

    • Payback comes from finding lost Revenue

      • 505 is Low cost with High ROI

        • Easily find wiring errors and CT problems -- $$$$$

The model 505 ct 1321373

  • Application Note

    • Learn how the using the 505 can benefit your company

      • Admittance Testing

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Value in purchase
Value in Purchase

How can I justify the cost?

  • Test CT’s to find lost Revenue

    • Pays for itself and beyond It Pays your Company

  • Test Ratio, Burden and Admittance

    • Many ways to diagnose a problem

  • Admittance test allows a way to test with or without an energized site

    • Prevents wasted trips to customer site

Value in purchase cont
Value in Purchase – Cont

  • Ability to Demagnetize CT’s

    • Recover CT’s without disconnecting customer

    • Recover lost revenue caused by a magnetized CT

  • Radian Research - 2 year warranty

    • No more worry about equipment failure

  • Onsite or PowerPoint Training

    • Easy Out of box operation

  • Experience and knowledgeable support staff

Available model 505 configurations
Available Model 505 Configurations

  • 505-000

    • With CT/PT Burden Option

  • 505-100

    • Without CT/PT Burden Option

  • Extended Lid

    • 505-020

      • Gives extra room to store additional cables

505 accessories
505 Accessories

  • Accessories for Admittance and Burden Testing

    • 505-02 CT Test Leads

      • 7½ foot lead terminated with Superior test switch safety probe.

    • 505-03 CT Test Leads

      • 7½ foot lead terminated with Westinghouse test switch safety probe.

505 accessories cont
505 Accessories – Cont

  • Accessories for Ratio Testing

    • JM 875 Current Probe

      • AC Clamp-on Current Probe - Current Ranges - 0-30A; 30-300A; 300-3000A.

    • MR521 Current Probe

      • CT Clamp-on current probe. 1-150 / 1500 ampere range

    • Model 3000 Rope CT

      • Lightweight with a measurement range of 5 to 3000A rated at 1000 V max.

505 accessories cont2
505 Accessories – Cont2

  • Accessories for High Voltage Ratio Testing

    • LW2000-15 AC Current Probe

      • Fiber optic coupled CT current probe for primary measurements. 0-2000 ampere range. Maximum cable diameter 1.8” Accuracy ±1.5%

    • LW2000-16 AC Current Probe

      • Maximum cable diameter 3.8”

      • Rated to 150kV Line to Line

All utilities need a model 505
All Utilities need a Model 505!

Radian’s Top Products for Any Utility

Model 505


Model 403

RD- 23 Master Reference Standard

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Thank you
Thank You!

Radian Research Inc.

3852 Fortune Drive

Lafayette Indiana 47905

Phone: 765-449-5500

Fax: 765-448-4614

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