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PISTOIA. PISTOIA’S NURSERY PARK . Pistoia is known for its market gardens in Italy and abroad . Recently in Pistoia has been opened a nursery park ,the first in Europe where there are a lot of particoulary and rare plants . . Pistoia’s cathedral. Altar of St. James

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Pistoia s nursery park

Pistoia isknownforits market gardensin Italy and abroad. Recently in Pistoia hasbeenopened a nursery park ,the first in Europewherethere are a lotofparticoulary and rare plants.

Pistoia s cathedral


Altar of St. James

CrucifixChapelcontains the altar, in embossed silver sheet; there are threerepresentations: Storiesof the New Testament, Christ in Majestybetween Mary and St. James and threestoriesof St. James.

The cathedralis the mainreligious building in Pistoia, located in Cathedral’s square in the center of the city.

It’s the seatof the Bishopof Pistoia and isdedicatedto Saint Zeno of Verona.

Ceppo s hospital

The Ceppo is a medievalancient hospital in Pistoia, founded in XIII century.

The Loggia isdecoratedby a ceramicglaze, the friezewasexecutedfrom 1525. The tondoes (The annunciation and the Gloryof the Virgin) wereexecutedby Giovanni Della Robbia.

Pistoia s baptistry

Pistoia’s Baptistryislocated in the Cathedral’s square. It’s consideratedoneof the mostimportantexpressionsof the tuscanicgothic. In the pastitwasusedtobaptize people.

Villa la magia
Villa “ la magia”

Villa “ La Magia” islocated in the center of Quarrata, near Pistoia, and it’s animportant “medicea” villa, whichbelongedtoanimportant family ofFlorence in 1500.

It’s recognisedas UNESCO’s patrimonysince 2013.

Saint andrea s pulpit
Saint’ andrea’s pulpit

The pulpit in the Church of Saint’ Andrea is a masterpieceof 1301 by the Italiansculptor Giovanni Pisano. It’s a hexagonalplanwithsevencolumns. Mostnotableis the scene of the “Massacreof the Innocents”.

Mazzini s square

Mazzini’s square or St. Francisco’s squareislocated in the centreof Pistoia. In frontofthissquarethere’s St. Francisco’ s church. Itis the placewhereyoungpeople meettogether at night.

Sala s square

Sala’s squareislocated in the historiccentreof Pistoia. Sincemanyyearsthere’s a dailyfoods market.

In thissquarethere are a lotsofrestaurants, and it’s a meetpointforyoung people and notonly at night.

The organ of the saint spirit s church
the organof the saintspirit’s church

Thisorganwasbuilt in 1674 by Willem Hermans . It’s part of the importantAcademyof the Organ in Pistoia