seap s ingle electronic acce s s point n.
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SEAP - S ingle electronic acce s s point

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SEAP - S ingle electronic acce s s point - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEAP - S ingle electronic acce s s point. Enabling lodging of customs declarations across EU. Current state. Single customs area, 26 customs a dministrations, 26 different systems.

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seap s ingle electronic acce s s point

SEAP - Single electronic access point

Enabling lodging of customs declarations across EU

current state
Current state
  • Single customs area, 26 customs administrations, 26 different systems.
  • EDI between customs administrations is standardized, EDI between administration and clients (external domain) is left to local implementation.
  • In Modernized Customs Code the electronic lodging of declarations is the norm.
current state1
Current state
  • No legal obstacles - declaration can be lodged by any entity established in the customs territory ofthe Community.
  • The companies are not able to use single interface to customs wherever they are in EU for purely technical reasons.
  • Standardizing EDI between administrations and external domain is not priority agenda for EU (after 2013).
  • New challenges from 01.07.2009 with introduction of entry summary declaration.
how to implement the seap
How to implement the SEAP?

1. Data to be exchanged has to be standardized:

- analysisof the required message flow. Not all countrieshave same message flow

- analysisof the data to be exchanged. Even the same messages sometimes require different data.

- some procedures are more harmonised accrossEU countries than others

2. The common communication protocols and infrastructure have to be agreed upon.

3. The registration process is country-specific and there is currently no way around, but documentation and instructions should be provided.

how to implement the seap eurtradenet way
How to implement the SEAP – EurTradeNet way
  • This process requires cooperation with people and companies with knowledge of local customs systems. EurTradeNet is a just such a group of market-leading Customs-related Service Providers (CRSPs) that has already solved much of the steps required for SEAP and is already implementing a solution for lodging export declarations in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and Slovenia.
  • Availability from begining 2009
who can benefit
Who can benefit?
  • Any company that wants to perform customs procedures in different EU countries. Being able to use single software solution lowers barrier to entry - less integration necessary and less locally specific knowledge needed.
the challenges
The challenges?
  • Finding the partners for every EU country.
  • Covering as much customs procedures as possible - import will have to wait for AIS.
  • For exception handling and support there is still local provider needed.
  • Signing with personal digital certificates complicates operations.
thank you
Thank you!

Andrej Vidmar

Trinet d.o.o.