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Industry Internship TM 493

Industry Internship TM 493. Lecture 2. Destination Geography Alexandria as a Case Study. Tourist Sites in Alexandria. Alexandria Aquarium. Citadel of Qaitbay. Alexandria Zoo. Alexandria National Museum. Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Comiche. El- Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque.

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Industry Internship TM 493

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  1. Industry InternshipTM 493 Lecture 2

  2. Destination GeographyAlexandria as a Case Study

  3. Tourist Sites in Alexandria

  4. Alexandria Aquarium Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria Zoo Alexandria National Museum Bibliotheca Alexandrina Comiche El-MursiAbul Abbas Mosque Graeco-Roman Museum

  5. Royal Jewelry Museum Pompey's Pillar Lighthouse of Alexandria Liberary of Alexandria

  6. The Customer

  7. The customer A person or organization who uses the product or services we provide. Without customer there is no company unknown

  8. SO………… How!!! &Why???? .We should know customer……to capture & retain them. . For that customer segmentation is must. . Is every customer equally profitable? . If we don’t take of our customers someoneelse will !!

  9. Types of Difficult Customers Sales and Advertising

  10. ARGUMENTATIVE • The customer • Questions • Disagrees • Take issues which an employee makes • Always looking for errors or mistakes • Quick tempered • Typically slow in making decisions

  11. How To Sell To Argumentative Al • Practice self-control • Use merchandise knowledge • Sell benefits, features • Do not push a decision • Give logical explanations • Customer needs more information

  12. COMPLAINING/HARD TO PLEASE • The customer • Thinks everything is wrong • No matter what the employee does it is wrong • Tries to get employee to take side against the company • Passes judgment on everything

  13. How To Please Hard To Please Hazel • Listen • Stress Product Knowledge • Let them feel they have made the decision • Don’t push the sale!

  14. IRRITABLE/MOODY • The customer is • Irritable • Moody • Unpredictable • Smiling and happy one day but hardly speaking the next

  15. Tips To Handle The Irritable Irma • Offer a place to rest if possible • Lower your voice • Slow one’s physical action • Do not argue • Practice empathy, consideration • Listen

  16. INSULTING/SNOBBISH • These customers are typically: • Rude • Loud • Rough • May bluff and swear • Are always ready to take advantage of a situation

  17. How To Sell Snobish Sylvia • Do not be offended by this customer • Quiet dignity is needed by a salesperson • Be very pleasant • Appeal to exclusiveness • Make them feel special

  18. IMPATIENT • These customers: • Expect immediate service without regard • Indicate through actions, body language, and facial expressions that they cannot wait

  19. How to Deal with Impatient Ida • Acknowledge that they need help • Calm them down • Get another salesperson to help them • Suggest an alternative option • Bottom Line = Get them in and out quickly!

  20. LEAVE –ME – ALONE/JUST LOOKING • These customers usually • Let salespeople • know right away they don’t need hel • Prefer making their own decisions • May lack information which is needed to make buying decisions

  21. How to Deal With Looking Lucille • Do not preasure or ride this customer • Stand at a distance • Watch for shoplifting • Inform customer that you will be near if he/she needs help

  22. DOMINEERING/SUPERIOR KNOW IT ALL CUSTOMERS • These difficult customers can be: • Overbearing • Have all the answers and opinion on the subject • Overly self-confident • Very talkative • Pushy • Think that they are always right

  23. Know-it-all Nancy • Let customer do the talking • Will sell himself/herself if handled properly • Let customer’s opinion stand, if acceptable • Don’t argue with customer

  24. Cut-the-Price/Thrifty Customers • Focus is on saving money • Looking for the best deal • Want to feel they are getting a good deal • Some like to bargain • Often will try to find fault with product to get to lower price

  25. Cut-the-Price Carol • Explain store policy • Guarantee • Store Services • One price to all customers • Fair trade items • Be friendly and firm

  26. SUSPICIOUS • These customers: • Doubt everything • Look for tricks on your part by asking silly questions • Insecure • Want facts or proof to support what employee tells the Hard to help but can become most loyal customer

  27. SLOW/METHODICAL • These customers: • Are easy to handle but take lots of time • Silent customer • Shy, insecure • Reluctant to ask questions • Indecisive • Insecure • Make several visits • May lack knowledge • Changes mind often

  28. DISHONEST • These customers: • Hard to identify • Always trying to take advantage of employees • Do not pay for products • Purchase goods – use them – and return them Switch or alter prices • Damage goods and then ask for discounts

  29. Using this understanding to help turn Discount, Impulse, Need-Based, and even Wandering Customers into Loyal ones will help grow our business. At the same time, ensuring that our Loyal Customers have a positive experience each time they enter our store will only serve to increase our bottom-line profit The goal as a company is to have customer service that isnot just the best, but legendary. To be successful, it will require patience and understanding in knowing our customers and the behavior patterns that drive their decision-making process. Thank You

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