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Setup Student Logins PowerPoint Presentation
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Setup Student Logins

Setup Student Logins

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Setup Student Logins

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  1. Setup Student Logins How to get students on LTISD network, Google, and Schoology

  2. How it all works... • Secondary students (grades 6-12) must login to a school computer (not an iPad or Chromebook) and set up a permanent password. • The system will update overnight and they will be able to login to Google account & Schoology with same email & password. • The following slides help you get them started. • K-5 students will use their student id number for a password.

  3. Step 1: Login to Computer & Set Password • Have students login to a computer/laptop with the temporary password for their grade. (see next slide) Student login is their lastname.firstname • Each campus will receive an email with a list of student Google accounts to help with student identification. (ie. common name like John Smith or irregular names that include a hyphen)

  4. List of Temporary Passwords K-5 students use student ID as password. Email address follows same naming convention* for all students:*Please check list with common names and hyphenated names)

  5. Step 2: Setup Permanent Password After students have logged into computer w/ temp password, they will be prompted by the computer to setup a permanent password. *Except K-5 students who will use ID# as password. (SEE NEXT SLIDE FOR PASSWORD RULES)

  6. Password Setup Rules Your password is case sensitive and must contain at least 8 characters and at least 2 of the following: • A number (123) • A capital letter (ABC) • A special character (!.,#$%&*)

  7. Step 3: Confirm Password Reset • Now, have students go to https://password.ltisdschools.organd login with their permanent password they just created. (SEE NEXT SLIDE)

  8. Student Created Password Have Students Login to LTISD Password Reset Site

  9. Account Password Questions After login, students will be prompted to provide answers to 3 personal questions which will allow them to reset a forgotten password. (SEE NEXT SLIDE) This will allow students/teachers the ability to reset their own password if forgotten.

  10. System will request answers to 3 questions of student choice. (Have them write answers in a planner/notebook/phone/etc.)

  11. In the future students/teachers can go to this page if they forget password and click “Forgot Password” button. They answer 3 challenge questions, then they get access.