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Healthiest State Initiative

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Healthiest State Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthiest State Initiative
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  1. Healthiest State Initiative June 24, 2011

  2. “ My number one goal for public health in Iowa is making Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. Addressing public health in Iowa also means addressing the economic well-being of our state. ” Governor Terry Branstad at the Iowa Board of Health Meeting -The Des Moines Register

  3. Our Challenge • Governor Branstad asked Ric Jurgens, Doug Reichardt and John Forsyth to form and lead an advisory group. • The advisory group developed a plan to make Iowa the healthiest state in five years.

  4. Change is Possible • The trends can be changed. • Proactive companies are implementing creative solutions. • We can and should make a differencein Iowa.

  5. The Plan • Develop an on-line resource for families, employers, schools and communities. • The plan will include strategies that will: • Change the environment in which Iowans live,work and play. • Improve nutrition. • Increase natural movement. • Measure our progress.

  6. Timeline • July 13, 2011 Healthiest State Plan was presented tothe Governor. • August, 10, 2011 The Governor announced the initiative. • October 7, 2011 Start Somewhere Walk • Fall 2011 Blue Zones Project

  7. Our Health CrisisThe Case for Change

  8. Obesity Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 1990, 1999, 2009 (*BMI 30, or about 30 lbs. overweight for 5’4” person)

  9. U.S. Overweightand Obesity Rates • 2010 68% • 2020 75% • 2030 86% Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Johns Hopkins University, Obesity 2008

  10. Cost of Obesity $147 Billion per Year

  11. “ Obesity, and with it, diabetes, are the only major health problems getting worse in this country, and they are getting worse rapidly. ” Dr. Thomas R. Frieden Director, CDC

  12. Other Statistics • Unhealthy lifestyles lead to chronic disease: smoking, poor nutrition, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption account for 800,000 – plus deaths annually.  • About 108 million people in the U.S. have at least one chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hypertensionor osteoarthritis. 

  13. Other Statistics • 50% of premature deaths in the U.S. are related to modifiable lifestyle factors.  • Approximately 75% of health care costs stem from preventable chronic conditions. Fact Sheet, Disease and Prevention and Health Promotion at HHS, 2006,

  14. It’s Our Kids, Too

  15. One in three American childrenborn in 2000 will develop diabetes.

  16. Rise of Type 2 Diabetes in Children • More recently in some areas of the country30 - 40% of children with diabetes now haveType 2 diabetes. • 1985: 1 - 2% of children with diabetes hadType 2 diabetes. • 1995: 17% of children with diabetes haveType 2 diabetes.

  17. Childhood Obesity in Iowa • More than 1/3 of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in Iowa are overweight or at risk for being overweight which results in younger people developing chronic diseases at earlier ages. Iowa Pilot Intervention Summary Report, School Age Children’s Nutrition & Physical Activity Project School Years 2005-2007, Iowa Department of Public Health

  18. “ Obesity is such that this generation of children could be the first basically in the history of the United States to live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents. ” Dr. David S. Ludwig Director, Children's Hospital Boston Obesity Program Author: A Potential Decline in Life Expectancy in the United States in the 21st Century N Engl J Med 2005; 352:1138-1145 March 17, 2005

  19. Iowa’s Health Facts • 66.6% of Iowans are overweight or obese. • 2009 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked Iowa as 7th in overall well-being. • 2010 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked Iowa as 19th in overall well-being.

  20. Obesity is Serious (*BMI 30, or about 30 lbs. overweight for 5’4” person) 1Behavorial Risk Factor Surveillance System, CDC.

  21. Our Opportunity • If Iowa could maintain 2009 obesity rates, the state could save as much as $1.6 billion by 2018. F as in Fat, 2010, Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation • Addressing comprehensive lifestyle changes could allow the State to redirect as much as $16 billion over the next five years to economic development. Wellness App, World Economic Forum Website;

  22. The Good News • 70% of the factors influencing our health are within an individual’s control to improve. • Health Behaviors 50% • Environment 20% • Access to Care 10% • Genetics 20% Source: The Urban Institute

  23. Healthiest State InitiativeComponents:MeasurementBlue ZonesStart Somewhere WalkCommitment

  24. Healthiest State InitiativeComponents:Measurement

  25. 1,000 completed surveys per day. • Landline and cell, English and Spanish(98% coverage of U.S.). • One millionth survey completed in October 2010. • Will over-sample Iowa. •

  26. Life evaluation • Ranking one’s life today and in the future • Emotional Health • Daily feelings, clinical depression • Physical Health • Chronic conditions, obesity, physical pain, cold/flu • Healthy Behaviors • Smoking, healthy eating, exercise • Work Environment • Using strengths, supervisor relationships • Basic Access • Healthcare, community satisfaction, money for basics

  27. Impacts of Well-Being • Communities with high Well-Being Index®scores have: • Lower crime rates • Higher graduation rates • Businesses with high Well-Being Index® scores have: • Higher job performance • Higher productivity • Less absenteeism • Higher retention • Better engagement • Lower healthcare costs Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index®

  28. BLUE Zones Healthiest State InitiativeComponents:Blue Zones

  29. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Blue Zones • Move Naturally • Just move: walk, garden, take the stairs • Right Outlook • Purpose Now: know why you wake up in the morning • Down Shift: find a strategy to shed stress Source: Blue Zones®

  30. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Blue Zones • Eat Wisely • 80% Rule: stop eating when you are 80% full • Plant Slant: eat more beans, nuts and soy • Wine @ 5: drink 1-2 glasses of wine, preferably with friends • Connect • Belong: attend faith-based services • Loved Ones First: put your family first • Right Tribe: surround yourself with theright friends that support healthy behavior Source: Blue Zones®

  31. Healthiest State InitiativeComponents:Start Somewhere Walk

  32. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Start Somewhere Walk • The concept is to create excitement and a focal point for the Healthiest State Initiative. • Everyone in Iowa will go on a 1K walk at the same time, on the same day. • 1K = 7.5 blocks

  33. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Start Somewhere Walk • The state’s journey to wellness begins with each Iowan taking that first step toward better health. • Schools, businesses, faith organizations, etc. in each community will organize a walk. • Sign up for local walk groups. • Sign a commitment to change behaviors.

  34. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Start Somewhere Walk October 7, 2011 1K WalkatNoon

  35. Healthiest State InitiativeComponents:Commitment

  36. Healthiest State Initiative Components: Community Pledge “ I commit to be a part of the Healthiest State Initiative and to initiate a Start Somewhere Walk in my home, business and community. ”

  37. Call to Action Today • Sign the Healthiest State Initiative Community Commitment. • Organize a Healthiest State Committee. • Plan and execute a Start Somewhere Walk. • October 7, 2011 at noon.

  38. Future Opportunities

  39. Future Opportunities: Blue Zones Project • Wellmark will help transform 10 Iowa communities into Blue Zones. • Communities can apply to become part of the Blue Zones Project. • A successful Start Somewhere Walk is included in the project selection criteria. • Learn more about the Blue Zones Project.

  40. Are you readytoStart Somewhere?

  41. Questions????