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Benefits Of Using Touch Screen Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whether it is the business world or industrial applications, whether it be your home computer or the ATM machine, touch screen monitors are everywhere. Read more.

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Benefits of using touch screen technology



No matter if it is your cell phone or a super-market checkout, touch screen technology hasn’t left any aspect of our

lives untouched. Whether it is the business world or industrial applications, whether it be your home computer or

the ATM machine, touchscreen monitors are everywhere. This is one technology that has literally taken over the

world – so much so that any form of modern computing is now considered impossible or obsolete without it.

But what advantages does it offer? What is so wonderful about touch screen monitors that has made them a staple

in today’s world? Let’s find out the many reasons why monitors with touch screen are considered to be the better

alternative than their counterparts:

Ease of use: One of the biggest advantages touchscreen offer is the ease of input. While keyboard and

mouse are the most accepted methods of data entry into a system, the practice of reaching out to the

screen and touching icons is time saving and easy enough for even the most technologically-unaware

operator. The interactive interface offered by touchscreens can enable operators to handle tasks by

themselves without any substantial computer training or knowledge. It can also be useful for employees

who are trying tojuggle multiple tasks. Since no techknowledge is required to use the touchscreen systems, it

can also save a lot of time, energy, and money spend on employee training.

Speed: In a study conducted by Mitsubishi Electrical Research Laboratories, it is seen that response time for

users of touch screen systems reduced by as much as 20% in comparison to more conventional type of input

methods such as mouse and keyboard. This happens because touchscreen monitors allow users to touch

icons directly, without wasting time to locate the mouse pointer or to adjust the movements according to

mouse’s acceleration and so on. It also saves the machines time to convert the horizontal mouse movements

to a vertical screen. And if the user can write faster than type on keyboard, using a touch-pen or stylus can

further enhance the speed.

Device size: By combining data inputdevices with the monitor, you can exponentially reduce the overall size

of the workstation system or the device. This benefit is most apparent when it comes to the case of full-sized

computing systems. Using a large touch screen monitor can let you to set up computer systems in areas

where space is an issue and you want reduced number of components visible to the user.

Assistive technology: One of the most valuable benefits of touchscreens is that it also assists users with

physical problems that might make a traditional input method, such as mouse and keyboard setup difficult

to operate. This can be particularly seen with people having some disabilities. In such circumstances, a touch

screen display will prove to be a more convenient and hassle free alternative to its counterparts from every


So you see, no matter what the application or requirement, a touch screen monitor will prove to be the best solution

to your needs. To know more, visit


Daniel Williams is an expert in human machine interface technology and is particularly interested in touchscreen

monitors–a system that has taken the world by storm. He loves to write articles and blogs on the topic and

recommends Gvision-USA as the best place to buy these devices from.