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Venturing. Scouting’s Next Step. BSA has steadily expanded the reach of its value-based programs. 1910 Boy Scouting 1912 Sea Scouting 1935 Cub Scouting 1950 Exploring for young men 14-20 who wanted senior Scouting

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Next Step

bsa has steadily expanded the reach of its value based programs
BSA has steadily expanded the reach of its value-based programs
  • 1910 Boy Scouting
  • 1912 Sea Scouting
  • 1935 Cub Scouting
  • 1950 Exploring for young men 14-20 who wanted senior Scouting
  • 1971 Coed Exploring- Young women ages 14-20 joined now more career oriented posts
  • 1991 Learning For Life - BSA Subsidiary
  • 1998 Venturing - Coed ages 14-20 - Outdoor oriented senior scouting
national venturing growth december 2001 vs 2000
National Venturing GrowthDecember 2001 vs 2000


  • Northeast Region 23.1% 12.2%
  • Southern Region 24.4% 12.3%
  • Central Region 19.7% 9.4%
  • Western Region 10.9% 6.2%
  • National 18.2% 9.1%
  • National since 1998 86.0% 52.7%
what is venturing
What is Venturing?
  • “It’s not a box or a package we present.”
  • “It is focused resources designed to help a community organization provide wholesome, flexible, well-rounded, challenging activities, tailor-made for teenage youth.”
venturing is thinking outside the box
Joe Q. Public’s view


Boys only

Compass and campfires

Old Fashioned

Paradigm shift

No Required uniform

Coed (fastest growing program)

Global Positioning System and Leave No Trace

Cutting Edge in Youth Protection

Venturing is…Thinking outside the box
why is venturing growing
Why is Venturing Growing?
  • Aggressive promotion Nation-wide
  • Lots of unplowed ground (potential)
  • Targeted Resources for New Unit Growth
  • Tailor-made for teenagers
      • Coed program
      • No required uniform
      • Extreme sports and outdoor activities
here s venturing
Here’s Venturing
  • The young adult program of the BSA for men and women 14 (who have completed the 8th grade) through 20 years of age.
  • Youth member is a “Venturer”
  • Venturing units are “Crews”
  • Venturing adults are “advisors”
  • Youth leader is the “president”
  • $7 membership fee - same chartering process
character citizenship fitness the aims of the bsa s 3 programs
Boy Scout Methods

Patrol Method

Adult Association


Scouting Ideals



Personal Growth


Venturing Methods

Group Activities

Adult Association


Scouting Ideals

High Adventure


Teaching Others

Uniform optional

Character, Citizenship, FitnessThe aims of the BSA’s 3 Programs
venturing exploring


Application Rosters

Members Participants

Leadership Standards Leadership Standards

determined by BSA determined by Participating Organization

Oath and Code N one

Advancement Awards and Recognition

Hobby, religious, sports Career

Outdoor based Education

venturing venture what s the difference
Venturing Crew

Stand Alone Unit

Coed, all male, or all female

Ages 14-20

5 Bronze Awards, Gold, Silver, Ranger, Quartermaster & Boy Scout advancement above 1st class for male Venturers

President, two VP positions,Secretary, Treasurer, Activity chairs

Venture Patrol

Optional patrol of a troop

Male only

Ages 13-17

Boy Scout advancement only

Venture Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader

Good transition to Venturing

Venturing/Venture What’s the Difference?
does venturing have a required uniform
Does Venturing Have a Required Uniform?
  • The recommended uniform is the spruce green Venturing shirt with green epaulette tabs and gray backpacking-style shorts or gray casual pants.
  • However, the uniform, if any, is the choice of the crew.
venturing oath
Venturing Oath

As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America, to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world.

venturing support items no cost
Venturing Support Items(no cost)
  • New Crew Sales Kit
  • Recruitment Posters
  • Sales Brochures
  • Fast Start (available on BSA website)
  • Venturing Highlights
  • Awards and Recognition brochure
  • Religious Resource Kit
  • Marketing Guide
the following new literature is available at your scout shop
The following new literature is available at your Scout Shop
  • Venturing Leader Manual
  • Ranger Guidebook
  • Venturer Handbook
  • Venturing Leadership Skills Course
  • Venturing Roundtable Guide
  • Here’s Venturing - Operations Guide
  • Recognition Certificates and Awards
  • Venturing Advancement Chart
  • Venturing Leader Specific Training
  • Sea Scout Manual

Venturing Videos

1. Selling Venturing to the Head of an Organization

2. Briefing the Organizing Committee

3. New Crew Fast Start

4. Venturing For Scoutmasters

5. Venturing Professional Orientation

  • Venturing For Religious Youth Groups
  • Sea Scouts: Chart a Course for Life
youth protection videos
Youth Protection Videos
  • Youth Protection - Personal Safety Awareness (for Youth)
  • Youth Protection Training for Adult Venturing Leaders
venturing training
Venturing Training
  • Faststart
  • New Leader Essentials
  • Venturing Adult Leader Basic Training
  • Powder Horn (High adventure resourse management training now in councils.)
venturing recognition
Venturing Recognition
  • National Venturing Leadership Award for youth and adults- 3 levels
  • Venturing Advisor Award of Merit
venturing advancement
Venturing Advancement





Ranger Gold

Award Award


Outdoor Youth Sports Arts and Sea

Bronze Ministries Bronze Hobbies Scout

Bronze Bronze Bronze



lst Boy Scout or

Class Varsity Scout



the ranger program
The Ranger Program
  • Rangers are elite outdoorsmen
  • Ranger are required to teach what they’ve learned to others-KEY!!!!
  • Rangers work with their advisor and consultants
ranger core requirements
Ranger Core Requirements

1.Standard First Aid plus When Help is Delayed

2. Communications

3. Cooking

4. Emergency Preparedness

5. Land Navigation

6. Leave No Trace

7. Wilderness Survival

8. Conservation

ranger electives must earn 4 of 18

Cave Exploring

Project COPE

Mountain Biking

First Aid







Outdoor Living History

Physical Fitness

Plants & Wildlife


Shooting Sports


Winter Sports

Ranger Electives(Must earn 4 of 18)
do venturers use the ranger guidebook
Do Venturers Use the Ranger Guidebook

“ I just returned from Philmont with a co-ed Venturing crew. Before leaving, I presented each member of the crew with a Ranger Guidebook. We reviewed the requirements briefly. Quite frankly, I expected to see them stuff the book in their carry-on bags, never to be seen again. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

All the way across the country (Chicago to Raton by train) there was a constant barrage of questions being fired at me. Once we reached Philmont it intensified. I had the same reaction from the Philmont Ranger Staff. The Ranger Guidebooks are worn and dog eared.

In my 40 years of Scouting, I can’t remember ever seeing Scouts pick up and devour a program the way they seem to go after the Ranger award.”

Richard Hewitt, Crew Advisor, Portage, Michigan

venturing s growth where is it coming from
Venturing’s GrowthWhere Is It Coming From?
  • Church youth groups that adopt the structure of Venturing to help strengthen their youth program.
  • Successful troops that adopt Venturing to meet the wants and needs of older boys-longer retention.
  • High School and college outdoor clubs that adopt Venturing to complement their program.
  • Independent groups that are organized from high school hobby interest surveys
chickasaw council memphis tennessee
Chickasaw CouncilMemphis, Tennessee
  • June 30 - 306% growth in youth, 127% growth in units
  • Council sent two volunteers to Venturing Philmont courses to come back and sell Scoutmasters
  • Sales call to ROTC commander in Memphis
  • Organized 60 Venturing Crews with High School ROTC groups
    • They needed places to do Land Navigation, climbing and ropework
    • Council provided camping properties
    • Council created a ROTC Super Weekend at the nearby Naval Base

Contact: Jeff Isaac 901-327-4193

baltimore area council baltimore maryland
Baltimore Area CouncilBaltimore, Maryland
  • June 30 – 83% growth in youth, 69% growth in units
  • 1999 -Staff Retreat Focused on Venturing

Appointed Council Staff Advisor

  • 2000- Successful Impact Event with Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Chairs
  • 2001- Successful Impact Event with Catholic Diocese

Contact: Marc Richardson 410-338-1700

winnebago council waterloo iowa
Winnebago CouncilWaterloo, Iowa
  • June 30 – 572% growth in youth, 79% growth in units
  • Scout Executive appointed a 3-member Staff Venturing task force
  • Task force and volunteers attended Area Venturing conference
  • Council made a commitment to Venturing
    • Approached Churches and Hobby groups
    • Organized 12 events to help sell units
    • Promoted COPE course at camp

Contact: Todd McGregor 319-234-2867

perceived barriers to forming venturing crews
Perceived Barriers to forming Venturing Crews
  • Survey results from 335 professionals (top four responses)
    • 70% Low Awareness
    • 56.6% Lack of Training/Knowledge
    • 54.5% Lack of Adult Leadership
    • 49.1% Potential Chartering organizations lack of understanding of the program


A Resource to Religious Organizations serving High School age Youth

the bsa smorgasbord to better serve high school age youth
The BSA Smorgasbord to better serve high school-age youth
  • Use of retreat facilities for team building and program
  • Literature to help with program planning
  • Awards and recognitions for youth and adults
  • Professional assistance with program planning, volunteer recruitment and finding resources
  • Five-hour extensive training for all adult leaders
  • Two-day Leadership Skills Course for all youth
  • Award-winning Youth Protection Video for youth
  • Youth Protection training for adults
  • Low-cost liability and accident insurance
venturing crew growth in religious organizations
Venturing Crew Growth in Religious Organizations

1998199920002001 % growth since ’98

  • Community Churches 18 43 94 124 589%
  • Methodist Episcopal 8 13 17 26 225%
  • Evangelical Churches 7 6 14 20 186%
  • Church of Christ 29 49 67 70 141%
  • Nazarene Churches 11 10 14 25 127%
  • Disciples of Christ 54 80 103 118 118%
  • Lutheran Churches 181 267 342 393 117%
  • Jewish Synagogues 10 14 18 21 110%
  • Presbyterian Churches 213 293 363 396 86%
  • Catholic Churches 420 550 675 781 86%
  • Baptist Churches 232 301 360 416 79%
  • Methodist Churches 614 810 959 1089 77%
  • United Church of Christ 63 71 98 111 76%
venturing provides structure and substance to a church youth group
Venturing Provides Structure and Substance To a Church Youth Group
  • Venturing is flexible and can work with any existing youth program structure.
  • Venturing can help keep youth closer to the religious organization’s beliefs.
  • Venturing provides a package that can retain existing youth and recruit new ones.
  • The religious awards will help create an arena in which young adults can work closely with religious leaders.
collinsville illinois tim stark associate pastor sunlight church
Collinsville, IllinoisTim Stark- Associate PastorSunlight Church
  • Non-Denominational Church
  • Organized Venturing crew with Master’s Commission Program made up of 18-25 year olds
  • These are college kids that participate in a one year program that teaches character, integrity and service
  • At the end of the program they spend six weeks on the road visiting other Churches. They make a visible impact of service.
  • 2000 annual plan includes a retreat at the local Scout facility for the COPE course and next summer to the Northern Tier High Adventure Base
  • Their goal is to organize a crew with the high school youth group in the church
des arc arkansas melvin york pastor first baptist church
Des Arc, ArkansasMelvin York- PastorFirst Baptist Church
  • The High School youth group was organized in 1998 as a Venturing crew
  • The group has 15 boys and 15 girls
  • The youth have adopted a golf green shirt as a unform
  • They meet every Sunday night
  • Most of the youth have earned the Youth Ministries Bronze Award and the God and Life Award
  • Two recent Silver Award recipients
  • The Pastor conducted the Venturing Leadership Skills Course with the youth
  • The crew focuses on serving the community. Recently they helped organize a Tiger Cub Group
  • They have recently gone canoeing and horseback riding
rick newton crew advisor tidewater florida
Rick Newton – Crew AdvisorTidewater, Florida
  • Crew 520 was started in May 1999 when St. Simon’s on the Sound Episcopal Church was looking for something to help them sustain a youth group.
  • We began with five youth. Last Tuesday we sent our re-charter package in with 30 kids names on it, all with paid up dues and excited about Venturing. Two more kids showed up at our last meeting with friends, liked what they saw, and took joining paperwork home to their parents. I have youth from 5 different High Schools. We are busting at the seams.
  • Seven of our kids just started their high school-age Pope Pius XII Religious Award.
  • These kids like showing up in “safe” places in their green polo shirts, sitting as a crowd, and getting recognized.
  • Our youth group has gone windsurfing, scuba diving, mountain biking and horseback riding
  • We have great youth officers, all Seniors in High School that are now training the sophomores and juniors to take their places.
erik moeller st vincent de paul parish arlington texas
Erik Moeller – St. Vincent de Paul ParishArlington, Texas
  • May of 2000 created a Venturing crew at the Parish
  • It works as a subset of the existing high school-age youth group
  • We asked all the youth interested in outdoor activities if they wanted to be a part of an outdoor club
  • Our group is 50% male/female
  • Their favorite activity is the high and low ropes challenge courses
cascade pacific council portland oregon
Cascade Pacific CouncilPortland, Oregon
  • June 30 - 35% growth in youth, 18% growth inunits
  • Invited Pastors from inner-city community Churches to Scout Camp for Impact Event
  • 12 units organized from event
  • Council created field trips and quarterly events at council camps, they use COPE course
  • Pastors organized “Venturing for Faith”
  • Contact: Ralph Voelker 503-226-3423
venturing in bible based churches great potential
Venturing in Bible-based Churches = Great Potential
  • In a recent survey, 81% of Bible-based ministers said they have never seen a presentation on how Scouting can be used as a part of their youth ministry.
  • Less than four percent of Bible-based community Churches currently have Scouting units.
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions ???
  • How much ownership will my religious organization have if we start a Venturing crew with my high school age youth group?
  • What are the advantages of combining my religious organization’s youth group with Venturing?
  • How much does it cost to create a Venturing crew with my religious youth group?
  • Is a uniform required?
  • Where will we find leadership?
  • Will Venturing compete with my youth group?
  • How do we get started?

Boy Scout Troops

Venturing Crews

why should a troop consider a venturing crew
Why Should a Troop Consider a Venturing Crew?
  • The Venturing program complements the Boy Scout troop. It adds exciting new advancement and leadership opportunities for your older boys.
  • It allows flexibility, so boys can participate in both programs.
  • Venturing can help solve many of the Scoutmaster’s challenges.
  • It meets the wants and needs of 14 to 21 year old young men.
  • It provides a scouting program for daughters of scouting families.
scoutmaster challenges
Scoutmaster Challenges
  • Keeping 14 to 18 year old Boy Scouts “engaged” in the troop.
  • Challenging older Boy Scouts, while at the same time, trying to attract and retain younger Boy Scouts.
  • Competing with older Boy Scouts’ interests; cars, girls, high school.
  • Providing leadership/role model opportunities to all older Boy Scouts.
  • Giving younger Boy Scouts something to anticipate beyond the troop
  • Consistently offering exciting program.
national bsa statistics
National BSA Statistics
  • Average Boy Scout is 14 years and 1 month old
  • Average Eagle Scout is 16 years and 2 months old
  • Average Boy Scout attendance at summer camp is 2.8 years
male venturers may continue to work toward eagle
Male Venturers May ContinueTo Work Toward Eagle
  • Must be at least a First Class earned as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout.
  • Requirements remain the same.
  • Board of review can be conducted by the troop or crew.
  • If registered in both the troop and crew, can receive multiple credit for many Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger requirements.
  • May use crew leadership positions and participation.
what does venturing offer older boy scouts in your troop
New advancement opportunities for boys interested in progressing beyond Eagle.

New, exciting awards and recognition for boys out of the advancement loop.

Activities with boys and girls their own age.

New leadership skills training for all members.

Venturers give leadership to the troop through the Ranger program, etc.

What Does Venturing Offer Older Boy Scouts In Your Troop?
venturing s teaching philosophy four levels of learning
Venturing’s Teaching PhilosophyFour Levels of Learning
  • Level I - You read it.
  • Level II - Someone teaches it to you.
  • Level III - You experience it.
  • Level IV - You teach it to someone else.

We retain 85% of what we learn when we teach it to someone else.

Venturing advancement requires Level IV.

how does a troop and a crew work together
How Does a Troop and a Crew Work Together?
  • Scouts ages 14 to 18 and adult leaders can be members of both units; primary registration in the troop and multiple in the crew.
  • The crew meets separately from the troop twice each month and has occasional activities with the troop and many on their own.
  • Venturers in the troop, (especially troop leaders) are expected to participate in both units.
  • Venturers teach and provide program.
  • Recruit an Assistant Scoutmaster or committee member to serve as Crew Advisor.
  • Utilize existing merit badge counselors as consultants for the Ranger Award.
  • Utilize troop advancement chair to help conduct crew reviews for the Gold and Silver Awards.
  • Venturers can wear distinctive uniforming and maintain the same unit #.
  • Younger Boy Scouts think of the crew as extension of the troop.

From a Troop...

“My first discussions with young men of venture patrol-age in our troop yielded enthusiasm from a few. We advertised in our church and through word of mouth and got several young women attending our first open house, and then joining the crew. The coed dynamics and the viewpoint of young women who have not been in Boy Scouting, makes it very clear to me that the Venturing crew is not just Scouting for older Boy Scouts. We’re a new crew and still having growing pains with youth leadership and youth planning, but the crew is launched. The best is yet to come.” Dave Trump, Advisor, Crew 893, Centreville, VA

14 to 18 year old boys want
14 to 18 Year Old Boys Want:
  • Challenging physical activities with boys their own age.
  • Recognition of their “older” status.
  • Activities with girls.
  • Control of their environment.
  • Independence.
  • To explore and experience their world.
  • A sense of belonging and acceptance from their peer group, inclusion in a “gang.”
14 to 18 year old boys need
14 to 18 Year Old Boys Need:
  • Consistent adults that “Walk their talk.”
  • Character and ethical education outside the classroom.
  • Positive adult role models, male and female.
  • Opportunities to become proficient at something.
  • Leadership opportunities.
kemblesville pennsylvania gary schroeder scoutmaster troop 62 advisor crew 62
Kemblesville, PennsylvaniaGary Schroeder-Scoutmaster, Troop 62Advisor – Crew 62
  • SM of troop with 75 boys
  • Normally boys get Eagle and disappear
  • Took 4 years to get a youth-run troop, with new Crew it happened on the first camp-out
  • Older boys wanted more challenge, they asked SM to help them start a crew. Crew began June 2001 with 26 members, 13 girls, all Juniors in High School.
  • How Crew has strengthened Troop 62:
    • 1.Keeps older boys semi-active vs inactive
    • 2.Boys are energized to do Eagle Projects
    • 3.Boys get seal of approval from girls
    • 4.Gives 14-15 year olds something to anticipate
michael brown crew 1838
Michael Brown - Crew 1838
  • “Adults need to understand what we are here for. We are here for the boys, not the other way around. The Troops exist FOR the boys, not the other way around. If the troop does not have a program that interests the older boys, why deny them the chance to go to a program that will interest them? “
  • “As a Scoutmaster I understood the reasons for having both the programs and that the troop could not do the same job for older boys as either Venturing or Sea Scouting.”
  • e-mail received on 9-27-00
ankeny iowa jeff verhelst advisor of crew 869
Ankeny, IowaJeff VerHelst - Advisor of Crew 869
  • Crew started with five Venturers in 1998 and now has 30.
  • Most members are college students.
  • Crew 869 was asked to operate and staff the district camporee.
  • They created a blue activity shirt with a small Venturing logo in front and a large design on the back. They wear the recommended spruce-green shirt for formal occasions.
  • They attended the Boundary Waters High Adventure Base in summer 2000.
greensboro nc wes reid assistant scoutmaster troop 214 member of church that charters crew
Greensboro, NCWes Reid- Assistant Scoutmaster-Troop214Member of Church that Charters Crew
  • We noticed that older boys were losing interest.
  • Most of our campouts catered to the new scouts, ages 11-12.
  • Older Boy Scouts were looking for more exciting adventure.
  • In our church chartered troop, boys 14 and above who are 1st class scouts are eligible to join the crew.
  • They continue to work toward Eagle and pursue high adventure.
  • We look at Scouting as part of our church ministry. Having girls in our crew allows us to provide a total ministry
alexandria virginia cooper wright advisor
Alexandria, VirginiaCooper Wright- Advisor

“Our crew continues to grow. We recently awarded our fourth Eagle this year, and have already presented two Bronze awards and one Gold award. I expect that we will award two more Bronzes, three more Golds, one Silver and one Ranger in January. During November, the crew participated in Scouting for Food and sorted 9,000 lbs. of food.

This weekend, we will hold our Venturing Leadership Skills Course at a nearby youth hostel. We have augmented the course material with items from ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.’ I can’t wait to go back to Philmont with a co-ed crew. Right now it looks like the crew leader will be a young woman who is well on her way to earning the Venturing Silver and Girl Scout Gold awards.”

lincoln nebraska marge klein associate advisor crew 316
Lincoln, NebraskaMarge Klein, Associate Advisor, Crew 316

“Crew 316 started in October 1998. We have 15 boys and 6 girls.

We have a list of 13 year old boys and girls wanting to join our crew when they get old enough.

Our crew rule for Boy Scouts wishing to join is they must maintain registration and leadership in our troop. Twelve of our boys earned Eagle in January 2000.

Since we started our crew, we explored caves with the University of Missouri caving club, went rappelling with the University of Nebraska climbing club, did whitewater rafting, snow skiing, and scuba diving.

Our boys sit down with the girls when they join and teach them “basic scouting” from the Boy Scout Handbook.

We have made presentations for the Ranger program to packs, troops, Girl Scout Troops, and at roundtables.”

hartford connecticut michael sobol advisor of crew 57
Hartford, ConnecticutMichael Sobol, Advisor of Crew 57
  • “I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 57. My 18 year old son approached me about organizing a Venturing crew. Apparently he had been down to the council service center and picked up some information about Venturing. He handed me a new unit application and seven completed youth applications.
  • I agreed to be the Advisor of a new Crew 57. My son wants to earn everything Venturing has created. He had already earned everything Boy Scouting had to offer.
  • His girlfriend also joined the crew. My crew consists of 7 boys and one girl currently.
  • My Venturers have been teaching the Ranger skills to the troop. It has benefited both the troop and the crew.”
girls just want to have fun
Girls just want to have fun…
  • Female Venturers successfully participate in all high adventure activities (60 mile bike rides, backpacking, Mile Swim in the Pacific Ocean, and winter snowboarding.
  • Venturers, male and female, assist the troop’s Leadership Corps in preparing and teaching the younger boys.
  • The crew provides older scouts (who otherwise become disinterested in scouting at the age of driving and dating) with a program that retains their interest by allowing them to pursue higher adventure with female peers and friends. Co-education fosters mature, responsible and respectful relationships.
  • C.T. Zacharczuk, Advisor- Crew 3712, Van Nuys, CA
what are venturers saying
What Are Venturers Saying?
  • Sean Luther - 17 year old in Crew 28 and Troop 28, Pittsburgh, PA. serves as Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 28 and Crew President in Crew 28. Sean believes that the leadership skills learned in Venturing have helped him be a better Senior Patrol Leader. Venturing has also provided new experiences that he would not have experienced if he was only in the troop.
  • Adrian Johnson - 16 year old in Crew 414, Philadelphia, PA Before joining Venturing she was thinking about joining the Air Force after high school. She has served as a leader in Venturing for the past 12 months. She believes that the leadership skills learned in Venturing and the increased confidence gained has helped her set new goals. She has now applied to the Air Force Academy.
north olmsted ohio erica sheehan venturer secretary crew 630
North Olmsted, OhioErica Sheehan, Venturer, Secretary, Crew 630

“My crew has been in existence for about a year and I can honestly tell you it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

I am the sister of a Star Scout and have been surrounded by Scouting’s morals and values for years.

On our first campout in March it went down to 10 degrees. We learned from experience how to pack for winter camping.

In June we went on our first ten mile canoe trip, we had a blast.

In all our outdoor activities I have learned how important it is to work together and that if there is one person not working to their ability the rest of the crew can’t function to it’s potential.

The COPE experience was THE bonding experience of my life and I was on a natural high for days.

We’re all now motivated to work as hard as possible in everything we do, in Venturing, at home or in school.”

fullerton california amanda delaney and christina canino crew 214
Fullerton, CaliforniaAmanda Delaney and Christina Canino, Crew 214
  • Crew 214 was organized in June of 1998, it has 15 boys and 15 girls, chartered to a Presbyterian Church in Fullerton, California.
  • Activities include backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and COPE.
  • Our members adopted the spruce green shirt as our formal uniform. We designated a navy blue t-shirt with our own logo as an activity uniform.
  • “We’re all like brothers and sisters, we trust each other.”
  • “We set our own rules; no boy/girl buddy system, go in threes in mixed company.”
  • “Venturing is more than we expected.”
  • “The guys have seen me on campouts without my makeup on and they still like me.”
frequently asked questions1
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can a Venturer earn Eagle?
  • Does a Venturer who is working on Eagle have to be multiply registered?
  • Why is silver higher than gold?
  • What is Venturing’s official uniform?
  • Where can I get a shirt like that?
  • Where do I find advancement requirements?
  • What is the difference between Venture and Venturing?
  • How do we get Venturing started in my area?
  • Can a Venturer get past credit and multiple credit?
  • How do I get a copy of this presentation?
contact us
Contact Us
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