sap business suite powered by sap hana target sap business suite install base tele campaign n.
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SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Target: SAP Business Suite Install Base Tele Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Target: SAP Business Suite Install Base Tele Campaign

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Target: SAP Business Suite Install Base Tele Campaign

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SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Target: SAP Business Suite Install Base Tele Campaign

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  1. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANATarget: SAP Business Suite Install BaseTele Campaign

  2. How To Use This Document • This document serves as a guideline for Inside Sales and Partners, providing all information necessary for a meaningful customer conversation in regards to the introduction of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. • The assumption for this ramp up phase is that the existing installed base customers contacted currently have the SAP ERP 6.0 license but have not been informed about the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA launch. This should be there 1st contact in regards to this product launch. • In the event that the respective customer has been contacted already in regards to the launch, please adjust the script accordingly: • Make sure the customer fully understands the benefits for their business of moving their current database of Business Suite Applications like ERP to SAP HANA • Find out if the respective customer has already opted-in for one of the key offers (Engagement Workshop, Acceleration Report) • Discuss further their willingness to serve as a ramp up customer

  3. Objectives of the Callers and Offers • What do we expect of our callers? • To understand the business and IT value of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA with the goal of agreeing to engage with SAP in a migration evaluation to quantify the value that moving their current database to SAP HANA can bring to their business . • We want our Business Suite customers to understand that SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA: • Unifies for the first time analytics and transactions into a single, next generation in-memory platform: SAP HANA • Enables to drive their business in real-time with smarter business innovations, faster business processes and simpler business interactions for unprecedented business value. • Is non-disruptive and helps customers maximize the value of their current SAP investments • What offers or assets are we expecting the callers to leverage to gain the objectives? • Video Animation, Engagement Workshop, Acceleration Report • What is the nurture strategy for this campaign? Follow-up conversation and on-site visits (Engagement Workshop offer) with interested customers to look more deeply into the value of a migration to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA • What is the Primary Offer that engages the company directly with SAP, and what is its value to the prospect? Please see next two slides, explanation about how to access the acceleration report to follow. • How should the callers leverage this offer or offers, should they lead with it, utilize it after they discuss pain points or value of the product? Utilize it after very brief introduction of Suite on HANA.

  4. Business scenario recommendations for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Systematic approach to drive demand generation on SAP Installed Base • What is the Business scenario recommendations for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA? • Report (free of charge) that provides SAP customers with a tailored recommendation on SAP Business Suite Optimization / Value Scenarios powered by SAP HANA based on current customer production usage data • Report addresses most pressing HANA questions for SAP customer (which scenarios apply to my landscape, current performance relevance, benefits, test drive / demos, technical realization / technical requirements, Implementation tools and/or services) in one simple source • Report is mainly use for demand generation and can be used as basis for initial SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA discussion / Road mapping between SAP and Customer • Report can be used by SAP Customer IT Department (iPad/Laptop/Printout) to show case the benefits of adopting Suite on HANA to their Line of Businesses Order Information:

  5. SAP Suite on HANA Engagement Workshop Goals and Objectives • Leverage a structured approach to determine steps necessary for successful planning and delivery of SAP Suite on HANA • Work with key stakeholders to identify goals and challenges and determine an engagement model that meets expectations across the needs of the organization • Develop a high level engagement roadmap that addresses best practices to putting a Suite on HANA delivery program into place • Work with key stakeholders in IT and the business to review findings and ensure alignment for next step action items Inputs / Dependencies Deliverables Duration • Return on Investment Analysis • Current State of Technical Architecture • Understanding of Business Use Cases • Understanding of current IT initiatives and/or other dependencies to planning a solution • Roadmap / Solution Planning • Services Engagement Model (resources, workday effort, timeframes, cost, etc) • Program Structure for Suite on HANA (change management, blend with internal resources, project management, etc.) • TBD

  6. SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANAValue Proposition • Smarter Business Innovations • Faster Business Processes • Simpler Business Interactions • 1 • 2 • 3

  7. Unlock New Growth Opportunities Enable market differentiation by inventing business models INSIGHT-DRIVEN MARKETING Increase Market Share Transform business processes as needed with embedded intelligence into transactions WORKING CAPITAL OPTIMIZATION Amplify Top-Line Growth Make smarter decisions with predictive analysis and simulation on “Big Data” Insight-DRIVEN SERVICE Improve Customer Satisfaction Smarter Business Innovations

  8. Drive Your Business at Market Speed Discover new opportunities with powerful insightsgleaned from all data CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION Open NewRevenue Streams Speed up core business processes with the best performing suite FINANCIAL CLOSE Reduce Cost of Operations React more quickly and precisely to changes with “real” real-time information Real-Time MRP Provide Superior Customer Service Faster Business Processes

  9. Empower People to Decide and Act Simplify businessprocesses with immediate insight to action RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT ImproveEffectiveness Interact in real time viauser driven experience MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE OPTIMIZATION Increase Asset Utilization Simplify IT by bringing together analytics and transactions OPERATIONAL REPORTING Maximize Employee Productivity Simpler Business Interactions

  10. The Field and the Solution • Describe for the ISE’s how the field is positioning/selling this solution. - SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is considered one of the most important launch in SAP’s history that will play a key role in driving SAP’s software and services revenue growth. - It enables our current customers to derive new business value, without disruption (e.g. no upgrade) on an open, next generation platform – this is what makes the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA a very compelling offering for our install base customers. - It also opens the door for our customers and partners to take advantage of SAP HANA by adding game-changing innovations that can extend the value of the SAP Business Suite. - Our sales force will leverage this offering to enter into strategic discussions with our customers to demonstrate specific value propositions of migrating to SAP HANA and chart our innovation roadmap. • What strategies are they utilizing that are successful? Current strategy for SAP HANA is High Touch 1:1 meetings typically top-down SAP Executive and Customer Executive meetings. For Suite on HANA this same strategy can be extended by leveraging SAP HANA workshop offer. For customers not yet ready to engage in a workshop position the HANA acceleration report. • What is the average size of deals? Average deal size for Suite powered by HANA could be expected at 250K EURO

  11. Probing Questions & Answers

  12. Call Guide • Hi, this is __________ from PARTNER may I speak with _______________. Hello Mr/Mrs/Miss __________ I’m calling you because I understand that your organization uses SAP Business Suite applications such as SAP ERP. You may have heard about SAP HANA, SAP’s next-generation in-memory platform that has revolutionized the database technology. New technologies like in-memory and mobile are opening new avenues to completely reshape your industry by driving your business in real-time. This is why the SAP Business Suite is now powered by SAP HANA, the next generation platform. With SAP HANA, SAP provides the most modern suite of applications unifying analytics and transactions into a single in-memory platform. The result ? You can leverage the suite to rethink your business processes as needed with embedded intelligence into your transactions, make more relevant business decisions with advanced analysis like predictive or simply invent business models not possible before. The suite can now also allow real-time planning, execution, reporting and analysis across your end-to-end business processes. And business users can get a unified – at finger tip – 360° views of real-time information - on many devices - across all your SAP Business Suite applications and even beyond like information from sensors and social media. Now you can discover hidden business opportunities for new competitive advantages, respond in real-time to changes in demand for higher market responsiveness, deliver personalized offers in real-time for higher customer experience and empower people at your company to engage anywhere, anytime with real-time business insights. With the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, you can have smarter business innovations, faster business processes and simpler business interactions for unprecedented business value – and all without disruption. • If you can answer a few questions we can quickly determine if your company can benefit from this latest offering from SAP. • Ask Probing Questions to uncover interest in SAP Business Suite powered by HANA or any other HANA scenario (See probing questions slide) • After hearing your challenges around your current environment, I believe that your company would greatly benefit from learning more about Business Suite powered by HANA. As a next step let me send you more information on SAP Business Suite powered by HANA and get our Account team involved to explore this further.

  13. Business Suite powered by HANA Sales ScenarioIssue detection and opportunity awareness • Target Customer • CP and Manufacturing Industries • SAP Business Suite customers • Specially relevant to companies dealing with large volumes of data (B2C, B2B2C) • Target Audience: • Office of CIO • COO • LoBs: Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics • Supply Chain, HR, R&D • Head of Sales, Service and Marketing (specifically regarding SAP CRM powered by HANA) • Database and Enterprise Architects • Business Intelligence and Analytics functions • Target Customer Pain • Long-running online transactions and batch processes reduces responsiveness and frustrates employees and customers alike • Volume, variety and velocity of data makes it harder to get accurate and timely business insights (customer profile information, social sentiments, machine-to-machine data etc.) • Limitations to innovation due to complex and costly IT landscape (TCO) • Questions to uncover pain? • What are the top 3 business and IT challenges that you have because of the limitations of your current database? • Does your organization or business group have access to the right information at the right time to support analytics-driven decision making within your operational or enterprise applications? • How critical is it for you and your organization to have access to the right information at the right time to support your decision making requirements? •  In your view what are the most important emerging technology trends that can impact the most your business strategy? • Which changes or improvements would you expect to have the most positive impact on your organization or business unit (both business and IT)? • Sales messaging • Smarter business innovations • Faster business processes • Simpler business interactions • Differentiators • Protects investments while delivering new business and IT value • Allows innovation without disruption • Unifies transactions and analytics into a single, next generation platform • Provides an open platform for innovations • Delivers industry best practices • Key Features • User-Driven Experience • 23 business scenarios optimized (see appendix for the processes listed by functional area) • Real-time planning, execution, analytics and reporting across end-to-end business processes • New Analytics Foundation and Apps • Solution components • SAP HANA platform • SAP Business Suite applications • References: • Refer to Suite/HANA Customer Success deck • Work with Reference Team to organize a reference call

  14. Assets/Offers Sheet

  15. Appendix

  16. 24 Business Value Scenarios

  17. Fast Financial Close • Current Situation • Long running process with multiple steps to complete • Limited transparency without any ability to manage a central financial close • Required to support parallel financial reporting standards & simulate scenarios Key Innovations • Automatic reconciliation with automated real-time matching • Single repository for company and corporate data • Deeper and faster insight down to the lowest level of detail Business Process Transformation • Real-time end-to-end financial close • Common view across financials and logistics • Comprehensive simulation of org changes and alternate accounting methods • Minimizetime to close the books Enhancecompliance and accuracy Reducecost of finance

  18. Real-Time Financial Performance Management • Current Situation • Long performance management cycles with complex consolidation landscapes • Inefficiencies due to multiple disruptions between planning and closing • Need for adapting quickly finance and business operations to changes Key Innovations • Real-time simulations of planning and costing scenarios • No latency through heterogeneous consolidation landscapes and quasi-instant response times (even with large number of very complex calculations) • Real-time enterprise profitability with large volumes of item-level data Business Process Transformation • Integrated planning for new and customer-defined scenarios • Real-time closing activities • Real-time modeling and simulation of product costing Improveservice level performance Reduce month-end closing time Minimize operating costs

  19. Efficient Receivables Management • Current Situation • Cash tied-up in high days sales outstanding or bad debt write-offs • Significant manual efforts for assigning incoming payments to open invoices • Need to handle high volumes of invoices (with value of each one decreasing) Key Innovations • Real-time access and handling of complex payment data embedded into working capital dashboards • Instant response times for reporting and improved unstructured search functionality • Real-time insight on open invoices provided to sales teams on any device Business Process Transformation • Real-time receivables management • Accelerated collections and payment processing • Push of exceptions to mobile devices Optimize working capital Minimize bad debt write-offs Reducedays sales outstanding

  20. Efficient Payables Management • Current Situation • High cost per invoice due to large amounts of tasks • Expensive and error prone manual process steps • Need to improve compliance and audit turn-around time Key Innovations • Immediate insights into account payables and days payables outstanding • Real-time access to comprehensive purchasing reports • Transparency about selection criteria allowing payment of dedicated items Business Process Transformation • Joined view of all data for clerks to make right decisions on payment matching • Real-time insight into vendor open receipts for scheduling payment runs • Flexible and automated payment in real-time Decreasedays payables outstanding Optimize working capital Reduce lost supplier discounts

  21. Central Treasury Exposure Management • Current Situation • No single source of truth for exposure determination resulting in higher financial risks • Limitations for quickly reacting to financial exposures • Need for better transparency into financial data Key Innovations • Central integration platform at headquarter level • Inclusion of real-time market data • Flexible aggregation and slice and dice of real-time data Business Process Transformation • Global financial risk management • Central control with complete traceability of business events for external auditing • Starting point for improved decision-making based on new analytics Increasetransparency Optimize working capital Manage counterparty and bank-specific credit risk

  22. Access Control Role Analytics • Current Situation • High and fast increase of unused and orphaned roles • Long process for identifying unused roles resulting in higher risk of non-compliance with corporate rules • Each active ERP role requiring US$4,000 each year for maintenance Key Innovations • Real-time analysis of role usage • Faster identification of similarities between roles • Ability to combine role data coming from different sources (e.g. HR) Business Process Transformation • Real-time insight into role usage • Deep insight into roles for uncovering any potential risk for the organization • Real-time analysis for optimizing and/or consolidating existing roles Reduceunused/orphaned roles Consolidatemost-frequently used (active) roles Reducecost of non-compliance 1 XXX mention source

  23. Automated Cross-System Process Control • Current Situation • Challenge of cross-systems for compliance monitoring • High volumes of data often restricting monitoring to short test periods • Inability to build complex business rules to achieve accurate results Key Innovations • One single platform for consolidating information from various systems • Fast handling of large volumes of data • Ability for users to create business rules whenever required Business Process Transformation • Centralized testing and monitoring of processes across the organization • More complex business rules for automated testing and control monitoring • Faster reporting for better compliance and process efficiency Increaseperformance of control testing and monitoring Detectcorrect or mitigate risks Reducecost of non-compliance

  24. Optimized Quote Management • Current Situation • High volumes of diverse customer/individual data to handle • Long and complex process requiring fast and precise response to customer • Better informed customers requiring to get more contextual information and deliver more personalized recommendations Key Innovations • In-time, fast access and assembly of quote-relevant data from diverse sources • Faster transaction search capabilities within quote capturing process • New insights gleaned from historical/actual data (e.g. predictive, social) Business Process Transformation • Consolidation of customer/individual data from diverse categories in one quote • Accelerated overall quote management process • Smarter, context-based recommendations/forecasts of historical/actual data Improvequote-to-order conversion rate Increase customer satisfaction and retention Shortensales cycle

  25. Insight-Driven Sales • Current Situation • Minimal insight into buying preferences of customers in social data context • Difficulty to distinguish profitable customers from customer pool • Inability to identify gaps in sales pipeline leading to missed targets Key Innovations • Real-time access and assembly of all data including social/sales data • Real-time view of company-wide pipeline with unlimited drill-down capabilities • Faster transaction search capabilities Business Process Transformation • Real-time analysis of big data to better understand buying patterns • Easy identification of profitable customers with account intelligence analytics • Complete transparency into sales pipeline based on real-time information Increaseprofitability Decrease cost of sales through balanced territories Improveoffer win rate

  26. Insight-Driven Marketing • Current Situation • No true 360° view of the customer because of different data sources • Data explosion driven by a new level of consumer connectivity via mobile devices and social networks • Need to capture market opportunities as they occur and respond quickly to demand Key Innovations • One central place for collecting all customer data from various sources • Flexibility to slice and dice un-aggregated data • New analytical, data mining capabilities on big data (social media, predictive) Business Process Transformation • Near real-time monitoring and reporting on marketing performance • Rule-based and event triggered marketing automation to orchestrate in- and outbound activities in waves • Precision marketing to personalize every interaction with the customer Improveprofitability Optimize return on marketing investments Deliversuperior customer experience

  27. Efficient Contact Center • Current Situation • High volume of customer records and interactions resulting in increased search times and greater difficulty locating specific customer records • When responding to social media queries, service reps struggle to get all relevant customer information leading to inefficiency and dissatisfaction • Customers demand consistent service across channels Key Innovations • Real-time access and assembly of disparate data • Lightning fast “Google-like” customer search • Faster routing of high volume inbound communications Business Process Transformation • Quickly identify customers and get a complete 360 degree view in real-time • Route all inbound communications to the best resource • State of the art transaction automation driven by real-time speech analytics Decreaseaverage handling time (AHT) • Increasefirst-call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) • Reduceservice cost

  28. Insight-Driven Service • Current Situation • Difficult to analyze large volumes of operational service data to identify root causes of product failure and potential fraudulent warranty claims • Need to combine real-time information from the field and connected assets with statistical analysis of historical data to allow smarter decisions • Need for real-time monitoring of product usage and predictive analysis to support new service business models Key Innovations • Fast access and analysis of real-time service data from different sources • Predictive analysis on sensor data from connected assets and equipments • Real-time monitoring of service operations, service levels, field resource utilization Business Process Transformation • New business models leveraging machine data from sold devices • Real-time rescheduling of field resources • Early information about potential product failures Improveservice-level compliance Createnew service offerings Increasecustomer satisfaction

  29. Real-Time Inventory Management • Current Situation • No up-to-date view of the inventory situation • Time-consuming inventory management reporting • Need for accurate display of actual stock to react quickly to stock shortfall Key Innovations • Real-time access to complex inventory management data • High-performance inventory management with large volumes of documents • New analytical inventory management cockpit Business Process Transformation • Real-time stock insight and inventory monitoring • Higher process efficiency in adjacent procurement processes • Provision of a new analytical monitor for inventory management Reduceinventory levels Minimizeout of stocks Optimizeworking capital

  30. Efficient Procurement • Current Situation • Slow and costly paper-based processes • High transaction costs • Frequent errors and maverick spend Key Innovations • Real-time access to high volumes of procurement documents • New configuration options for procurement analysis • Modern and easy-to-consume user-interface Business Process Transformation • Real-time insight and easy to manipulate information • Accelerated long lasting processing of purchasing documents • Complete visibility into end-to-end procurement activities Increasetransparency Lowerprocurement operations cost Increaseprocess effectiveness

  31. Strategic Purchase Optimization • Current Situation • Lack of visibility into organization-wide demand • High volume of maverick buying • Need for greater efficiencies and savings from purchasing Key Innovations • Real-time access to high volumes of purchasing data • Fast and complete search across all related business documents • Real-time calculation of savings and simulations Business Process Transformation • Comprehensive, complete and real-time working environment for purchasers • Cross-company wide search for all purchasing business documents • Early contract negotiation with deep insight into sales planning, sales orders Increaseprocess efficiency Optimizeworking capital

  32. Insight-Driven Supply Chain Planning • Current Situation • No ad-hoc operational reporting on top of SAP APO today • Time consuming data loads in traditional reporting tools • Need for near real-time information Key Innovations • Near real-time reporting / analytics on SAP APO data • Out of the box operational reporting • Pre-defined dashboards for different use cases (analytical workflows) for SAP APO based planning scenarios Business Process Transformation • Decision support based on near real information (e.g. forecast accuracy, stock coverage, supply projection) • Accelerate reporting on large volumes of supply chain planning data • Possibility for business users to create ad-hoc reports as and when required • Reduce supply chain costs Optimizeinventory levels • Increasecustomer service level

  33. Maximized Asset Utilization and Uptime • Current Situation • High number of maintenance plans which need to be scheduled frequently • Maintenance scheduling consumes a great deal of time • Potentially missing necessary objects for maintenance calls Key Innovations • Faster response times leads to more accurate maintenance scheduling • Real-time analytics on all data including machine sensor information • Accelerated mass transactions Business Process Transformation • Planning several times a day (instead of once a week) results in up-to-date scheduling information in maintenance operations • Schedule all existing maintenance plans within a specific timeframe • Instant analysis on top of transactions Increaseasset utilization and reduce unplanned asset downtime Maximizeasset uptime Up-to-Datescheduling information on maintenance operations

  34. Accelerated Organizational Changes Publishing • Current Situation • Inability to quickly evaluate structural paths and changes to hierarchies • Poor performance and inaccurate results Key Innovations • Execute the hierarchy traversal algorithm on the in-memory database • Accelerated evaluation of structural authorizations and organization Business Process Transformation • Push down evaluation of structural authorizations as well as all structural evaluations to SAP HANA • Hierarchical structures based on HCM Organizational Management or cost center in reporting and analysis without degrading performance Increaseperformance in reporting, analytics, and planning Improveperformance of mass change processing

  35. Insight-Driven Workforce Cost Management • Current Situation • Simple reporting taking hours and sometimes days • Inability to detect issues and deviations on-time • Need to quickly provide input for decision making and business outcome Key Innovations • Rapid trend identification and drill-to-detail for proper root cause identification • Analytical models with predefined content • Accelerated evaluation of organizational structures Business Process Transformation • More efficient payroll exception handling based on real time data • Real-time analysis and reporting for core HR functions • Hierarchical structures based on HCM Organizational Management or cost center in reporting and analysis Reducetime and costs of payroll processing and reporting Increase focus on business operations and staffing and deliver customer support and satisfaction

  36. Real-Time Material Planning • Current Situation • Decisions often based on periodic Material Requirement Planning (MRP) runs and outdated information • Inability to re-plan quickly if conditions change due to long run times • No holistic production planning across all relevant production sites Key Innovations • 50% reduction in MRP runtime with high-speed reads • Increased usage of stored procedures to accelerate calculations such as Stock Requirements List and where used lists • Rapid BOM Explosion with stored procedures and fast read Business Process Transformation • Faster re-planning allowing more frequent MRP runs in shorter cycles • Simulation of different ‘what if’ scenarios in real-time • Global cross-plant planning Reduceout of stocks Decreaseinventory and safety stocks Limitbullwhip-effect

  37. Instant Material Flow Control • Current Situation • Decisions in production planning and purchasing often based on outdated information and long batch-runs • Analyzing MRP lists is based on outdated information available on paper • Problems in material flow remain undetected or detected too late Key Innovations • High-speed read access slashes runtime of read-intensive reports • Increased usage of stored procedures to accelerate calculations such as Stock Requirements List and where used lists • Real-time access to large volumes of data Business Process Transformation • Early identification of critical materials • Feasibility check of production orders made on the fly for better production order sequences • Exception handling based on real time data and available on mobile devices Reduceinventory and safety stocks Improvematerial flow reducing lead-times Enhancesupplier collaboration

  38. End-to-End Engineer to Order Project Management • Current Situation • Long wait times hinder project execution • Time consuming maintenance and analysis of data for complex projects • Inability to monitor and analyze all aspects of large projects Key Innovations • Improve run time of critical project management transactions • Real-time access to large volumes of data • On the fly analysis and calculation Business Process Transformation • Faster maintenance, monitoring and analysis of large projects and programs • Complete progress monitoring along the project lifecycle • Combined analysis of financials and logistics data Increaseefficiency Decreaselead time from development to delivery of product Reducecosts for claims and problem-solving

  39. Maximized Productivity and Profitability For Complex Projects • Current Situation • Time consuming project analysis and progress monitoring due to high volume of data for complex long-lasting projects • Deviations in costs, time, resources, or quality detected too late in the process • Inability to monitor all aspects of a project Key Innovations • Improved run time of Harry • Real-time access to large volumes of data • On the fly analysis and calculation Business Process Transformation • Faster maintenance, monitoring, and analysis of large projects and programs • Complete progress monitoring along the project lifecycle • Combined analysis of financials and logistics data Increaseefficiency Decreaselead time from development to delivery of product Reducecosts for claims and problem-solving

  40. Innovation Driven Enterprise Innovation like never before -- SMARTER • Predict, identify and unlock new growth opportunities early to gain competitive advantage • Innovate and transform your business processes instantly with complete, accurate and real-time insight • Solve a new class of business problems and invent new business models with purpose built HANA solutions (e.g. context aware customer interactions) • Minimize your risk and make smarter decisions with predictive analysis and “Big Data” simulations Key Business Benefits: 1- Amplify Top-Line Growth 2- Increase Market Share 3- Minimize Risk

  41. Data Driven Enterprise Insight like never before -- FASTER • Harness the power of “Big Data” in real-time and instantly predict and respond to changing market dynamics to drive your business at “market speed” • Deep and powerful insight based on transactional information, operational analytics and social media sentiments • Faster core processes with SAP HANA in memory computing – eliminating long running transactionsand need for batch-jobs. • Predict and React more quickly and more accurately to changing market conditions Key Business Benefits: 1- Increase Customer Satisfaction 2- Open New Revenue Streams 3- Minimize Operational Costs

  42. People Driven Enterprise Agility like never before -- SIMPLER • Empower people to decide and act in the business moment and boost productivity • Simplify decision making through real-time and predictive analytics delivered directly through the transactional system • Increase user adoption through state-of-the-art User Experience and performance delivered on any device, anywhere • Simplify and shorten implementation time to quickly deliver business Key Business Benefits: 1- Increase User Adoption 2- Improve Effectiveness 3- Reduce TCO