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  1. Dinosaurs! The majority of this presentation comes from Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis. www.answersingenesis.org

  2. PreHistory • What are some prehistoric animals? • Tyrannosaurus Rex • Triceratops • Apatosaurus (formerly Brontosaurus) • Diplodocus • Velociraptor • Pterodactyl

  3. PreHistory Wrong!

  4. PreHistory • There’s no such thing as a prehistoric animal! • There is no such thing as prehistory! • History began when it started being recorded, and as Christians, we believe it was recorded from the beginning. How can there be anything before the beginning?

  5. What does the World say • Big Bang, Sun, hot molten blob, earth condenses out, cools down, water appears, millions of years, chemicals turn into living systems, then through a long progression, one kind of animal changes into another, apes form into people, and over millions of years, the history of life gets recorded in the fossil record.

  6. Millions of Years BUT… There is no such thing as millions of years!

  7. Review • From the “Facts and Fossils” lesson • We all have the same facts and the same science. • All facts must be interpreted. • Fossils don’t come with date tags. • Creationists differ from Evolutionists in their view of History; how we tie the facts together into an overall big picture.

  8. What does the Bible say? • It is the Word of God, who knows everything about everything. • If it really is the Word of God, we’ll be able to build our thinking on it and make sense of the world. • You’re going to see that it does make sense, and that it fits with REAL science. • It’s the Bible you can trust.

  9. What does the Bible say? • We shouldn’t use evidence to try to prove the Bible is true, instead… • We should use the Bible as a History book to build our thinking to understand the evidence.

  10. What does the Bible say? • Sometimes people will say, “Don’t tell me what the Bible says. Give me some evidence of your beliefs.” • The problem with such a challenge is that they’re asking you to drop your presuppositions.

  11. What does the Bible say? • If you remove the Bible from the discussion, you no longer have a basis for your history! • Remember, our beliefs only differ from evolutionists in our history.

  12. What does the Bible say? • Asking you to remove the Bible from the discussion would be like us asking them to remove millions of years from the discussion. • If you remove the Bible, you’re removing your presuppositions, your history — but you’re letting them keep theirs. • Your goal is to get them to look at the facts through Biblical glasses.

  13. What does the Bible say? Let’s use the Bible as our basis to look at the facts.

  14. Where do Dinosaurs Fit? “How do you fit dinosaurs into the Bible?” Wrong question. • You don’t take things and “fit” them into the Bible, you use the Bible as history, it will make sense, and the facts will fit. • Since the Bible is real history it will make sense of the real world.

  15. Where do Dinosaurs Fit? Let’s put on Biblical glasses and look at dinosaurs: • When did God create dinosaurs? • God made everything in six days • He made land animals on day six • Therefore, dinosaurs were made on day six

  16. Where do Dinosaurs Fit? “But that means dinosaurs lived with people!” Yes, dinosaurs lived with people.

  17. Dinosaurs in the Bible? “But the word Dinosaur is not in the Bible!” Neither is the word e-mail. E-mail is a modern word. Dinosaur is a relatively modern word.

  18. Dinosaurs in the Bible? The word dinosaur was invented in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen, founder of the British Museum. The King James Bible was first translated in 1611. The version we see today is the 1789 edition.

  19. Dinosaurs in the Bible? What did people call dinosaurs before 1841? Dragons! You’ve heard of dragon legends. There are dragon legends from cultures all over the Earth. Ancient history books describe dragons in detail.

  20. Dinosaurs in the Bible? The Anglo Saxon Chronicles describe people living with dragons. These descriptions fit closely with dinosaurs. The Bible (King James Version) refers to Dragons. When you replace the word dragon with dinosaur, it fits nicely.

  21. Dinosaurs in the Bible? The phrase “great whales,” often seen in scripture, should really be translated “dragon” or “sea monster” (Genesis 1:21 and others) God created the dragons on the land and in the sea.

  22. Dinosaurs in the Bible? • Psalm 44:19 Thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons. • Psalm 91:13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet • Psalm 148:7 Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons… • Isaiah 13:22 …and dragons in their pleasant places… • Isaiah 27:1 …and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. • Isaiah 34:13 …and it shall be an habitation of dragons… • Jeremiah 9:11 …And I will make Jerusalem heaps, and a den of dragons… • Jeremiah 14:6 …he hath swallowed me up like a dragon • Ezekiel 29:3 …the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers • Micah 1:8 …I will make a wailing like the dragons…

  23. Dinosaurs in the Bible? “But those are all from the King James translation.” Two things to consider: • The Hebrew word [taninim] that the KJ translators translated as “dragon” means great monster. To them, a dragon was a great monster. • The KJ translators viewed the idea of a dragon as a non-mythical beast — only 400 years ago.

  24. Dinosaurs in the Bible? It’s sad that today’s modern translators have been too timid to use dinosaur in the place of dragon where “great monster” is appropriate. [Hebrew: taninim] Instead, modern translators limit their choice of words to creatures living today, even though the Bible is clear, many of these creatures are different from ones living today.

  25. Dinosaurs in the Bible? “But we didn’t discover dinosaurs until the 1800’s!” No, we didn’t re-discover dinosaurs until the 1800’s.

  26. Dinosaurs in the Bible? Leviathan … the dragon that is in the sea, Job 3:8; 41:1 and Psalms 74:14; 104:2 possibly a Mosasaur

  27. Dinosaurs in the Bible? Leviathan?

  28. Dinosaurs in the Bible? Flying Serpent Isaiah 30:6 Refers to “the fiery flying serpent” possibly a Pterosaur like the Ramphorynchus? Perhaps not, but the prophet certainly was not referring to a creature alive today. Nevertheless, it was a living creature when Isaiah referred to it.

  29. Dinosaurs in the Bible? Behemoth The word Behemoth in Job 40:15-19 means beast, but the form of the word used is a majestic plural, and means something more like “colossal beast.”

  30. Dinosaurs in the Bible? The description of Behemoth in Job 40:15-19 is likely some type of huge Sauropod.

  31. Dinosaurs Most people think all dinosaurs were BIG! Some were big, but the average size of dinosaur skeletons found across the Earth is the size of a sheep. Many were as small as chickens. We suspect some of them were big because they were old. Many reptiles keep growing after reaching the age of maturity.

  32. Dinosaurs “Wouldn’t it have been terrifying for Adam and his descendants to live with dinosaurs?” All animals were vegetarian in the Garden. We don’t know at what point some became carnivorous, but we know it was after sin.

  33. Dinosaurs “What about dinosaurs with sharp teeth? They are obviously meat eaters!” No, they obviously have sharp teeth. Many vegetarian animals have sharp teeth. Many animals that eat meat have not-so-sharp teeth.

  34. Dinosaurs Bears have sharp teeth, but they are mainly vegetarian. Several types of monkeys have very sharp teeth, but are vegetarians. Marine Iguanas of the Galapagos are ferocious looking, with razor sharp teeth, but do not attack other animals and are vegetarian.

  35. Dinosaurs So what happened? SIN Before sin, everything was very good. Yet there is evidence of cancer in dinosaur bones in the fossil record.

  36. Dinosaurs None of the fossil record could have existed before sin. The world degenerated. People were wicked. God judged sin and sent the flood.

  37. Noah’s Ark What was Noah’s Ark? A boat? NO! An Ark! A watertight box of safe-keeping. It was never intended to “sail” anyplace; only to keep its occupants safe.

  38. Noah’s Ark How big was it? It was 450 feet long (300 cubits) 75 feet wide (50 cubits) 45 feet high (30 cubits)

  39. Noah’s Ark How big was it?

  40. Noah’s Ark How big was it?

  41. Dinosaurs “How could Noah have gone out and found two of each animal?…” Noah didn’t have to go out and gather animals, God brought them to him. Only the air-breathing “nephesh” were on the ark.

  42. Dinosaurs “Weren’t the dinosaurs too big to fit on the ark?” What did we say the average size of a dinosaur was? Sheep Even the largest dinosaur was once hatched out of an egg no larger than a football.

  43. Noah’s Ark How big was the Ark, again?

  44. Noah’s Ark How big was it, again?

  45. Dinosaurs “But there are over six-hundred names of dinosaurs alone, times two…!” No, no, no, no. From two dogs, we get all varieties of dogs. Many dinosaur groups were really the same “kind” of animal. When you work it through there were probably fewer than 50 types of dinosaurs.

  46. Dinosaurs In all, there were probably around 16,000 individual animals on the ark. See “Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study: http://www.rae.org/noah.html

  47. Bathtub Arks When we represent Noah’s Ark like this… We join the world in mocking God’s Word.

  48. Bathtub Arks We’re teaching children that Noah’s Ark was a fairy tale. The world scoffs at those who believe in Noah’s Ark. Why?

  49. Noah’s Flood Noah’s flood was a Judgment of man’s wickedness. Man hates Noah’s flood.

  50. Noah’s Flood Man was told he had to go through a doorway to be saved. Man doesn’t want to have to go through a doorway to be saved.