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Change. If what we have seen in terms of change to our schools during the last few years is not enough to convince us that we as choral directors will be faced with a tremendous shift in the way we will look at our jobs. ……consider the following. Did you know?.

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If what we have seen in terms of change to our schools during the last few years is not enough to convince us that we as choral directors will be faced with a tremendous shift in the way we will look at our jobs ...

if you are one in a million in china

If you are one in a million in China,

…there are 1,300 people just like you.

In India, there are 1,100 people just like you.

the 25 of the population in china with the highest iqs

The 25% of the population in China with the highest IQs…

…is greater than the total population of North America.

In India, it’s the top 28%.

what does that mean to a teacher

What does that mean to a teacher?

China and India have more honors kids…….

……… than we have kids.

if you took every single job in the us today and shipped them all to china

If you took every single job in the US today and shipped them all to China…

…..China would still have a labor surplus.

60 babies will be born in the U.S.
  • 244 babies will be born in China
  • 351 babies will be born in India
the u s department of labor estimates that today s learner will have 10 14 jobs

The U. S. Department of Labor estimates that today’s learner will have 10-14 jobs...

…by the age of 38.

according to the u s department of labor

According to the U.S. Department of Labor……

……1 out of 4 workers today is employed by a company where they have been working for less than a year.

more than 1 out of 2 are working for a company for which they have worked for less than 5 years

More than 1 out of 2 are working for a company for which they have worked for less than 5 years.

according to former u s secretary of education richard riley

According to former U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley…..

…the top 10 in-demand jobs for 2010 did not exist in 2004.

we are currently preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist

We are currently preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist…

…using technologies that have not been invented…

…in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

Richest in the world
  • Largest military
  • Center of world business and finance
  • Strongest education system
  • World center of innovation and invention
  • Currency the world standard of value
  • Highest standard of living


…… 1900…..

……just 107 years ago.

did you know2

Did you know?

The U.S. is 20th in the world in broadband Internet penetration.

(Luxembourg just passed us).

in one year alone 2002 nintendo invested more than 140 million in research and development

In one year alone, 2002, Nintendo invested more than $140 million in research and development.

The U.S. Federal Government spent less than half as much on research and innovation.

the number of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the population of the planet

The number of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the population of the planet.

it s estimated that a week s worth of the new york times

It’s estimated that a week’s worth of theNew York Times…

…contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.


It’s estimated that 1.5 exabytes (that’s 1.5 x 1018) of unique new information will be generated worldwide this year.

That’s estimated to be more than in the previous 5,000 years.

that means for a student starting a 4 year technical or college degree

That means for a student starting a 4-year technical or college degree…

…after only two years of study, half of what they learned could be outdated.

third generation fiber optics has recently been separately tested by nec and alcatel

Third generation fiber optics has recently been separately tested by NEC and Alcatel…

…that pushes 10 trillion bits per second down one strand of fiber.

the fiber is already in place

The fiber is already in place.

The switches just have to be perfected.

This means that the marginal cost for these improvements is minimal.


This technology is currently tripling about every 6 months and is expected to do so for at least the next 20 years.


Predictions are that by 2013 a supercomputer will be built that exceeds the capacity of the Human Brain.

By 2023, a $1000 computer will exceed the capabilities of the Human Brain.

in 2023 second grader abby will be 23 years old and beginning her first career

In 2023, second-grader Abby will be 23 years old and beginning her (first) career…

…and while technical predictions farther than about 15 years in the future are hard to make…

…predictions are that by 2049, when Abby is 49 years old, a $1000 computer will exceed the computational capacity of the human race.


Can we assume that music education can continue to function in the same manner as in the last 75 years?



We better figure out ways to start adapting to the new landscape of education reform, as well as enlarging the percentage of students involved in music education.

2007 2008 florida legislature high school reform
2007-2008 Florida Legislature:High School Reform
  • New graduation requirements:
    • 4 years of Language Arts
    • 4 years of Mathematics
    • 3 years of Science
    • 3 years of Social Studies
    • 1 year of Physical Education
    • 1 year of Fine Arts
what do we know about the required one credit of fine arts
What do we know about the required one credit of Fine Arts?
  • All freshman entering in 2007-08 must have a year of Fine Arts

– there are no substitutions!!!

  • Fine Arts is defined as art, music, theatre or dance.
  • This will give arts educators an opportunity to show the relevance of the arts to the “other” 70%+ of the student population.
c 23 to 29 percent

a. 50 to 60 percent?

c. 23 to 29 percent?

b. 35 to 45 percent?

d. 15 to 20 percent?



between 4 and 10 percent.


Daniel GolemanThe Hay Group and author of Emotional Intelligence




“the ability to make big leaps of thought – resides in people with wide backgrounds, multidisciplinary minds, and a broad spectrum ofexperiences.”Nicolas Negroponte - MIT


While left-brain abilities will remain vital, the ability to be creative, to make use of our right-brain capabilities, will be invaluable in those who originate break-through ideas, make big leaps.

We are passing from the Information Age and moving quickly into what has been described as the Conceptual Age…..
with its 3 a s
……with its 3 “A’s”:

1. Abundance

We live in a country no longer worried about survival. We have such an excess that the storage business – a place to keep our extra stuff - is a $17 billon industry, larger than the motion picture industry.

with its 3 a s1
……with its 3 “A’s”:

2. Asia

White-collar jobs such as accountants, engineers, computer programmers, medical imaging interpreters that start at $70,000 in the United States can be outsourced to Asia where the quality of work is just as good, maybe even better, for what a counter jockey at Taco Bell earns. It is estimated that the United Kingdom will lose 25,000 IT jobs and as many as 30,000 financial positions to India.

with its 3 a s2
……with its 3 “A’s”:

3. Automation

Computers and machines can perform faster, are stronger and don’t get headaches. Computers can write their own programs, make medical diagnosis, handle basic legal matters, and many other tasks that humans now do.






As music educators we can help students “develop their abilities to create artistic and emotional beauty, detect patterns and opportunities and combine seemingly unrelated ideas into novel invention.”

we can help accomplish this by making available courses that offer creativity artistry and play
We can help accomplish this by making available courses that offer creativity, artistry and play.

Music educators make these courses available every day.


Many business leaders feel that the MFA – Master of Fine Arts – will replace the MBA as the degree of choice for tomorrow’s corporate world.


If this is true, and the data seems to indicate that it is, what are we doing to reach more of our students with music or other fine arts?

Our students will have to ask themselves the following questions when choosing their careers in the 21st century:

Can someone overseas do it cheaper?

Can a computer do it faster?

Will what I will have to offer, after training, be in demand in an age of abundance?


We have to figure out how we are going to help more of our students be successful in an increasingly competitive world.

In addition to our traditional performance groups, what can we do to bring more music to our students?

To meet the requirements for the new fine arts credit, classes such as guitar, class piano, steel drums, general music education, sound engineering and classes we have yet to invent, will be a part of our music curriculum.

There will be a need for more teachers, perhaps in innovative scheduling models, and schools utilizing non-traditional instructors.

What have we done - music educators - to prepare for the number of students who will need the new fine arts credit?


Who better to do this than you?

What would it hurt to talk to your principal about offering one new music class in 2008 – or maybe even this fall?

overcoming challenges to bringing more music to our students must be the focus of fva in the future
Overcoming challenges to bringing more music to our students must be the focus of FVA in the future.

Continuously visiting our purpose and goals and being willing to change is the only long-term way for FVA to continue to be relevant in a shifting educational environment.


We, teachers and the FVA, must be able to articulate why we are relevant – not only in a aesthetic sense – but also in terms of how we will enhance our country’s ability to compete worldwide.


Coming soon to a school near you.


The proposed middle school fine arts credit was defeated in the legislature last year.

FMEA continues to lobby less-than-receptive legislators for the credit.


We are threatened by a proposed new P.E. requirement for our middle schools which has the backing of our governor.


“The wealth of nations and the well-being of individuals now depend on having artists in the room.”

(Daniel Pink, “A Whole New Mind”)


The Florida Vocal Association and each of its members are poised to reach more of our schools’ students than ever before.


“In a world enriched by abundance but disrupted by the automation and outsourcing of white-collar work, everyone, regardless of profession, must cultivate an artistic sensibility.”


It is a time of change.

Choral directors have to view themselves agents of change at their schools.


The primary purpose of the Florida Vocal Association is to promote and develop interest in choral and general music in our schools.


Perhaps, as an organization, we should look to expand our purpose and set our major goals higher than just administering all-state and mpas.


Maybe we need to start thinking about being an association that helps our member schools do as much as they can to reach all of their students with music.


If we can change our thinking, even a small amount, maybe we can give our students tools for the Conceptual Age.


There will be organizations looking to fill the need for “imagination, joyfulness and social dexterity” -characteristics valuable in the new workplace.


If we starve the problem –“change in our schools and association will be very hard ….”

….and find the solution…

“there are things I can do to bring music to more students every year at my school”


Then change will come.

And so will the students…...

…who need what we have to offer them.


We – you have been tasked to provide a full year of Arts education to 100% of the Class of 2011.


What do you think you can do to contribute to these students who will live a world where the future can only be imagined?


Change is here.

Change is coming.