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KOREA KIYON COMPANY PROFILE. Korea Kiyon Company, established in 1985, with the highest quality and most technology advanced inert atmosphere products.           Our company, the professional manufacturer of inert atmosphere product (Glove Box System)

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    2. Korea Kiyon Company, established in 1985, with the highest quality and most technology advanced inert atmosphere products.           Our company, the professional manufacturer of inert atmosphere product (Glove Box System)     which has insisted only one way of glove box for the pass 20 years, has been producing      high quality equipment with the continuous technical innovation and newly changed according to           customer requirements. COMPANY PROFILE

    3. Quality Control(Leak test, Moisture and Oxygen, Particle, Temperature test inside glove box) 1.Our glove box system tested by our Q.C Team before provide to customer. If customer want inspection in our factory , we will arrange visit our company. 2. If glove box system take place the problem, our service engineer will fix the glove box within 72 hours. 3. Our company have the all spare parts for our customers. If we receive the requirement from customer, we will send the spare parts immediately. 4. IF you have any question , please contact ALS technology.

    4. Organization

    5. One / Extra / Two Workstation. • Utilizes color touch panel PLC control system. • Includes a single H2O/O2 purifier (15kg) unit to achieve less than 1ppm. • High power (63 CFM) encapsulated blower with built in frequency converter. Standard Glove box System

    6. Rapid particle removal system. • Inert atmosphere is < 1ppm H20 & O2. • Optional oil free vacuum pump. • Laminar flow unit in box ceiling to reach a cleanroom class level below class 10. Laminar Flow Inert Glove Box System

    7. High efficient ready-to-use cabinet type gas purification systems for combination with standard and production lines glovebox system. Gas Purification System

    8. Koreakiyon offers a complete line of module and customized glovebox for you requirement. • The gloveboxs can be equipped with a variety of feedthrus and bake out ovens (max. 200℃) and refrigerators. Battery Development and production

    9. This system designed for fill in the Hydro fuel at cell under inert atmosphere condition. FUEL CELL DEVELOPMENT

    10. Encapsulation of Ink Jet M/C under controlled atmosphere. • This glove box designed for quick release window type for repair of Inkjet machine. • New glove box designs meet expanding application demands. LARGE VOLUME GLOVE BOX

    11. From research to production process enclosure. • Interface to Evaporation system. • Controlled Inert Atmosphere system. • Full engineering and consulting. Custom OLED Inert Glovebox System

    12. This system corporate with high temperature vacuum furnace. • Controlled Inert atmosphere system. (H2O, O2 < 1 ppm) HID Lamp Production

    13. Safe handling of nuclear materials in koreakiyon glovebox under negative pressure atmosphere. • Full engineering and consulting capability for customers. • Our glovebox systems are used for a variety of Nuclear application. Nuclear Material Handling inside of Glove Box

    14. - Applications - • New Materials study. • Crystal Mounting. • Assembly Inspection. • Micro welding. • Semiconductor probing. • Video Microscope System. Microscope system

    15. This system made by special clean PMMA plate 20mm. Acryl Glove Box