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THE CVR NETWORK. The CVR Local Area Network (LAN). The purpose of the network is to enhance productivity, provide users with access to resources, and to provide a legal software management platform for the division

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The cvr local area network lan
The CVR Local Area Network (LAN)

  • The purpose of the network is to enhance productivity, provide users with access to resources, and to provide a legal software management platform for the division

  • The network installation has involved ordering the equipment, setting up the server, network cabling, installing the server, and workstation setup

  • The CVR network will provide increased capabilities to users at the CVR

Lan capabilities
LAN Capabilities

  • Electronic Mail

  • Printer Sharing

  • Private Network Drive

  • Shared Common Drive

  • Software Packages

  • Software Utilities

  • Training

  • Other Capabilities

Electronic mail
Electronic Mail

  • E-Mail is provided through the use of Microsoft Mail for Windows

    • Files can be sent ot other users on the network by “attaching” them to e-mail messages.

  • Future capabilities include:

    • Messages and files can be sent to other corporate SAIC network users at McLean and other sites.

    • Users can access the e-mail system from their homes, laptops, etc through remote mail.

    • Internet e-mail access is provided through the system.

Printer sharing
Printer Sharing

  • All printers will be setup so that users can access at least two printers from their desks

    • Users can send printouts to more than one printer on the network.

    • Users can see the current contents of a printer que, move their own print jobs from one printer to another, and delete their own print jobs.

Private network drive
Private Network Drive

  • Each user will have a “home” drive

    • The drive is labeled “H:” which stands for home

    • The drive can only be accessed by the user and the network administrator

    • Users must login in order to access data on their home drive

    • This drive area for storage is more secure than your hard disk drive

Shared common drive
Shared Common Drive

  • All users have access to the common drive

    • This drive is labeled drive “I:”

    • The drive can be used to store shared files, project data, etc.

    • The drive is not used as a location for actual software packages

    • Files can be exchanged through e-mail but the common drive provides the ability for users to edit or share the same data

Software packages
Software Packages

  • Users will have access to major software programs from their desks:

    • MS Word (word processing),

    • MS PowerPoint (graphics),

    • MS Excel (spreadsheet),

    • MS Access (database),

    • MS Project (management),

    • MS Mail (electronic mail),

    • WordPerfect for DOS/Windows (word processing).

  • All these software applications will run from the server and therefore your hard disk will only have to contain MS-DOS, network login files, and your data

Software utilities
Software Utilities

  • Several utility programs are available through the network and these include: Intel Virus Scan, Print Que Management, and Novell Netware.

    • Intel Virus Scan provides the capability to scan your hard disk and floppy disks for viruses. The network already has a program that checks for viruses on the server and on any network traffic.

    • The Print Que Management allows the user to see what print jobs are on the printers, move their own print jobs, and delete their own print jobs.

    • The Novell Netware utilities give you the ability to send short messages to other users, see who is logged on, and perform other minor network tasks.


  • Software training is available through SAIC employees to provide individual training to operation members

    • Specifically, training can be provided for:

      • The Network Itself (we will have a brownbag on this)

      • Applications including:

        • MS Windows, MS Mail, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, WordPerfect.

    • The major windows applications have built-in tutorials which can be accessed from the applications’ help menu

Other capabilities
Other Capabilities

  • New functions of the LAN will become available as they are installed and/or needed

  • Brownbags will be held from time-to-time to inform users of new capabilities and for overviews of network features

  • Other special software packages are available to certain users who need them

  • Future network enhancements may include:

    • remote computing,

    • faxing from your desktop,

    • shared modem access,

    • VAX access through modem.