Hurricane hits england
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Hurricane Hits England. Grace Nichols. It took a hurricane, to bring her closer To the landscape. Half the night she lay awake, The howling ship of the wind , Its gathering rage, Like some dark ancestral spectre . Fearful and reassuring . Why 3 rd person?. An effective metaphor?.

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Hurricane Hits England

Grace Nichols

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It took a hurricane, to bring her closerTo the landscape.Half the night she lay awake,The howling ship of the wind,Its gathering rage,Like some dark ancestral spectre.Fearful and reassuring.

Why 3rd person?

An effective metaphor?

How do these words make you feel?

Why would something so fearful be ‘reassuring’?

Talk to me huracan talk to me oya talk to me shango and hattie my sweeping back home cousin l.jpg
Talk to me HuracanTalk to me OyaTalk to me ShangoAnd Hattie,My sweeping, back-home cousin.

Why repeat the word?

Is this possible?

Who/what are these names of?

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Tell me why you visitAn English coast?What is the meaningOf old tonguesReaping havoc In new places?


How is the hurricane a reminder of ‘old tongues’?

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The blinding illumination,Even as you short-Circuit usInto further darkness?

Describing lightening

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What is the meaning of treesFalling heavy as whalesTheir crusted rootsTheir cratered graves?

Why does the poet remind us of the sea through her choice of words?

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O why is my heart unchained?

The last question before the answers

What is the speaker’s heart ‘unchained’ from? What was it ‘chained’ to?

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Tropical Oya of the Weather,I am aligning myself to you,I am following the movement of your winds,I am riding the mystery of your strom.

The speaker seems to resolve her issues by following nature.

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Are foundations usually ‘shaken’ or ‘solid’?

Ah, sweet mystery,Come to break the frozen lake in me,Shaking the foundations of the very trees within me,Come to let me knowThat the earth is the earth is the earth

A mystery is something difficult to understand yet magical.

Why does the speaker compare herself with nature?

What has ‘come to’ the speaker that is difficult to understand, yet is magical?