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CountryData Development PowerPoint Presentation
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CountryData Development

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CountryData Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CountryData Development Improving the collation, availability and dissemination of development indicators (including the MDGs) Nairobi, 27 November 2013. National Systems. National Database. Implemented in all project countries Store and expose national development indicators

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CountryData Development

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CountryData Development

Improving the collation, availability and dissemination of development indicators (including the MDGs)

Nairobi, 27 November 2013

national database
National Database
  • Implemented in all project countries
  • Store and expose national development indicators
  • Provide a searchable Web interface over the data
  • Most project countries use the DevInfo software as the platform
  • Thailand and Morocco use native systems (StatXChange and BDS)
sdmx registry
SDMX Registry
  • Facilitates “pull model” for efficient data dissemination
  • Sends update notifications to subscribers
  • Enables automated data and metadata transfers
  • Implemented in 10 project countries
  • Most project countries use DevInfo 7 Registry
    • Thailand uses Metadata Technology’s Fusion Registry
devinfo 7
DevInfo 7
  • Released by DevInfo Support Group in November 2012.
  • Much improved over di 6: better user interface, visualizations, search
  • A number of tools developed for the project facilitate SDMX exchange
    • SDMX Registry
    • MDG DSD Mapping Tool
devinfo 7 recent developments
DevInfo 7: Recent Developments
  • A number of improvements recently implemented for the project by DSG
    • Advanced mappings (many-to-one and one-to-many)
    • Advanced publication filters
    • Simplified and improved menu structure
    • Improved SDMX functionality
thailand statxchange to countrydata
Thailand: StatXChange to CountryData
  • StatXChange is an advanced data sharing system developed by the Thailand NSO
    • Relies on Web services that supply data in an XML format (StatXML)
  • Application was developed with UNSD assistance that converts StatXML to MDG SDMX.
thailand sdmx registry
Thailand: SDMX Registry
  • Once converted, SDMX data is placed on a Web server and registered with Fusion Registry, installed with UNSD assistance.
  • Fusion Registry is an advanced implementation of the SDMX Registry specification, developed by Metadata Technology.
morocco sdmx export
Morocco: SDMX Export
  • Morocco uses its own indicator database, BDS, developed in-house.
  • Morocco NSO built SDMX export module, which produced SDMX data that has been published at CountryData.
  • Fusion Registry to be installed in December 2013 to complete the data exchange system.
countrydata platform
CountryData Platform
  • Developed by UNSD for the project
  • Automatically receives development data indicators from project countries
  • Enables comparisons between national data and those obtained from international agencies
  • Provides re-dissemination and data visualization
  • Part of, and linked to, UNdata
countrydata sdmx data exchange

National Registry

CountryData SDMX Data Exchange

National Statistical Office

National Repository DB

CountryData Web Site

1. Publish

6. Publish and Visualize

SDMX Dissemination Site

CountryData DB


2. Register

5. Upload

4. Download

3. Notify

CountryData Web Service

discrepancy analysis
Discrepancy Analysis
  • Once in the CountryData database, national development indicators are matched with international MDG series.
  • Any discrepancies are investigated and reported on the Web site.
  • Metadata crucial in explaining discrepancies.
visualization and re dissemination
Visualization and Re-dissemination
  • National and international development indicators are presented at CountryData in charts as well as a tabular format.
  • Data transferred to CountryData can be downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel, and SDMX.
application programming interface
Application Programming Interface
  • API was developed for CountryData and some other UNdata datasets in 2012
  • Based Eurostat’s SDMX Reference Infrastructure software
  • Uses SDMX to query for structures and data, and to receive results
  • Support for SDMX 2.1, as well as REST Web service, to be introduced soon
api how it works
API: How It Works

1. Request chart on a Web page

6. Create and return chart

2. Call SDMX Web Service

5. Return SDMX data

3. Query database

4. Retrieve data

further devinfo development
Further DevInfo Development
  • Work is underway on new di features
    • Installer for the di 7 software
    • Further improvements to SDMX publishing
expansion of data exchange
Expansion of Data Exchange
  • Mexico has supplied MDG indicators in the SDMX format, which has been published at CountryData.
  • Other countries have expressed interest in joining data exchange.
migration of legacy data
Migration of Legacy Data
  • Plans are in place to migrate the MDG Labs database into CountryData
    • MDG Labs was developed for the pilot phase of the UNSD-DfID project.
    • Shows discrepancy analysis for several dozen countries.
    • Does not support SDMX or data exchange. After migration, all its data will be downloadable as SDMX.
countrydata development
CountryData Development
  • New home page to accommodate non-project countries
  • New visualizations as part of UNdata redesign
dsd development
DSD Development
  • MDG DSD constantly updated, primarily with geographical information.
    • CountryData DSD v 0.9 in sync with latest MDG DSD
  • CountryData DSD to be updated with new indicators requested by countries.
  • Both DSDs to be updated for improved maintenance and compatibility with SDMX Reference Infrastructure.
  • MDG Labs (current version)

  • UNdata Web Service

  • UNdata SDMX Browser