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Shamanism. By: Abril Avendano , Arianna Beltran, April Orozco, Amanda Quintero, Jayleen Rodriguez Period 2. Introducing Shamanism. Practice not really a religion First used with Turks and Mongols Practiced around the world

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AbrilAvendano , Arianna Beltran,

April Orozco,Amanda Quintero,

Jayleen Rodriguez

Period 2

Introducing shamanism
Introducing Shamanism

  • Practice not really a religion

  • First used with Turks and Mongols

  • Practiced around the world

  • It wasn’t found by one person or group

  • There’s no holy book


  • Deeply connected with nature

  • Interact with the spirit world and the world around us

  • Believe that people have auras

  • Practice rituals & ceremonies that focus on their beliefs

  • Practiced divination

  • Some are “healers”


Yup'ik shaman exorcising evil spirits from a sick boy.

Women s roles
Women’s roles

  • Earliest known Woman shamans dating back to the Paleolithic era in what is now the Czech republic

  • Shamanist gain their knowledge and power by “entering into the spiritual world”.

  • Traveled and retrieve ancient wisdom, and lost power.

S hamanism d rum
Shamanism Drum

*Artist's depiction of a Shaman's drum with a three-world cosmology.

*Found on shaman drums of the Turks, Mongols and Tungusic peoples in Central Asia and Siberia

Changes of shamanism over time
Changes of Shamanism over time

  • Has not really changed over time

  • Generation to gerneration

  • One change that has occurred would be the decline of practicing the religion across the world

Decline of shamanism
Decline of Shamanism

  • Due to religious influences Shamanism lost

    most of their followers to Christianity

  • “outdated” Shamanism believes

  • Shamans began to refuse daily routines