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KEYZALL. All your keyz with just one touch. KEYZALL. Katharina Schwiede and Shi Hua Chan. Our mission is to bring convenience and safety to our customers by enabling you to lock and unlock your doors without any traditional keys. . MISSION STATEMENT.

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All your keyz with just one touch


Katharina Schwiede and Shi Hua Chan

mission statement

Our mission is to bring convenience and safety to our customers by enabling you to lock and unlock your doors without any traditional keys.


A smartphone app that allows you to lock and unlock your house with out holding traditional keys

  • House/office - sees what doors, windows etc. are locked or unlocked
  • Car - when, where and how much the car has been used
  • Garage – opens and closes garage door


  • App - $ 0.99
  • House door lock - $200
  • Office door lock - $200
  • Garage door - $150
  • Car lock - $250 (tracker costs $29 a month)
  • Blinds - $350
why choose us

Can be used to secure your house, car and even your office

  • Can also be used to check the last time the doors of your house, garage or office were opened
  • We offer a tracking system for your car that allows you to see when, where and how much the car has been used throughout the day
  • Can be able to see if your house is locked or which doors and windows are still unlocked.
  • Other companies may offer just a lock for the house or only a lock for the car but Keyzall allows you to have all this in just one app
Why choose us?

Online Advertising

  • Such as Facebook and Google
  • Facebook: $0.80 per click
  • Google: $0.20 per click
customer payments and service

Customers can make their payments online using their credit card or by coming to our warehouse

  • For credit card payments, it costs $29/month with 2% transaction fee (
  • Customer service: Live Chat($36/month)
Customer payments and Service
target market

We target adults aged 25 and above, both female and male

  • Medium and upper class people, mainly wealthier people
Target Market

Motor for garage door –Lowe’s ($60/each)

  • Deadbolt locks for house and office door locks – Home Depot ($29.97/each)
  • Fabric for blinds – ($3.58/yard)
  • Motor for blinds – Somfy ($178/each)
  • Car tracker and GPS – Blue Fox ($29/each)
  • Car Lock System – Shenzhen Cyber Technology Ltd. ($17/each)
shipping installation

$5.95 per item

  • Shipping only includes the locks purchased
  • Self Installation (free)
Shipping & Installation

We want to sell our product in retail stores like walmart, superstore etc.

  • Have more people on live chat
  • No credit card transactions
  • Advertisements - to have tv commercials and billboards

Internationally used product

  • We are making $36,900.99/year, so, our goal is to make $50,000/year.
  • In 5 years, Keyzall will be used internationally and will be in every household.
potential problems

Technical Difficulties

Solution: Test out our products more

before selling them

  • Some people might not want to switch to using our brand

Solution: Do more advertising and

promote our product and guarantee a

10 year warranty

Potential Problems

UniKey – is one of our biggest competitors because they have a similar product to us

Why are we better?

  • More options – Unikey only provides a lock for the house but we offer a lock for the house, car and office
  • More utilities

We would make $36,900.99 per year

  • Convenient product to have
  • Safe
  • Start-up money: $65,400
  • To make Keyzall a worldwide used product