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Tree Kangaroo- Endangered Species PowerPoint Presentation
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Tree Kangaroo- Endangered Species

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Tree Kangaroo- Endangered Species - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tree Kangaroo- Endangered Species
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  1. Tree Kangaroo- Endangered Species By Sean Fary

  2. Biography Tree kangaroos eat mostly leaves and fruit that they find either on trees or fallen of trees. Sometimes they also eat grain, flowers, sap, bark, eggs and young birds. Tree kangaroos look like normal kangaroos but with longer tails and stronger fore arms, they have shorter and wider feet and longer claws. They vary in colour. Tree kangaroos have been found to reproduce 1 time per year. Pregnancy takes about 45 days in tree kangaroos.

  3. Habitat Tree kangaroos live in North Queensland, in the rainforest of wet tropics. They can also be found on the coastal lowlands. It is a Nocturnal animal so it spends all day asleep in the crown of the tree or branch.

  4. Threats Tree Kangaroos prefer to live on tableland’s rich basalt soils, but that is the best soil for farming and much of its habitat has already been cleared for farmland. When they are on the ground they are most vulnerable to dogs and vehicles. Of the 27 that died between 1992-1994, 11 had been hit by cars, 6 were killed by dogs, four were killed by parasites and others by other causes.

  5. Conservation To make sure that tree kangaroos don’t go extinct we need to take care around their environment and don’t cut down the trees that they are living in. Bibliography Google