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Querying and Visualizing Data Cubes in Mathematica for Environmental Science Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Querying and Visualizing Data Cubes in Mathematica for Environmental Science Applications. Anshul Jain, Yongluan Zhou, Karl Aberer, Sebastian Michel. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland & University of Southern Denmark. Outline. What we do in Switzerland (short intro)

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Querying and visualizing data cubes in mathematica for environmental science applications

Querying and Visualizing Data Cubes in Mathematica for Environmental Science Applications

Anshul Jain, Yongluan Zhou, Karl Aberer, Sebastian Michel

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland & University of Southern Denmark


  • What we do in Switzerland (short intro)

  • Motivation/Problem Statement

  • Our Approach

  • Review of used Technology

  • System Architecture

  • Example Usage

  • Some Plots

  • Conclusion

Swiss experiment

Interdisciplinary Environmental Research

  • Swiss Experiment:

  • Provision of a generic infrastructure of:

    • web based technologies

    • wireless communications

    • low cost high density sensors

    • to serve the environmental science community

    • encourage collaboration

    • provide a portal for public information on environmental research


Swissex infrastructure
SwissEx Infrastructure

  • SwissEx infrastucture is built to serve many environmental research projects

  • Where experimental areas overlap, projects can work more efficiently by sharing data

  • Projects can benefit from external data sources

Example deployment
Example Deployment

Le Genepi Glacier, close to Martigny, Switzerland

Querying and visualizing data cubes in mathematica for environmental science applications

Previous State

(Near) Future

  • Lack of communication

  • Information Sharing in online communities

  • Randomly distributed data files

  • Data repository with single access point

  • Data loss

  • No data loss

  • Loss of knowledge on data collection

  • Provenance tracking

  • Waste of resources replicating data collection

  • Data reuse

  • Small user community

  • Open access

Visualization sharing metadata capturing
Visualization/Sharing/Metadata Capturing

Talk this Thursday afternoon @ eScience conference


  • Large amounts of data

  • Environmental scientists (avalanche research, hydrology, ....)

  • Scientists analyze data (statistics,....)

  • No time to learn new CS tools (science is what matters at the first place)

  • Scientists store data in relational DBs (SQL queries), or files

Using sql
Using SQL ?

SELECT avg (val),avg (nod),mi


(SELECT d_value, n_id, dateadd

(minute,floor ( Datediff (minute,'20000101',d_time)/60)*60,' 20000101')

FROM mathTable

WHEREn_id=2 AND s_id = 1 ) as w(val,nod,mi)

WHERE (mi < SQLDateTime{2007,9,27,11,0,0} AND mi>=SQLDateTime{2007,9,27,10,0,0})

GROUP BY mi order by mi asc

SQL query for calculating smoothened (over 60 mins) AmbientTemperature value

Problem statement wish list
Problem Statement / Wish list

  • Visualization of huge data sets (data sensed by sensor network over a long period)

  • Support of featureswhich other front end tools lack for plotting graphs

  • Interaction with mathematical tools scientists use already


  • Create a data cube over the environmental data

  • Provide a Web service interface

  • Extend mathematical tools

    • query the cube (without learning MDX)

    • standard plots

Data cubes
Data Cubes

  • Quickly provide answers to analytical queries that are multi-dimensional in nature

  • Pre-calculation of data and storage cube form

  • Typical applications:

    • business reporting for sales

    • marketing

    • management reporting

    • budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas

    • data mining in general

Technologies used

Microsoft SQL server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Wolfram Mathematica 7

Microsoft Internet Information Services

Technologies Used

Web services
Web Services Services

  • Web Service

    • In common usage the term refers to clients and servers that communicate using XML messages

    • Server will host the service

    • Any computer on the network can use the service

    • Messages follow the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) standard

    • Machine-readable description of the operations offered by the service written in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

  • Drawback

    • Message size increases because of XML

Web services and their applications
Web Services and their Applications Services

  • Using Web services is supported in

    tools like Mathematica and MATLAB

  • For plotting one graph:

    • amount of data transferred in our architecture is very small

    • E.g., ~2 Kilobytes of data is transferred for one plot from the analysis server to the client.

Database schema
Database Schema Services

Steps for plotting and analysis
Steps for Plotting and Analysis Services

  • Install the Web service

  • Import Mathematica packages

    • Define data source

    • Define cube elements( dimensions, hierarchy, members on rows and columns) to be used

    • Define measure(e.g., average)

    • Generate the MDX query

    • Execute query using Web services

    • Parse the data(XML) returned by web service

  • Call the desired plotting function

Mdx query generation
MDX Query Generation Services

  • sensorID = "1";(*getting the ambient temperature*)

  • measure = "[measures].[sum]/[measures].[count]";(* This measure is for getting the average*)

  • cubeelements = {{"node","node",{"32","31", "29"}},

    {"timeline","[yymmddhh]",{"2007-09-27 00","2007-09-27 01","2007-09-27 02","2007-09-27 03","2007-09-27 04","2007-09-27 05","2007-09-27 06","2007-09-27 07","2007-09-27 08","2007-09-27 09","2007-09-27 10","2007-09-27 11","2007-09-27 12","2007-09-27 13","2007-09-27 14","2007-09-27 15","2007-09-27 16","2007-09-27 17","2007-09-27 18","2007-09-27 19","2007-09-27 20","2007-09-27 21","2007-09-27 22","2007-09-27 23"}},

    {"sensor","sensor",{sensorID}}} ;

  • datasource = "[stbernard]";

  • mdxquery = getQuery[datasource, measure, cubeelements];

Parameters monitored
Parameters Monitored Services

  • Ambient temperature

  • Surface temperature

  • Solar radiation

  • Relative humidity

  • Soil moisture

  • Water mark

  • Rain meter

  • Wind speed

  • Wind direction


Calculations Services

  • Average Wind Speed

    • Sqrt[Average wind speed in North direction²+ Average wind speed in East direction²]

  • Sensible Heat Flux = -ChρcPu(Tair-Tsfc)

    • Ch:Heat transfer Coefficient

    • ρ:air density

    • cP: Specific heat for dry air

    • u: wind speed

  • Contour plots

    • Inverse Distance Interpolation

Contour plot
Contour Plot Services

Phenomenon plot
Phenomenon Plot Services

Scatter plot
Scatter Plot Services

Wind speed plot
Wind Speed Plot Services

Conclusion Services

  • Web service interface between Mathematical tools and the data cube

  • Several visualization functions are provided in a package

  • Pre-calculation of certain aggregates for faster query execution and less data transfer

  • Automatic MDX query generation

  • Easy to install, easy to use

Swiss experiment1
Swiss ServicesExperiment


Interdisciplinary Environmental Research