t h e t h r e e s o r c e r e r s n.
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T h e T h r e e S o r c e r e r s PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e T h r e e S o r c e r e r s

T h e T h r e e S o r c e r e r s

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T h e T h r e e S o r c e r e r s

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  1. The ThreeSorcerers By Harry in 2nd grade

  2. Once upon a time there were three babies. They were not just any babies. They were sorcerers, but they grew up with their aunt and uncle. One day three letters came in. The letter was from the Sorcerers School.

  3. Now Chuck, Bob, and Joe, the three sorcerers, were now each twelve years old. They looked at the letters for a long time. They did not know they were sorcerers. They went to a shop and got some supplies for the trip. The letter told them to meet someone at the candy shop, which is where they went next. Then they saw him, a hooded guy with jeans and a backwards hat.

  4. He said, “Follow me.” He leads us back to an abandoned shack. “Nobody will find us here”, exclaims the guy. Chuck, Bob, and Joe each got a practice dummy out of their trunks. “Curve your hands”, said the man. We did as he told us to. A ball of powerful light came out of their hands. He said, “Good job, you did a light ball.

  5. Now we can fight one on one.” The man won. “You are great. Now, there is a man as powerful as me. His name is Meany Man! He also has an army. That’s not all, he has a gigantic castle with three guards! Around this area there are 100 students just like you all. We’re going to war right now. They did go to war.

  6. They all put their light balls together to make a giant light ball. Every bad thing died. They all lived happily ever after.

  7. The End