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Parmeshwar Godrej Biography written by Gunjan Jain PowerPoint Presentation
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Parmeshwar Godrej Biography written by Gunjan Jain

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Parmeshwar Godrej Biography written by Gunjan Jain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know more about Parmeshwar Godrej Biography in the book "She Walks, She Leads" written by Gunjan Jain or read more about Parmeshwar Godrej at- http://gunjanjain.com/women-featured/parmeshwar-godrej

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Parmeshwar Godrej Biography written by Gunjan Jain

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s he w alks s he l eads w omen w ho i nspire i ndia

She Walks, She Leads:Women Who Inspire India

By Gunjan Jain


presents a tale of fate fortitude
Presents….. A Tale of Fate & Fortitude…

Parmeshwar Godrej

the charm behind the glamor
The Charm Behind The Glamor…

There are few people on this earth who themselves have the power to light up a room as soon as they enter it. Late Parmeshwar Godrej was one such personality who was filled up with immense positivity and brightness.

In a country where there are thousands of stars and celebrities who rise and fall daily, here she stands one who remains an enigma or an icon for years.

She represents one of the biggest industrialist families of India and yet she is not only the wife of owner Adi Godrej (chairman of Godrej Group) but a true chairman of the Godrej Group.

the early life
The Early Life…

Born in a Sikh family on 15 July 1945, Late Parmeshwar Godrej was one of the renowned air hostesses of Air India. She wanted to become a Bollywood actress.

The good thing about her is in spite of being a successful socialite and philanthropic, she also had a good taste of fashion and culture. On the request of her closest friend Feroz Khan, she once designed the costume & look for Hema Malini in the film Dharmatma.

So as you can rather than being just an Industrialist, she has done many other works for the nation.

her achievements
Her achievements…

The Late Parmeshwar Godrej has kept on working until her death. Here are some of her achievements that are must in the Parmeshwar Godrej Biography:

• One of India’s Leading Air Hostess.

• Worked to combat AIDS in India with foreign delegates and Heroes Project.

• She was an absolute fashionista. She herself had a great collection of outfits which were quite rare in the 80s and 90s.

• Leading industrialist of her times.

• She was a perfect host for her organizational skills.

as a person outside the glamour world
As A Person Outside the glamour world…

In Parmeshwar Godrej Biography you will get to know her achievements. But outside the land of popularity and celebrity, she was an absolute trustworthy friend, a great mother and a wonderful companion.

In the column of Shobhaa De, she once mentioned the gracefulness and positivity of this woman.

Her death on October 10, 2016, was a great loss not only for India but for the whole world.

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