what would you do if you were made world president tomorrow n.
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What would you do if you were made World President tomorrow? PowerPoint Presentation
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What would you do if you were made World President tomorrow?

What would you do if you were made World President tomorrow?

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What would you do if you were made World President tomorrow?

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  1. What would you do if you were made World President tomorrow? • Baylii Rothwell

  2. What would I do if I was made World President tomorrow? If I was to become the Worlds President tomorrow, I would do everything I could about helping every part of the country that needed help and end some of the world worst mistakes and problems. I would like to invent things that could help people for the better and get anyone that needed to help the help that want and need. I think that people should be able to decide their future that they are going to have not matter how long or short it may be.

  3. A new revolutionary technology of your own design. If I was to create a new revolutionary technology of my own design for all of my people, it would be something useful that all could use ranging for all ages. It would be a new technology machine to help you get dresses in the morning. A machine that you could scan through and look at all the cloths that you have in your closet and pic and match then with shoes. This will be something that will be very easy to work for all ages from young to old. When picking the cloths you wish to wear, they will be places nearby you for easy reach to help you get ready for the day ahead. This will be something that will be a huge help to your day and would be something that everyone household will be provided with. The design can be changed by the costumer before the purchase is made and has all different settings for the cloths to be organised. There will be more of an advanced machine that can be bough if to wish so. This machine will be able to help the younger or older get dressed with a robotic arms from the walls to help get dressed in time with delicate help. This machine can also change the nappies of young babies/toddlers when parents are also in a rush to get ready.

  4. A fast and reliable mean of transport around the world. I would like to be able to have all transport solar powered and that it would be free for everyone. This would make the transport around the world reliable and that you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it. It would also come at times so you wouldn’t be late for anything. If this was to become a reality, everyone would be provided a card to swipe through when catching a buss, train or tram to let the government know when you were catching the buss and that you could only take it a certain amount of times a day. This would be so, people wouldn’t be getting to school or work late and would be recorded and mailed out to the homes to let you know what times you were using the transport. Students would be given a cards through their schools. Adults would be given their cards through their work places. Any one else can just apply for one through any government occupation place.

  5. A new way of distributing wealth amongst people. I think that what the government has going on now from distributing money to families and amongst people is a great way. I would change much but I would make it that the world would give the people a certain amount of money every year depending on the age and the situation that the person was in. EY= Every Year Hs= Health Status Women: Newborn= Would get a $5,000 source when the baby was first born, spread over two years. Child: New born-4 = EY $3,000 depending on HS. Children Years: 5-18 = EY $1,750 depending on HS. Men Years: 18-45 = EY $1,250 depending on HS. Women Years : 18-45 = $1,250 depending on HS. Men Years: 46+ = $15,000 given on the bases on 25 Years. Women Years: 46+ = $15,000 given on the bases on 25 Years. The money given if by far more than what people get these days from the government. This would be suitable to have the person to take care of themselves with the additional work they provide themselves to have. Also the money for example when a baby is born is for all the things that the baby might need including nappies, food, health medical insurance.

  6. I would also start a charity that would be to build houses for the poor and homeless. Giving them the essentials that they might need and to help them trying to find a job in something that like and would continue to do for a living. This could be a charity that could just help the people in need get back onto their feet and would help take care of them until they needed. This would including and provide medical assistance and source of education that would be simple enough to help the children out. This would also be a shelter for the people who were kicked out, left alone and have nowhere to go. They will be fed and helped until they show a suspect of them not trying. They will be given notice before asked to leave so someone who needs and wants the help can have it. Help like this will only be offered to the people that need and want this. The people the choose to take amazing help seriously.

  7. I find that there are many different things that I would do to make the world different if I was made a World President but I also understand that there would be people who wouldn’t agree with what I would like to change and have as new law and as a new system. I would have to find ways to make things different and to make things far when it comes to everyone but I know that not everyone can be happy with one decision.