E mobility in austria programmes and projects funded by the climate and energy fund
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E-mobility in Austria: programmes and projects funded by the climate and energy fund - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-mobility in Austria: programmes and projects funded by the climate and energy fund. Gernot Wörther, Climate and Energy fund of the Austrian government. Agenda. Agenda. The fund of the Austrian Federal Government. Established by the Climate and Energy Fund Act in 2007

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E mobility in austria programmes and projects funded by the climate and energy fund

E-mobility in Austria:programmes and projects funded by the climate and energy fund

Gernot Wörther, Climate and Energy fund of the Austrian government

The fund of the austrian federal government
The fund of the Austrian Federal Government

  • Established by the Climate and Energy Fund Act in 2007

  • Supporting the government

    • by achieving the national climateandenergytargets

    • by developing and implementing nationalenergyandclimate strategies

  • Trend-setting fundingorganisationin the innovation system

Our structure

Annual Program

appr. 20 calls/a

RTD Roadmaps


Dissemination by

Thematic websites

Project database


Social media

Our Structure

Executive Advisory Board

Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Expert AdvisoryBoard

4 members

Climate & Energy Fund

2 CEOs10 employees (FTE)

Settlement Agencies


We support mission oriented programs that
We support mission-oriented programs that…

  • Reducecarbon emissions

  • Increase energy efficiency

  • FosterR&D in renewables and energy technology

  • Support the marketabilityofnewtechnologies

  • Focus on increasing energy efficiency in traffic and transportation

Impetus along the innovation cycle

RTD public1 EUR

RTD public1 EUR

Impetus along the Innovation Cycle


Fundingintensity: 0 to 100%

Push & multiply

Private Investupto10 EUR

Invest private 0,5…1 EUR

Promotion ofclimatefriendly innovative technologies

The power of facts a retrospective
The Power of Facts – a Retrospective

6 years | 57,370 projects | € 725m funding | € 1.8bn investment | 5.8 €/t CO2 red. potential


  • National plans set the framework (E-Mob implementation plan, ITS-plan,...)

  • Climate and energy fund develops strategie(s) based on the framework

  • E-Mobility Flagships are embedded in the (E-)Mobility strategy of the climate and energy fund

  • E-Mobility Flagships have a clear focus on R&D(and on demonstration of R&D results developed within the project)

Overview of funding programmes

E-Mobility Flagships

E-Mobility Modell regions

e-connected & Programme SC

Klima:aktiv mobil

+ other programmes

(e.g E Mission, MobilitätderZukunft, etc..)



ITS programme

(deployment, no focus on E-Mobility)

Roll out

KnowHow Transfer and


Roll out

Austrian e mobility flagship projects
Austrian E-Mobility Flagship projects

E-Mobility RTD programmeaimsat

  • Initiating large joint research projects in e-mobility

  • Strengthening the Austrian R&D expertise in e-mobility

  • Shifting towards climate friendly technology and multimodal transport

  • Attracting internationalattention for Austrian technology

Meeting the program goals
Meeting the program goals

Results of 4 calls (2009-2012)

  • € 28.5m funding, € 73.1m project volume

  • 8 projects: Empora 1&2, e-Log-Bio-Fleet, CMO, Emorail, Smile, Vecept, Crossing-Borders

  • Consortia with various types of companies (SME-MNC)

  • 89 partners, 85% enterprises

  • Outcome: e.g. E-Mobility Provider Austria

  • Evaluation confirms target achievement

Empora i and ii e mobile power austria
EmporA I and II – E-Mobile Power Austria

From vehicles to mobility services for customers

  • Implementation of electromobility throughout the entire value chain

  • Verbund, Siemens plus 20 project partners from automotive, infrastructure, energy & research sector

  • Funding: € 12m

  • Duration: 01/2010 – 03/2014

E log biofleet
e-Log Biofleet

  • Development, certification, and demonstration of fuel cells with hydrogen storage in a logistics fleet (12 vehicles)

  • Installation, licensation, and demonstration of a bio-hydrogen tank-filling system

  • Technical, economical, and ecological evaluation - life cycle assessment - of innovative logistic systems

  • Partners: OMV, Schenker&Co AG and more

  • Funding: € 1.9m

Cmo clean motion offensive
CMO – Clean Motion Offensive

  • Production of cost saving components for

    e-mobility vehicles

  • Automobile Cluster of Upper Austria

  • Funding: € 4.4m


  • Development and testing of a cost efficient Plug-In concept for hybrid vehicles

  • Funding: € 2.8m


Design of an innovative, cost-saving and environment-friendly mobility solution for commuters through combination of public transport ticket and e-car & e-bike sharing stations

Funding: € 2.6m


  • Development and testing of a prototype for a multimodal, integrated, web-based system for information, booking and paying in the public transport sector

  • Funding: € 2.9m

Crossing borders
Crossing Borders

  • Result of the 4th call with focus on foreign partners

  • Partners from Austria (Verbund, Siemens), Germany (E.ON) and Slowakia

  • Connection of the e-mobility regions Munich – Salzburg – Vienna – Bratislava

  • Implementation of 30 rapid-charging-systems and a crossing-borders roaming tarif

  • Funding: € 2.9m

Evidence and impact
Evidence and Impact

  • External evaluation by Prognos AG (Berlin)

  • Empirical basis of evaluation

  • Additional interviews highlight background and help with interpretation

Significant increase of trl prognos 2013
Significant increase of TRL(Prognos, 2013)



  • Agglomeration arr. TRL 7/8  50% of 72 (sub)projects

  • App 20% (14) reach TRL9 (marketable)

  • 11% noprogress in TRL, but high starting point

  • Only 3 (sub)projects show discrepancy to goals

  • 2 (sub)projects exceed goals


TRL at project start







TRL at end










Scenario for potential of co 2 reduction prognos 2013
Scenario for potential of CO2-reduction(Prognos, 2013)

Scenarios of Co2-emissions in the Austrian Motorized Private Transportation

  • Political intervention can reach a high effect

  • CO2-reduction as effect of substitution of conventional power engines

Model regions of e mobility
Model regions of E-mobility

  • Three pillars:

    • Demonstration of market ready technology

    • Installation of charging stations

    • Testing of business models

Facts about the model regions
Facts about the Model regions

  • € 17.2 m funding volume

  • Number of electro vehicles on the road (8 model regions)

  • Promotion of electro vehicles for private and commercial usage

  • Realising the total potential of GHG-reduction by using only renewable energy

  • E-mobility as part of an intermodal mobility system

Model region vlotte 1
Model region – VLOTTE 1

  • “Mobility card” arr. € 500/month for leasing, service, charging and public transport ticket

  • After 4 years option of buying the car for 25% of purchase price

  • 357 multiple-track vehicles, 23 single-track, 142 charging stations

  • Funding: € 5.25m

  • Duration: 2008 –2011

E mobility strategy 2013
E-mobility strategy 2013

New progr. are implemented…

  • Urban E-mobility

    • € 6m

  • CE Model regions

    • € 1.5m

      … details are not specified yet!

Current progr. are continued…

  • Flagship projects

    • focus on R&D

    • € 4m funding

  • Model regions

    • Market implementation

    • € 1m


  • funding instruments have to be coordinated

  • Smart funding instruments can push the topic

  • R&D and real life tests are essential (mission oriented)

  • E-Mobility is (almost) market ready (TRL up to 8-9)

  • E-Mobility is NOT a 1:1 substitute for existing mobility

  • E-Mobility provides the opportunity to re-invent mobility

  • E-Mobility needs new applications and business models

  • Fleet- and shared use application are promising markets

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