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Belgium. BY: SHANIECIA MULDREW. Belgium’s Capital. Brussels. Population,national Languages,average climate,popular food,popukar music. Population-10,839,905 National Languages- Ducth,French,German Average climate-9.8 degrees celisuis

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population national languages average climate popular food popukar music
Population,nationalLanguages,averageclimate,popularfood,popukar music
  • Population-10,839,905
  • National Languages-Ducth,French,German
  • Average climate-9.8 degrees celisuis
  • Populaar Food-chocolates,pork,fish,variety of international dishes
  • Popular music-classical,jazz,popularmusic,piano,volin
picture of country
Picture of country
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  • Belgium, it’s located between France and Germany.
belgium s holidays
  • May 1st-Labor Day is celebrated in Belguim it is an annual day to celebrate the econmic and social achievements of workers Labor Day has its origins in the labor Day union movement
  • July 1st-Independence Day commemorates the anniversary of seperation from the Netherlands in 1831,the formal establishment of the kingdom with the leopold I Caburg
  • November 11th-Veteran’s Day is celebrated is known as Armistice Day is the anniversary of the ending of World War 1 on November 11th 1918
3 interesting facts about famous people and places
3 Interesting Facts about Famous People and places
  • Justin Henin is the famous contemporary Belgian sports star and arguably the best female tennis player.
  • Audrey Hepburn is the graceful actress and much loved humanitarian won a name for herself in Roman Holiday.
  • Stefan Everts ranks among the most prominent figures in the history of motor sports
  • Places to visit in Belgium:Sherton Brussels Airport Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Europa
  • Hilton Brussels
current leader
Current Leader
  • The current leader of Belgium is Guy Verhofstadt.
currency of belgium
Currency of Belgium
  • The unit of currency in Belgium is the Euro made up of 100 cents.