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Walt Disney & George Lucas. By Gabriela Rodriguez. Walt Disney. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois As a young boy he developed his love for drawing. Walt would often sell drawings to his neighbors to make extra money.

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Walt disney george lucas

Walt Disney & George Lucas

By Gabriela Rodriguez

Walt disney
Walt Disney

  • Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois

  • As a young boy he developed his love for drawing.

  • Walt would often sell drawings to his neighbors to make extra money.

  • He pursued his career by studying art and photography in night courses at the Chicago Art Institute.

George lucas
George Lucas

  • George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California

  • George Lucas’s first passion was car racing.

  • This changed when he was involved in a terrible car accident just after his high school graduation.

  • Once he recovered, he enrolled in a local junior college and then moved on to the University of Southern California film school.

  • That is where he knew that film is what he loved.

Ways of thinking walt disney
Ways Of thinkingWalt Disney

  • Walt Disney believed in being an innovator and was very passionate.

  • He wanted to create a place where his employees could spend time with their families. (Disneyland and Disney World)

  • Always positive and in a happy mood

George lucas1
George Lucas

  • George Lucas had a passion for what he did.

  • Before becoming a director, he wanted to be a race car driver

  • He is very adventurous and outgoing

Accomplishments walt disney
AccomplishmentsWalt Disney

  • Created a place where families can spend time together (Disneyland and Disney World)

  • Spanned development of motion pictures with many of his movies

  • Created many characters

  • Many honors around the world, 7 Emmys, and 48 Academy Awards

George lucas2
George Lucas

  • Created numerous movies

  • Earned various Academy Awards

  • Created Star Wars which is one of the most successful films in Hollywood history

  • Star Wars created a industry of toys, comic books, and other collectables which established Science Fiction as Hollywood’s dominant genre.

  • One of his most significant achievements was implementing increased frame rates and the use of optical zooms to create the illusion of light speed space travel.

  • Lead to Skywalker Sound.


  • Both joined some sort of military service.

  • Both were turned down for a reason

    • (Walt because he was underage and George Lucas because of his numerous speeding tickets)

  • Nominated for Oscars

  • Both were evolved in entertainment

  • Created important businesses


  • Walt Disney created an amusement park- George Lucas didn’t

  • Walt created first full length animated movie- George Lucas created Skywalker Sound which was first used in his movies (state-of-the-art audio)

  • Different style of movies

  • Walt opened new doors to creativities- George opened new doors to filmmaking, sound, and visual effects.

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