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  1. Be it Stoneridge, Siemens VDO, Actia or any other, any new vehicle bought since May 2006 has been fitted with a Digital Tachograph unit and you will need to download the data to comply with the law.

  2. You require:- Cards Driver card – used by drivers to allow the recording of drivers’ hours Company card - for use by the operator to protect and download the data Workshop card - available only to approved calibration centres Control card - available only to VOSA and Police for carrying out enforcement Cards are issued by the DVLA. For more information please call 0870 850 1074 or visit

  3. You require:- A drivers card reader A vehicle unit reader

  4. You require:- A software package

  5. Read your drivers card and vehicle download key

  6. View your data By month

  7. View your data By day

  8. View your data Or the old fashioned way

  9. Data is synchronised with the web database

  10. Full web reporting to any user with internet access

  11. Management reports for infringement repetition

  12. Card and vehicle management reports

  13. Full Working Time and Road Transport Directive Compliance

  14. If you operate multi depots, each depot can read cards and synchronise with same the web database. Drivers can download their cards from any depot regardless of whether it is their home depot or not. Internet

  15. All depots managers can have access to all data or only specified sites/depots.

  16. All data is viewed from the web, the client software is only required for card and vehicle download.

  17. Kiosk mode for non-driving work and other workers Working Time