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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services- Guido Paniccia PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services- Guido Paniccia

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services- Guido Paniccia

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services- Guido Paniccia

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  1. Guido Paniccia Online Reputation Management Services, Canada REPAIRING, BUILDING PROTECTING YOUR BRAND The content that potential customers find on-line regarding your brand may be the difference maker for your business. we specialise in providing on-line reputation Management (ORM) services that help build trust in your organization. You simply get one chance to create a primary impression, allow us to assist you build it a good one. Guido Paniccia

  2. WHAT is on-line reputation management (ORM)? Your on-line reputation is the confluence of each piece of data regarding you on-line. This information comes along to create an opinion in a person’s mind regarding you or your brand, whether positive or negative. The simpler it's to search out the data, the more of an impact it'll have on your reputation. The first platforms that define your on-line reputation include: • Google Search • Google Autocomplete • Yelp, Google Reviews, and alternative review websites Guido Paniccia

  3. GUIDO PANICCIA ORM SERVICES Guido Panicciaoffer variety of different reputation management services that cover the key areas where your on-line reputation starts to be defined in a searcher’s mind. the most visible components of the net that define your reputation include Google search and important review web site. many organizations also have us build custom ORM dashboards, that serve to bring all of the aspects of a reputation onto a single screen, and in some cases, boiled down to a single 1-100 score that changes over time. Guido Paniccia

  4. SEARCH ENGINE RESULT IMPROVEMENT • Content Creation • Content Promotion • Monitoring • YELP REVIEW IMPROVEMENT • Review Removal • Review Defiltration Guido Paniccia

  5. GOOGLE & BING AUTOCOMPLETE CLEANUP The values that Google Autocomplete (formerly known as Google Suggest) displays are the primary impression of your brand within Google. we help businesses, organization and people overcome negative autocomplete values when terms like ‘lawsuit’, ‘complaints’, ‘scam’ or a competitor’s name appear after your brand in Google. Guido Paniccia