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Case Study Research

Case Study Research. Bowton Spice Bazaar (BSB). About Spice. Other spice companies:.

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Case Study Research

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  1. Case Study Research Bowton Spice Bazaar (BSB)

  2. About Spice

  3. Other spice companies:

  4. Spice production/packaging machinery

  5. The Process could look like this for example:

  6. Packaging options

  7. Global Production Statistics Trade distribution structure for spices and spice products. The world trade for the major spice products traded shows that pepper is the most valuable spice in the global trade, with capsicum trade rising to higher annual tonnage but lesser value

  8. World Trade The trade distribution structure in the spice and herb trade can be divided into lines of supply to the three broad market sectors – industrial, catering and retail (Fig 1). The structure of the supply tree shows there are a number different routes to market, and the most direct is the producer supplying directly to the industrial sector. It is estimated that about 85% of the international trade of herbs and spices is dried and cleaned for use in a crude form without further processing.

  9. The top three exporting countries for specific spices or groups of spice show the leading producing countries are in tropical environments, while countries in summer dry Mediterranean or continental environments are the major producers of spice fruits and seeds, saffron, thyme and bay leaves. The major spice trading countries are China , Madagascar , Indonesia and India while Guatemala , Brazil , Vietnam and Sri Lanka are significant traders. The value of that trade varies annually

  10. Celebrity Endorsement:

  11. Environmental issues: Planning Permision

  12. Ethical Issues:

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