happy birthday aby l.
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Happy BD Aby.

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happy birthday

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what i kirtisha think of aby
What I (Kirtisha) think of Aby. (:

Aby is flawless. She is gorgeous.

I love her. Aby is funny, sweet, kind, cool, and

Just awesome. She is a great friendand an

amazing photographer.

what other people think of the beautiful aby d
What other people think of the beautiful Aby. :D

~Victoria [i’m a rainbow!] says : Abyyyyyy. I love you<33 You're so funny and perverted and sweet and pretty and nice. LOL that's a lot of ands man. P: But yeah, ABY I love you. You're amazing.

~Veronica [-Unloved Angel] says: You’re a sweetheart and I miss talking to you. 

~Nicole [nicki_ily] says: I like you, you’re cool. (:

~Hayley [peacepleaz] says: Aby. Ohmygoshh this chick is ahmazingg. She is always there for anyone who needs her. She’s just awesome. And did i mention she's like super duper gorgeous!!! I mean seriously. xD So yahh. Love youu(:

~Amber says: Aby darling. you mean so much to me. you're like a sister to me. such a perv, but hey, you gotta love it. you're so gorgeous, omfg. it's crazy. i love you so fucking much. hope your birthday was goooood(:

~Angela [Candy_gurl98] says: Aby is AWESOME and funny and prettyy. I love her as a friend and I hate that she is older than me. (;

~Krooti V says: I don’t talk to you much but as far as I can tell from Kimmy’s wall posts, you’re pretty funny.

~Michael says: Wonderful, fantastic, and all the words that mean awesome. THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE ABBY.

~Kimmy says: ABBY ABY ABBYYY. I love you so muchh, you are amazing and funny and i love your self confidence, i'm glad we're married/dating and you are just amazing ♥. your silly and funny and just my most favorite person to talk to! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Love, Kimberlyyyy

made by kirtisha
Made by Kirtisha.

With help from:

-Victoria Hearts [i’m a rainbow!]

-Veronica Wright [-Unloved Angel]

-Nicole Chapley [nicki_ily]

-Hayley Stanford [peacepleaz]

-Amburh Thesouяpatch Kiid

-Angela Bast [Candy_gurl98]

-Krooti Vyas [Coloured Sprinkles.]

-Mike McAndrews

-Kimmy Possible