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enablitz (student tracking system)

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Enablitz (Student tracking system) for Schools and education institutes in Delhi NCR region. Student safety protection and visibility during busing and within school facilities.

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enablitz (student tracking system)

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With you all the way !

Track your child all the way and keep you informed.


Some of the Questions that child parents always ask

to themselves and many of times with school management

1. What time the School Bus will come to take my child?

2. Has my child boarded the School Bus?

3. Has my child reached the School?

4. When the School Bus will drop my child back home?

5. Where will be my child right now ?

6. Is my child going anywhere from School also ?

7. Is my child takes the direct route back to home ?

and the list goes on…..

but now you have answers for their parents as well as your queries
But Now you have answers for their (parents)as well as your queries
  • Enablitz was designed specifically for Student safety protection and visibility during transit (from / to School) and within school premises.
  • Knowing if and when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a significant portion of calls parents make to schools and is information that schools need to know. 
  • Enablitz provides accurate and immediate answers.

You must be thinking that how it can happens?????


Instant Message to Parent when kid board the School Bus

Your child has boarded the bus at 8 AM today!

Child is Precious


Instant Message to Parent that your child has reached school

Your child has reached school at 9 AM today !

Safe journey


Instant Message to Parent when kid board off the School Bus

Your child has been dropped at the Bus Stop at 2PM.

We care for

your child



  • Real-time status of students in-transit
  • Online tracking system which will display your child’s location while in transit on school bus
  • Better manage, control & monitor transportation expenses

We know where your child is now ?

Near Gol Market

Sec-56 Noida


Thank you!

Please contact us for free demonstration of the product !

For Product enquiries

Piyush Rajput / +91 971 198 9828

Vinod Kumar / / +91971 198 9815

Sachin Singh / / +91 971 198 9875

Agnicient Technologies Private Limited

D-37, Sector-63, Noida

Call us @ 0120-4273634 / 9711989815 / 75

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