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Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization 2013

Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization 2013

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Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization 2013

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  1. Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization 2013 •

  2. We are very familiar with the term search engine optimization, as it’s a process of getting your site ranked for opted keywords through different On page and Off page SEO techniques to generate more and more traffic for your site, which will help you in generating revenue and potential clients. Now, if you have just launched your business then I have something for you that will help you in generating quick but effective traffic for your site, the thing that I am talk about is Local Search engine optimization. •

  3. What is local search engine optimization? Local search engine optimization is just another technique of search engine optimization which helps you to get your site ranks well for your local term; this could be your region, your country or any niche market you want to target. •

  4. Example: If you are a software company like us and from India, based in Lucknow, then the possible set of keywords that you want to rank well in your region could be the services provided by you with the country or place your business is working into, these could be: • SEO Company India • SEO Company Lucknow • SEO Services India • SEO Services Lucknow • Web Development India • Web services India And many others So for achieving ranking for these keywords and creating a brand of yours I would suggest you the following: •

  5. Local listings: • The best way to express that you belong to a place, is going for local listing, find directories that provide such facilities, it will help you to gain local web presence, few of them are: • Google Local Places • Yahoo business directory • Yellow pages And many others •

  6. Same Address while listing • Use same Physical address as shown on your site for business listing, it will help your business to rank well locally as most of the search engines fetch data from your and other site where you get listed and when they find similar and verified listing of your business, they will give you value for the particular region. •

  7. Active in Social networks • One of the most effective ways of creating a brand for your self is getting active with social networking sites and get connected to people, who are looking for you, as social signals play a vital role in ranking your site well currently, Understand it this way “100 Good reviews for your business is far better than 1000 back links from poor PR directories” •

  8. Interact locally • Being Active and interacting in local networking groups will help you creating a brand for your business, so try to communicate as much as you can, another way is to talk about the local events happening in the city in your blog. •

  9. Video Submission • You can also optimize your videos for local search as currently Youtube is the second most searched engine, so it will add more benefits to your business, as you are providing people information about the field you are related to, it show how knowledgeable you are and will create more trustworthiness for your business in your niche. •

  10. Thanks You These are a few that you can startup with for local Search engine optimization; will discuss further other strategies too. •