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Bach Flowers and other essences PowerPoint Presentation
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Bach Flowers and other essences

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Bach Flowers and other essences
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Bach Flowers and other essences

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  1. BACH FLOWERS AND OTHER ESSENCES It is a simple and natural method of healing through the use of certain wildflowers or bulk flowers. Remedies, which deal more personality disorders that the patient's individual physical condition, were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 30s

  2. After many years of practice in conventional medicine and homeopathy, Edward Bach came to realize that what characterize the physical problems of different people is not so much the many types of existing disease, but the psychological conditions that generate it. • For several years, Bach was able to recognize and find an appropriate remedy in each case, and all remedies found in fresh cut flowers of the fields and the trees of the wood, ie given in the healing power of nature. • Man has always made ​​use of herbal medicine, and until a few years ago, all pharmaceutical products are prepared from natural substances. Bach remedies, however, do not use the physical material of the plant but the essential energy that is contained in the flower.

  3. This healing energy is extracted by a particular process and stored in a liquid canning. • The delicate resulting substance is used to treat the cause of the disease at a subtle level. So while most medications treat the ills of the body with physical materials Bach remedies treat what cannot be seen, or psychological cause that is behind every sickness. In the field of what is popularly known as "alternative medicine" there are other ways of healing that are, in a way, in affinity with the findings of • Dr. Bach and, at this point, it should be emphasized that no method of healing has the privilege of being the best or the most effective, everything can be appropriate in your particular way of acting.

  4. Is a reliable therapy? • The Bach Flower Therapy has been applied for 60 años. There is a lot of experience in its use, as well as numerous publications, to support its result. In 1983 the O.M.S. (World Health Organization) published a study aimed at the health authorities of their members explicitly recommending Bach therapy ("medicine traditionelleetcouvertere des soins de santé". WHO. Genève. 1983. Pg.162)