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Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

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Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation
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Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

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  2. When people are making preparations to head out for a much-needed vacation, they often make a written list of things that need to be done before leaving. These lists usually prove to be invaluable, since they can keep a person from forgetting to take the dog to the kennel, or worse. Here are some tips that can further help to make a vacation more relaxing and enjoyable by ensuring that your home has a high level of security in Vancouver during the time that you and your family members are away. Probably one of the biggest deterrents for a burglar in deciding which house to target is seeing the presence of people in the home. While it is not always possible for a vacationing family to hire someone to house sit, it is still possible for the house to give off the appearance of having someone at home. A reasonably priced tool, a timer, can be worth its weight in gold for the layer of protection it provides. In fact, having two or three timers strategically placed throughout the house, set to turn lamps and TVs on and off at varying intervals, will even have the neighbors believing that the homeowner never left. When a thief sees lights coming on and hears a television or radio, he is prone to look for another house where no one is there.

  3. In addition to having lights and sound coming from the house, it is extremely important that the exterior not give off the appearance that no one is home. A neighbor or friend should be asked to swing by several times a week to pick up any newspapers that might be on the driveway and to get any mail from the mailbox. If a prowler looks in the mailbox and finds stacks of mail, this can be a huge clue that the place is likely vacant, at least temporarily. If the vacation is in the summertime, make arrangements to have someone regularly mow and trim the yard. An overgrown lawn triggers a crook to make a mental note that this house is a potential target with no one home. Likewise, if the vacation is in the wintertime in a snowy area, arrange to have snow cleared from the drive and walkways.

  4. Of course, one of the best ways to help ensure a home is safe while members are away is to contract with a Honeywell dealer, or any company that provides continuously monitored home security in Vancouver. Honeywell has developed a protective system that carefully watches for the slightest hint that something may be amiss. For this reason, it is important that a homeowner notify the monitoring company when the family will be away for a period of time. A final bit of advice is to watch very carefully who is told about any upcoming vacation plans. It is easy to get very excited and want to tell everyone who will listen about the fun time being planned. Information put online in social networks, however, is not always restricted to just the intended person's eyes or ears. This can lead to total strangers knowing exactly when a home will be completely empty of family members. ​