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Mago para fiesta PowerPoint Presentation
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Mago para fiesta

Mago para fiesta

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Mago para fiesta

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  1. Mago para fiesta

  2. Mag Xavi (Xavier Martínez, 1994) began in the mysterious world of magic at the age of 7 when he discovered a little cute magic shop known as El Rey de la Magia located in the centre of Barcelona. From then on, he has formed himself in an acting and magical way to set up his own show. He has performed in many towns around Catalonia and on certain occasions in countries like England, USA or French. Dynamism, freshness and vitality define his show. Music, sensibility and the accurate production transform every simple trick into a magical act.

  3. Mag Xavi is one of the exponents of a new generation of innovative magicians in the past. Its more than 400 performances in Spanish territory and promptly abroad, in countries such as: USA, France or England speaks for itself. 1st Prize of Catalonia is Magic and has made appearances on Tele 5 (New Year Gala 2012) and Dutch TV. The originality and sensibility fused with humor and precise staging transform his show in a cocktail of colors, surprises and laughter. The Mag Xavi show party is defined by its constant interaction with children, allowing them to feel the magic of very close and remember during that time period. Mag Xavi performs magic shows for all kinds of parties: magic communions , baptisms magic, magic birthday ... all for the purpose of the following children's party your children is fun and different. For more info about magic at children's parties can consult the blog post: magic at children's parties . We also do magic for corporate parties and adult parties.

  4. The Shows • - Complicity with the audience • - 100% Humor • - Emotion and sensibility • - Originality and creativity • - Careful staging • - Impeccable musical accompaniment

  5. Dreams • Dreams invites the audience to join a fantastic travel where is difficult to tell the border between reality and fiction. The humorous absurdity is mixed with the purest lyricism. Dreams captivates the spectator returning him to the innocence of his childhood placed in heart by combining different scenic disciplines as theatre, dance, poetry and magic turning it into the TOTAL show.

  6. Enigma • Enigma breaks with the classical prototype of magician with morning suit and top hat. Magical choreographies and humor are the bases of this show. Suitable for all public and private events, Enigma presents totally renewed classical tricks. Are you prepared for seeing the magic of the 21st century?

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  8. Contact Postal address : C/Provenca 556 esc A sat 1 Post code : 08026 City : Barcelona Country : ES Telephone : 646338074 Web : Email :