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This is a series of prayers written on one slide program

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  1. Prayers Letters From: Whom It May Concern Any Address Any Town, Any Country Earth To:God In Heaven, Eternal Life http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  2. for Protection, Safety, andSecurity • for government records, military/ police, and private investigators records to be secure, kept private and finally expunged/destroyed. • for manipulative Satanists to cease and desist from hurting, harming, and damaging the lives of the disadvantaged, disabled, and disenfranchised. • for a opportunity to live a new life and lifestyle. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  3. for Health, Wellness, and Fitness • for healing of my body, brain, and wellness of my mind. • for healing of my social life and financial security. • for assistance with health education, dental health, ophthalmologic health, physiological health and physical fitness. • for improvement of the ecology in which I live with clean air, quality water, and pure food. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  4. for an Equallyoked Help Meet • for a relationship with someone special- • for a love mate who is ready, willing, and able to form a marriage, family, and home life. • for a lifetime of true love, good romance, and healthy sex with equallyoked help meet. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  5. for a Gainful Income • for enough earned money coming in to provide for- • a marriage, • a family, • home life and • still be generous to • innocent people in need. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  6. for a reliable Step Van • for a pre-1973 white step van in good condition-to-convert into a ‘health van’. • for this remodeled step van to conduct regular seasonal weekend fitness camps/spiritual retreats for people who are ready, willing and able to participate. • for the money, labor and materials, to remodel it. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  7. for those people who have hurt, harmed, and damaged my life. • for those people who have been manipulated into perpetrating prison yard-types of acts against me by a corrupt religious/communist government/people. • for their realization of full forgiveness and full conversion unto righteousness, and... • for the fulfillment of the prophesy related to their future life. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

  8. for a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle • for a normal lifestyle of freedom to form a family, a marriage, happiness, and good health with an equallyoked help meet. • for a spouse who is loyal and consanguious offspring and trustworthy friendships. • for a long, long, long life together. http://ijohn4v8.bravehost.com/

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