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Poster Isabel G??mez Malmagro

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Poster Internacional

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The parents must give major margin to the teachers in the matters of the school and tutelary more to the children in house (….).

One sees as many children they do not have. In house without schedules, routines or limits, etc. The enseñanzates complain


The psicológos enumenran six reasons for l

That more parents and children to discuss.

To more discrepancy, major

Familiar discomfort:

1.-Down rendiemiento student.

2.-Domestic tasks.

3.-He pays it.


5.-What to do when

Procedure are broken.

6.-Passive leisure (TV,

Consoles, Internet ....)


When there is a separation the education of

the children is more dicifil, since the parents have

to work out of the home, and one makes

responsible the grandparents of his education,

since it happens many hours with them and

they must educate according to the same

guidelines of the parents.


Now that speaks itself of an agreement for the education,

There should be included the formation of parentsand

mothers, and if It is necessary to help them in the

college, that the administration It say and form the

teachers, providing resource, To do it in a formal way.

The children must be happy, but inside an order.

One pleads for the corrector: to make understand the child

That what acted badly. Some psicológos say that if

It was educated well, seríe unnecessarily the punishment, but

Employment poruwe is in the habit of being effective.

Neither it is possible to overprotect them, the key is

To dedicate them time, to educate with the nearness and the love, " and

To teach them to take responsibility ".