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Exerciţiul internaţional "Atlas Common Challenge - 2013"

Exerciţiul se desfăşoară pe baza unui scenariu comun, simultan în nouă ţări, acestea fiind sprijinite de trei structuri de intervenţie din ţările vecine sau apropiate. La exerciţiul efectuat în ţara nostră participă, alături de S.I.I.A.S. – I.G.P.R., echipe din Bulgaria, Grecia şi Cipru. Mai mult pe Politisti.ro: http://www.politisti.ro/topic/298-serviciul-pentru-interventii-si-actiuni-speciale-sias/page__st__80#ixzz2QiRbNDqM

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Exerciţiul internaţional "Atlas Common Challenge - 2013"

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  2. ATLAS concept

  3. ATLAS members

  4. GOALS • Bring each special intervention unit to the same and highest possible level of professionalism through enhanced mutual cooperation and support, resulting in equal chances to succed in the figth against crime and terrorism, and equal commitment. • Membership is restricted to two units per country. RESTRICTED

  5. COUNCIL DECISION 2008/617/JHA • No single Member State has all the means, resources and expertise at its disposal to deal effectively with all possible kinds of specific or large scale crisis situations requiring special intervention. • It is therefore of crucial importance that each Member State be able to request the assistance of another Member State. • This Decision lays down general rules and conditions to allow for special intervention units of one Member State to provide assistance and/or operate on the territory of another Member State in cases where they have been invited by the requesting Member State and have agreed to do so in order to deal with a crisis situation.

  6. Excercise Common ChallengeApril 2013General Scenario Exercise Common Challenge

  7. Operation EUROAXIS August 2012 • Detention of 54 alleged terrorists in 10 EU member states • Planning phase for a simultaneous attack • Investigations still going on Exercise Common Challenge

  8. Assumption of Terror Threats Worldwide Source (fictitious): Report of EUROPOL, TE-SAT 2012 150 Terror organisations 12000 Terrorist attacks in 70 countries in 2012 60.000 Victims 14.000 Deaths Exercise Common Challenge

  9. Vessel HI Transport HI Transport HI Current Situation on April 2013 Hostage Incident: HI Vessel HI Building HI Building HI Building HI Exercise Common Challenge

  10. Demands of GLRA • Liberation of all detained GLRA fighters • Handover of 1 Million Dollar ransom to each fighter • Travel support to a designated destination • Official statement by European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship • Diplomatic talks between the President of the European Commission and the chief of GLRA, broadcasted live by the media Exercise Common Challenge

  11. Global Liberation and Revenge Army Ultimatum • Ultimatum is running out on April 18th 2013 at 0100 AM • Threats to life and physical conditions of hostages, threats of violence: • Destruction of all transport assets and premises • Killing of all hostages by the GLRA! Exercise Common Challenge


  13. Bus Hostage taking in ROMANIA/BUCHAREST on the 17th of April 2013 at 23:40 hrs

  14. Bus route in Bucharest during the H.I

  15. Location of the bus hostage incident assault NBC, PIRO, FORENSICS OSC and C2 staff snipers X-net position 7 assault teams Medical support Stunning effect

  16. Hostages • Bus of the Bucharest Public Transportation Comp. was seized by terrorists; • In the bus there were 23 travellers, with Romanian citizenship; • On 17.04.2013, 14:30 hrs. the operator from 112 Emergency Call was announced about H.I; • Traffic police patrol checked and confirmed the H.I at 14:40; • There are 4 terrorists, the traffic police patrols chase the bus and give the updates on H.I. • The alert plan of the Ministry of Interior components (Police, Emergency Situation Unit, Aviation Unit) and Ministry of Health is activated. • Negotiations are on going through the mobile phone network. RESTRICTED

  17. Demands, ultimatum, threats • Demands of the 4 terrorists members of GLRA (Global Liberation and Revenge Army) that took the control of the bus : • Liberation of all GLRA fighters (4) detained in Romania; • 1 million dollars for each of them; • Official statement of the European Commissioner for Justice related to the illegal operation that was conducted; • Talks between Presidentof European Commission and GLRA chief. • The dead line for their demands: set up at 23:50 hrs. • Threats: - killing of all hostages; - initiate the explosive charges carried by terrorists and passengers close to governmental buildings, Embassies HQ or crowded public places along the route. RESTRICTED

  18. Terrorist group • The terrorist group is named GLRA (Global Liberation and Revenge Army); • Members are former military officers; • Members are very determined and organized; • Probably suicide bomber mentality; • Using AK-47 submachine-guns, defensive grenades and C4 explosive charges vests worn by terrorists and passengers; • Negotiators warned about the drug’s addiction of the terrorists.

  19. Police support BUCHAREST 228 km 728 km 1218 km

  20. Police • CTU operators from the 4 countries performed the following tasks: 1. Upon the arrivals of the foreign CTU, the legal briefing is conducted; 2. Established the assault plans options for hostage rescue; 3. Shared the AOR for each assault teams; 4. Performed the technical induction and the tactical approach on a similar bus in the Public Transportation facilities; 5.Prepare the consternation means with the breaching group; • Conduct the assault. • Comand and Control Center: • Alert the Police components (CTU, Negotiation Group, Traffic Police, Public Order, EOD Teams, Forensic Institute, Investigations, Intelligence…) General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations ( paramedics teams, campaign hospital, technical teams), Ministry of Health; • Keep the log in sheet with all the developments of the H.I.; • Coordinate the forces in field: • Operation area: The assault place was established within the bus route that was previously described. It is a way to an important Embassy, the spot targeted by the terrorists.

  21. Police concept/timeline • Concept: - several terrorist attacks in the previously days; - request for support according to the 2008/617/JAI Decision; - negotiation; - prepare the area of assault; - use of X-NET; - assault the bus, before the dead line; - management of the consequences.

  22. Cordial thanks for your attentionGroup 9

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